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Many people want to escape this world but you came here by choice! You might not believe me but it is the truth! Even if you forgot it when you incarnated in this body!If you do not believe me go take a walk somewhere and wherever you end up it is by your choice! Yes I know you are going to say that some choice some time are not your choice because someone else choice or circumstance lead you somewhere you did not decide to go! But if you would have seen the other people choice or the circumstance you would have know that it lead you there! and it is still by your choice that you are there! so are you not here by choice?

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From a logical point of view yes I am there by choice, from a spiritual point of view yes I am there by choice, since everything in life is energy, and the vibration of this energy connects to everything we do as a whole!

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Here is where it's at

We are always here within and without.

When we begin to explore another here that is not a "living" here, you unconsciously begin to migrate towards a "there" where the opportunity to realize the "new" here is available.

Sometimes that here is not a complex vision of specific desire.

It is as simple as an idea that is gently drip..drip..dripping within right now.

Supposing that here is a feeling of unworthiness (or joy).

And supposing that feeling cannot be reflected back to you externally within here.

Then suddenly something comes up, something that was not planned for.

And you find yourself going "there".

And when you get there, somebody does something, or says something to make you feel Unworthy about yourself (or gives you encouragement creating joy).

At that point the unworthiness you originally felt within "here" has finally been reflected back to you physical in the new reference point of "here" (which was your "there" before you moved towards it)

You have been presented with a physical confirmation of what with you embraced within your "here"

Now you can repeat that by being angry about what happened to you.

If you remain angry, it will repeat with greater force and intensity.

What happens to you must first happen to you within your consciousness.

This is how you give the universe permission to make things happen to you.

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answered 29 May '11, 23:15

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I know that this doesn't address the question in the context it was asked. This is the answer that came to me when I read the question.

(30 May '11, 03:48) The Traveller
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