Many, many, many, many people, myself included and so that's why I'm asking, eat food when they feel negative or even bored. Quick question: is there anything wrong with this? (I'll also add that I personally don't feel guilt in whatever I eat compared to how other people do).

Bare in mind, this isn't the same as depending on junk food to make me feel good, although I enjoy studying the pyscology about that. Looking forward to a piece of cake and contemplating/visualising my life as I want it to be brightens the moment. It is merely a method. After I eat some chocolate I usually go for a walk in nature, meditate, listen to great music on the mp3 and simply feel euphoric during the entire process.

This question is NOT about the role diet plays in spirituality. It is merely about how much I love to indulge in chocolate, pastries and other sweet foods one would generically label as 'bad.'

So, is using food to 'feel better' a subtle negative process?

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Interesting approach, and the way you've described it suggests to me that you are using food in quite an enlightened way.

Many, perhaps nearly all, people who "comfort eat" are doing so from a place of not-feeling-good and are then taking the action of eating as a way of complementing that original "state of being"

But taking action from a place of not-feeling-good as a complement to an existing not-feeling-good vibrational state will just lead to more not-feeling-good places: What is the difference between inspired action and impulse? And what to do if you ‘fear’ your inspired actions?

Here you don't seem to be doing that... appear instead to be using food to reach for a better-feeling place. You appear to be using food in the same enlightened way that Abraham suggests using medicine.

What Abraham say is that the enlightened approach to using medicine is to take it with the intent of feeling better and then during that state when the medicine brings you the expected relief, you then mold your vibration deliberately into a better-feeling place so that when your expectation of the medicine working fades away, you are now left in that better-feeling place by default...with less need for the medicine in future.

I think what most people do with food is eat it and then feel bad that they have done so...which actually now leaves them in a worse-feeling vibrational place than before. They end up spiralling downwards vibrationally instead of spiralling upwards vibrationally, like your method achieves.

This method appears to fall into the class of "action-first to feel better" which Bashar often suggests: Did Abraham teachings ever promote action?

Seems like a good approach to me.

And your question is interesting because it highlights an excellent example of how the same action for different people can lead to very different results simply because of the underlying intent behind the action.

i.e. one person becomes more miserable from eating food (and presumably gaining in more body-weight as a result) while another becomes deliberately happier.


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hahahhaahha 'enlightened eating'. Ok cool, i'm going to keep using this method and thanks for spending the time to read my questions like you always do :)

Seriously stingray you don't understand how much it means to me, you giving a real thoughtful reponse. Means so much more than anyone would think.

(25 Sep '11, 11:20) Nikulas

I'm glad to help, Nikulas. But you should acknowledge yourself also for being willing to listen to and contemplate answers that people (me included) come up with. You can see a number of instances on this website of people being given answers that will literally transform their lives but they often actively refuse to listen to a different viewpoint because they are so invested in their current conditioning/beliefs. It's to your own credit that you are willing to be so open-minded :)

(26 Sep '11, 10:18) Stingray
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