I hope we all gather here to learn, share knowledge, help each other, benefit others and get the benefit from others experience. As much as we share ideas, exert energy, we improve our positive karma. Few days back i read the question from "Inner Beauty" about raising the vibration while having chronic illness. Yesterday, i had to face severe pain in my kidney which left me in no condition to concenterate upon the " CALM STATE ".

I believe that Reiki practitioners can distant heal the illness. I wonder if it is possible to create a pool of Reiki Practitioners in IQ who volunteer themselves to be available to heal such people with chronic or acute diseases. This will not only be a service to the humanity but also Karmic activity.

More the Reiki energy is shifted to the patient, more steady and fast recovery is resulted. This will be a Karmic activity where more than one healers perform sumultaneously on one patient. Its just my thought while i was wondering for a magic to happen bearing acute kidney pain.

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What a fantastic initiative!

(25 May '14, 10:23) maugi
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That's a good question, I have been doing Reiki for years. I have always had a psychic notion to only do Reike by myself on someone. I have noticed when two or more people do reiki on someone that most times nothing happens or the person gets worse. I read an article where NASA has machines that measure energies and tested reiki, the article said that when one person does reiki on someone a particular energy flows through the person being treated, when two or more did treatment different energies flowed and became distorted.


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I am not sure of the NASA article, but I guess you are right. The Light Circle is different and two different people doing reiki on third person from different places is different.

If there are two reiki practitioners wanting to work on a single person, they should be in sync because thought patterns matter very much when doing energy work.

Light circle is something that people sit together and send reiki for causes like peace, rain etc. This is a place where thoughts are all together and work is done on the same time. Time is a very important factor. This is why group meditations are effective. Everybody raising their energy level at the same time and it is much much effective than a single person meditating at single time.


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If Reiki isn't the way to go, as the 2 previous answers seem to suggest, would there be an alternative form of healing? Prayer? Meditation (like the TM experiments)? What else?

Something like these guys: http://www.fireburndoctor.com/


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I would suggest something like this. http://thevitalitycafe.weebly.com

People can post their issues and any individual healer can take it up with them. They can also do within the existing framework of this website by posting under some particular tag.

People doing Energy healing would be more than happy to help those in pain on this forum. This is my assumption. I would be glad to help anytime. :)

(26 May '14, 22:26) Perfection

@Perfection the Cafe sounds interesting, but I couldn't find the description of how it works. Is it free? Who does the healing? Anyway is a very cool idea. Maybe we could get a couple of the IQ veterans to share their thoughts on this?

(26 May '14, 23:13) maugi

@maugi yes, the cafe service is free. I am glad you liked the idea. I was pushed from inside to get this online. I have been helping friends and family and they are really happy, so I thought to extend it further.

I would love to hear thoughts from others.

(27 May '14, 10:11) Perfection
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Hi ZULFIQAR, yes absolutely distant healing can and is carried out already.

Here's some info about the fireburndoctor http://www.fireburndoctor.com/about

The practice of remote healing has many names, they all work using the same universal subtle energies, I like to describe it as being vibrational medicine which is that part of radionics applied to healing.

Anyone can learn radionics and with training can assist in restoring health not only to humans but all living things.


alt text



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The Healing Spiral seems quite interesting. I am looking at the courses and might take up one or two. :) Thanks for sharing!

(27 May '14, 10:16) Perfection
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