Is it the feeling place between contentment and boredom? Or Like a meditative state with no thought? I seen some teachers say you the only vibrations you put out are either positive or negative. It would be easier then,if you were feeling negative to put yourself into a neutral state than a positive one. Like a first easier step to feeling positive again. Please explain more about the neutral state and how to know your in it:)

Thank you.

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Is it the feeling place between contentment and boredom? Or Like a meditative state with no thought?

Both of those are neutral states however there is a major difference between them which is important to realize.

The key to understanding the difference is that feelings always come in response to thoughts.

Thoughts, first. Feelings, second.

Bearing this mind, you now have two possibilities for neutral:

  • Possibility 1 - There is no thought at all (meditation)

    Since there are no thoughts, there can be no feelings (since they will always come in response to thought). This is what many describe as a meditative state.

    The problem with the meditative state approach to achieving neutral is that as soon as you come out of the state, you are immediately having thoughts again and therefore you will also have the feelings again.

    So it is really just a temporary fix.

    But despite that, for some people, this still works as a way of living their life. Every time they reactivate uncomfortable thoughts, they go back to their meditative state, all thought is stopped and those uncomfortable feelings are released again until something happens once more to reactivate them...then they have to go back to their meditative state again.

    As I see it, the main problems with the meditative approach to life is that firstly, it eats up a huge amount of time (!) and secondly, you are not really living - you are just emotionally disconnecting every time a troubling issue arises...those sorts of folks give the impression to others of being a bit emotionally "dead".

  • Possibility 2 - You don't have any noticeable strong feelings towards a particular subject you still have a feeling but it does not have any emotional intensity to feels neutral. To me, this is a more robust and workable approach to life than the one above and is more in harmony with your non-physical intentions in projecting into this physical reality.

    The downside to this approach is that you are going to have to find a way to change how you feel about a particular subject that might be troubling you. To put it another way, you have to mold your default vibrational setpoint regarding that subject into a better-feeling place.

As for your statement about it being easier to reach a neutral state than a positive state, I agree. That's why so many teach meditation rather than's easier :)

If you look at the diagram below, you can see that you have to pass through neutral (the Contentment/Boredom area) before you reach the more positive emotions.

alt text

As for how you know you are feeling neutral about something, it's probably a bit more tricky to work this out than it might first seem to be.

The problem for many people is that they quickly habituate to negative (and even positive) emotional states.

The example I usually give is that of buying a new pair of shoes that are not broken in yet. At the start of the day, you might feel uncomfortable wearing them but after a while, you forget all about that uncomfortable feeling and you can convince yourself that you are not feeling anything at all.

It's only when you take those shoes off again that you realize how uncomfortable they were.

And therein, I think, lies the key to correctly identifying neutral states...take the shoes off :)

In other words, stop all thought first (i.e. meditate) and then from that place of no thought, contemplate the subject you want to see if you are neutral about.

It should then be very obvious if you are feeling truly neutral about the subject or not.

Hope this helps.


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Wow.Thank you Stingray.Got it. I always put myself under pressure to Feel Good when I catch myself in negative thought.Sometimes would feel like to much"how could I possibly get myself to feeling good now"? But to get to this Nuetral state is a lot easier plus you have the added comfort of knowing your not in resistance to your desires. And not attracting anything unwanted at the same time Thank you for taking the time to answer Stingray.let me know if you ever decide to put all you know in a book. :)

(27 May '11, 16:13) Satori

Glad to help, Martin. And remember that "the neutral point is your friend" so you could say that neutral (about things that bother you) is actually all you really need ( ). One shortcut I use regularly to get to neutral fast is EFT ( ). It's worth taking a few minutes to learn the technique if you don't already know it.

(27 May '11, 16:43) Stingray

Yes thanks, Stingray I know about the Eft technique. In a way I think it is similar to your Focus Blocks, which actually works better for me I think. Why? I found it difficult to recreate the emotions with eft but with focus blocks I was right in the emotion. Maybe this has to do with the writing process helping me focus better. Thanks again for the reply Stingray.I have more questions but don't want to bombard you. Ill give it a few days. Cheers:)

(27 May '11, 18:27) Satori

Good question and good answer! I was so focussing on feeling good. And as you Martin, I often put myself under pressure, this making it more complicated! I will give a good try to neutral point!

(28 May '11, 02:38) mojo

Yes Mojo.I think as you become sensitive to you emotions its very easy to know when you have fallen out of the Good Feeling can feel Very uncomfortable for me and then I would panic which only makes things worse of course for this uphill battle to Feel Good again. The neutral state is easier to get to and puts you in the safe zone:). "The Neutral state is your friend" as Stingray says I like that:) Wishing you Good Feelings Mojo.thanks:)

(28 May '11, 09:05) Satori

i would not say that meditation is thinking about nothing. real meditation is awareness,focus and concentration and getting to know one self in and out. out is usely easy most people live from the out but they do not know how it relates with the in. so they need to see that water and the reflection of light(spirit) that is you, that will guide you in that inner travel. the path is not easy it is a very narrow road full of things unsolved(in darkness).

(31 Jul '12, 22:17) white tiger

@Stingray This is an old thread but it has come up to the top and therefore into my consciousness but hopefully you will be able to help me out. I understand that thoughts come first and then emotional guidance - but sometimes I do feel a negative feelings coming up from within, apparently unconnected with what I am, in that moment, thinking about - is that an unintegrated old emotion (a result of old thoughts) or a belief wall or are they are the same? .....

(01 Aug '12, 05:47) Catherine

@Stingray (beliefs just being thoughts you keep thinking) And does it really matter which as long as I understand that the goal is to feel as good as I can in whichever way suits me?

(01 Aug '12, 05:48) Catherine

A BIG THANK YOU @Stingray , I have "ask and it is given ", but the way you have blocked it makes it easier (at least for me ;-) ) to get a grip on.

I Am So Impressed , I have taken a screen shot and added to my iPhone as my wallpaper , a constant reminder throughout my day

Cheers Awesome Friend ..... SL ♥♥♥

(02 Aug '12, 00:22) Starlight

@Starlight - Glad it helped. You're welcome :) @Catherine - Could you clarify? You are saying that negative emotions are appearing in your life without being preceded by any thought, or you are saying that you have a mass of various thoughts and something within them, which you cannot yet identify, is triggering your negative emotions?

(03 Aug '12, 04:24) Stingray
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Neither happy nor sad, neither misrable nor glad but just simply coasting along wathching the world go by.


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Paulina 1

@Paulina 1-Like you answer, welcome back:)

(01 Aug '12, 13:29) Satori
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