Overall I have little to complain about in regards to the life I enjoy in a general sense. Enough to appreciate that it is usually pretty easy getting to Contentment. But there is one area that I've apparently beaten the drum of so much that it has worn a groove down around Frustration or Overwhelment, maybe even as far as Discouragement. I guess it could be entitled something like, "If only...if I had only stuck with (any given interest), I could've gotten really good at it and had an extensive catalog by now (and maybe even become a lucrative source of income)."

For example: yesterday I vowed to work on one piece of music until I could be satisfied it sounded as good as possible, and the prospect of becoming so absorbed created high excitement. But then this morning I happened to open a document of a piece of fiction that was never finished (was going to be novella or novel), and as I read it, the usual reaction ensued: oh this was getting good. Why oh why did I abandon it? Had I just finished it... and written more...etc, etc, etc." So then I started to think about jumping on it, getting back to the writing, stick with it... until remembering yesterday's vow of sticking with a different project. This has now resulted in the all-too-familiar state of inertia, trying to choose between two attractive interests. And doing neither.

So I guess the story I've created goes something like: I love having multiple interests but I can't seem to stick with one long enough to actually finish a project or few, or get beyond a minimal competence. Whenever I try to declare I will do so (pick one and stay with it until...) I am always dealt that pang when imagining having to let go of the others.

Any suggestions on writing a better-feeling story?

asked 16 Oct '21, 13:01

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Hi @Kieth61 in other words how to get yourself really motivated ... there's plenty of interesting questions and answers here on IQ tag "motivation", have a great day :)

(18 Oct '21, 03:58) jaz

Oh yeah, that's a good word for it. Actually bit of clarity came last night: sort of like letting yourself love whatever you love, let go of the idea that you have to choose just one; go ahead and revel in the love of all of them. Kinda like a bunch of cute kittens that all want petting. Will definitely do some searches on 'motivation' though, just because it's fun to search for stuff, and the dilemma will surely cycle back around, as it is among the more frequently active vibrations.

(18 Oct '21, 11:16) Kieth61

...and then wouldn't you know it, but I ended up being directed to an AH video about focus and the message relates just about precisely to the theme of this question. Just something that calls for practice: intentional focusing on what is wanted or feels good, despite whatever other noise is going on in any given vicinity.

(18 Oct '21, 14:30) Kieth61

Bashar’s formula is perfect for this: do what excites you the most at the moment until you can do it no longer, then choose the next thing that excites you the most and so on...

(19 Oct '21, 12:37) VitoriaRegia

Yes I like Bashar's formula. I do tend to forget the second part about doing it (sticking to it) until it can be done no further. This could be until it completion, interruption, etc. Probably takes conscious practice until becoming happily habitual.

(19 Oct '21, 14:24) Kieth61

What really sounds fun: apply Bashar's formula to the minutest of options. So instead of grabbing that habitual cup of coffee, ask if that cup of coffee is the most exciting option. If so, do it so each pleasurable sip is all that exists. And then... I guess it's possible that a second cup would be the most exciting option but I'll wager that by then something else will stand forth that is genuinely more exciting. Such a simple concept yet if given focused attention, could get... exciting?

(19 Oct '21, 14:59) Kieth61

I wanted to add something here, it seems to me that you take “until you can do it no longer” as meaning until you finish what you started or get interrupted somehow. I have always thought that it means until you get tired of the activity and want to do something else at that moment, and then come back at other moment when it feels like the highest excitement again. You don’t have to finish what you started if that doesn’t mean anything to you anymore, that’s my understanding.

(29 Oct '21, 17:13) VitoriaRegia

@vitoriaregia I think your last reply slipped in when I wasn't paying attention. That would make sense about the waning of the excitement marking 'until you can do it no longer'. I was thinking it could be either but if something is continued past the excitement, you know, just to get it done... yes I like this way of looking at it.

(29 Nov '21, 00:39) Kieth61
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... not to worry it is as easy as it sounds -- stop talking about how it is or was and begin to talk about how it will be now when you stop talking about how it is or was.

Most important begin the conversation with yourself. It is very trendy to believe that manifestation happens through hard work and action but what is "made" depends on those silent conversations that you have with yourself.

Keep up the good work. We believe in you.


answered 02 Nov '21, 00:56

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Audrey Reese Johnson

I am presently practicing such thoughts as: - I need not assume that I must be/do who/what I did/was yesterday or x years ago, or even 5 minutes ago. In any given moment all options are equal in validity and potential excitement. Maybe something familiar, maybe something never experienced. - there is no final destination, so why not chill out and savor the nearest, easiest, good-feeling thought, activity, object, etc.

(02 Nov '21, 21:11) Kieth61

You know, I came to read this again, and it feels like I'm reading it for the first time. Or it is clearer now than when first reading it. Is that weird? Or not at all weird?

Oh and I have to be curious who you mean when you say We.

(27 Nov '21, 12:31) Kieth61

I'm not @Audrey and I hope you don't mind me butting in @Keith61 but when I read this, I thought of this quote ~

We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit. ~ e.e. Cummings

(28 Nov '21, 22:08) ele

@ele Lovely quote and you are welcome to butt in anytime.

(29 Nov '21, 00:40) Kieth61
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I published some books written by the Essesani on this subject. Anyway, they have a method for this. Hard to describe in short space like this, but basically your life is a reflection of how you define yourself and act according to that definition. The story is good technique, but it has a problem in that it includes physical reality. Your self definition should be sort of "reality" less. When you use words like "skills" and "competence" you're addressing beliefs and physical reality, but not your identity, therefore nothing is likely to change in the way you intend. The question is where do those thoughts come from in the first place? The answer is your identity. Who are you? And don't use any words about "skills" or "competence" because these are physical terms. You can think anything in the world, but it doesn't manifest. It's the thoughts you act on that manifest. Once you have your definition, imagine what the idea you would do, then act like that you. But again your definition cannot include physical terms. We also have some pages on our website with some processes that may help if you're interested.


answered 29 Oct '21, 00:30

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edited 29 Oct '21, 00:33

Interesting. Because lately I've been putting more focus on the Bashar/Elan material. And now I'm getting more suggestions from that perspective (such as on the new IQ forum). Then just the other day I was thinking, "wow it would be really nice if one of those beings could just appear to me personally so we could have more of a one-to-one chat or two." Now I'm sitting here wondering...

(29 Oct '21, 12:06) Kieth61

That’s exactly my understand of the Elan material I was talking about: just define who you are and act as that person. After I learned this I stopped talking to myself about the person I wanted to be, I talk to myself now in terms of the person I decide to be.

(29 Oct '21, 17:23) VitoriaRegia

@breadstand since we experience ourselves as physical beings first and foremost, how can you define yourself without referring to that physicalness at all?

(03 Nov '21, 06:00) Marin

I was just listening to Elan give an example. He suggested a simple starting point is simply to define yourself as "Happy, blissful, and abundant." Then in any situation, you can simply say, "Ok. This must be evidence of all of that." If you are not sure what to do, you can use your imagination to imagine what a "happy, blissful, and abundant person" would do in that situation. Then you do that. Imagination is one of your super-powers of course, like response ability.

(03 Nov '21, 06:07) breadstand

Same phenomenon here as what I expressed to Audrey Reese Johnson: came here to read over this again, and it feels like the first reading. Or it's clicking more now.

(27 Nov '21, 12:35) Kieth61
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