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I apologize for addressing you in an open forum; I had no other means to contact you.

I hope you can help me. I have read many of the books from the PsiTek site and I am grateful for your making them available. I find myself to be in the mist of what Mr. Dumont wrote about in "The Power of Concentration" as relates to someone who has failed in life and needs assistance in getting their life back in order.

I will not go into all the details as it would be very lengthy, let’s just say I am in a big fix and have no idea on how to overcome things. I have discovered that I have been harboring a traumatic death for over 20 years and that situations surrounding this event resulted in rage, hate, revenge, and even guilt. Now that I have uncovered what I believe to be the cause of my present life’s situations I cannot seem to move beyond the present state of my affairs. I am so far in a rut and I see no way out. My fears and anxieties are weighing heavily on any attempt to move forward. It’s like I am making one step forward and two back.

I am so lost and I have no where to turn. Thus, I am turning to you and I am hoping that you have compassion and a desire to assist someone who has screwed up their life. No; nothing to do with drugs or alcohol, more on the professional/career level.

I realize I have not given you much to go on, but I need to know if you are up for transforming a life from despair to beauty? My life is like a car stuck in snow, I need a little rocking back and forth to get the momentum going. And, I am hoping you can provide the force and assistance I need.

Thank you for your consideration!


asked 08 Jun '11, 15:21

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Jim 1

Hello Jim,

I'll respond openly here since it might be useful to others in similar situations. For years before Inward Quest existed, while operating PsiTek, I used to get occasional emails from people asking me directly for help and assistance.

The requests would range from pleas for my personal intervention in their lives to those who just wanted me to give them some money to help them out of a tight financial situation to those who just wanted personal advice from me. Many times I wrote back with some helpful information and suggestions but usually I never knew what became of those people because they never responded further. It was not really a satisfactory situation but I did not know what else to do.

When Inward Quest was born, it slowly dawned on me that my desire to help those other people had been answered in the birth of this website. That is because the advice and assistance you will receive from the many deep, profound and caring spiritual thinkers here is worth far, far more than anything I would be able to do for you directly or any advice I would be able to give you.

There is a goldmine of spiritual knowledge here and an enormous sense of compassion from those who interact here. Nowadays when people contact me privately for help, I suggest to them that they visit this website, Inward Quest, and take advantage of the spiritual community that exists here. And I would suggest the same to you.

If you study the information here and ask questions about anything that is not clear to you, I believe you will be able to learn to help yourself and, to me, that is the most valuable kind of help that anyone could give you.

All the best,

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answered 08 Jun '11, 21:39

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

Thank You @Simon for creating this site. I believe The Source Tapped you personally for this one way for you to share and teach and for us to do the same. The Group is warm, caring and sharing...and busting with great accumulated knowledge about the Universal Laws that affect us...and how to ride that wave baby :)

(08 Jun '11, 22:47) streetsanto

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answered 08 Jun '11, 15:39

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or click on support and come to

(08 Jun '11, 19:41) ursixx

Nice ursixx. Did not know that...weird wild stuff :)

(08 Jun '11, 19:50) you

There is no need to close this sentence, it is a plea for help, and it would be fruitful for us to help out in the best way that we could!

My mother use to say: never close the door on a stranger asking for help, you could be that stranger one day!

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answered 09 Jun '11, 05:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

Jim..its seems you have blocked positive energies and blessing .you should become a channel through which energies can flow easily.As you know God/Nature uses different channels to provide blessings and food etc to His creatures. If you want to get rid of all or any kind of problems,arrange to feed birds and animals as much as you can uptill a way of cure appears.This practis is good for all problems.Give time to other fellows and help them as much you can.

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answered 09 Jun '11, 05:35

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EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique- is a very fast, easy way to eliminate negative emotions. There are many sites on the internet that describe it, demonstratelink text how to do it, etc...

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answered 09 Jun '11, 13:33

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Fairy Princess

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