In order to manifest something in your life, you must raise your vibrational level by making yourself feel good.

But what if you are observing your emotions to sense whether something feels "right" or not?

Aren't those two things at cross-purposes with each other?

In other words, will raising your vibrational level by making yourself feel good get in the way of the intuitive process by masking your "true" feelings?

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Are you trying to sort out the difference between a natural desire and an artificial desire?

Because, I'm trying to comprehend the real question hiding under the surface question.

Are you asking “How do I know if this is what I really want?”, “Must I pretend to want something in order to find out how it feels to really want it?”

Or are you asking “Is there a danger in manifesting things that I simply want to test the wanting of, in a feeling form without actually manifesting it?”

Having read your other answers I know that the first statement is a red herring.

Who says that "in order to manifest something you have to raise your vibration level by feeling good"? You know better that that.

If that were true, then the statement "in order to manifest something you don't want you have to lower your vibration by feeling bad" is also true.

But let me answer based on the main question. The raising of the vibration is misleading in its description. Because in this case, we are dealing with intensity, not raising the vibration.

Any emotion of strong intensity will attract the vision of that emotion in what ever form you choose to envision the "acting out" or "manifestation" of that emotion. It has nothing to do with positive or negative emotions.

Manifestation has to do with if it is either "conscious" or "non existent". If you are not an astronaut right now, it is because it is non existent in your consciousness.

On the other hand if the idea of being an astronaut is existent in your consciousness you will attract the opportunity to work towards that opportunity. But you have to work towards it. It won't just happen.

Does this mean that everything that is in your consciousness can be manifested by effort? of course not. If that were true every athlete running the 100meter dash in the Olympics must win the gold medal. This is where natural selection becomes the standard of measure.

Ultimately this is the thing. All our ideas have validity in the right context. None cancels out the others. They are all influencing the greater experience of manifestation.

We have this consciousness thing and this physical thing. Each of these things is governed by different laws of cause and effect. The physical is measurable & quantifiable & can be endlessly argued over.

The mental thing cannot be quantified by repeatable experiments like science. But the mental thing is real. It cannot be dismissed. When un-explainable things happen in your life you become a convert & stop worrying about the ridicule that you face from those who don't understand the mental thing. Why? Because you, yourself, at one time didn't understand it and made fun of those people who had their head in the clouds.

Then something happens that you cannot explain or dismiss. You can't find the answers in the usual places. No established system of analysis is capable of explaining to you what happened to you. So you start to venture beyond logic and reason.

But how do you go beyond logic or reason? You discover that emotion is not just a feeling. It is a response to an energy experience. This energy is unfamiliar. It makes you defenseless. You can't be macho with this stuff. It is weird, so you keep it private.

It is Love. But how can you talk about it?

This Love is the attractor of everything, Every Damn Thing. It attracts your joy and suffering. It even attracts your disease, your wars, and your evil, yes I said evil.

Love attracts it all.


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Thanks. You always give me something good to think about.

(29 Dec '09, 15:52) Vesuvius

You’re welcome Vesuvius. If I may let you in on something, I felt a huge pressure to somehow deliver on your request but felt I didn’t qualify for the insight required to comprehend your question. This is why I avoided answering it in the first place. I'm often of the opinion that these questions are way above my head.

(29 Dec '09, 20:26) The Traveller

You're making it more complicated than it needs to be.

You raise your vibration by your willingness to be the best and truest version of yourself that you possibly can. That's it.

"Bad" feelings are simply a product of a corrupted belief system. In other words you believe something that isn't true to your natural self. If you do that the signal for that is fear, anger, grief etc. By acknowledging those feelings, and acting on them as beacons which lead you to places that you need to look at, you raise your vibration.

It's a two way street. You can't force anything, and you can't cheat yourself either. You can sit for 20 years in a cave and meditate on "I'm love. I'm love. I'm love," and then go on to the real world and get your ass kicked by someone and say that they deserve a punishment. You just wasted 20 years of your life.

Don't worry about raising your vibration. The signal for it is that you will begin to feel lighter, the things will no longer bother you that used to bother you before. But that is just the by-product of working with your belief system and feelings. You must stalk yourself all the time in order to find the core of some feelings. Some beliefs are like ogres you know, they've got layers..


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You either feel good about something or you don't in the current moment. If you do not feel good about something but you have done vibrational work and you now feel indifferent or good about it, then that will be your dominant vibration and 'true' feeling about the subject like you say. It is your current dominant vibration which matters not the one that you have 'masked'.

So, your 'true' feelings are constantly changing.


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