I recently watched the movie ‘Yes Man’ with Jim Carrey. Basically, in this movie, Jim Carrey goes to this motivational seminar which teaches that you have to say ‘Yes’ to everything in life as this will open unimaginable doors. So, Jim Carrey starts to say ‘Yes’ to everything and he starts to have all these amazing experiences and learns so many different things (learns Korean, takes flying lessons, learns to play the guitar amongst many other things).

This movie really opened my eyes. Could I be missing out on exciting things in life by saying ‘No’ to opportunities that present themselves to me? Would adopting such a philosophy (saying ‘Yes’ to everything in life) accelerate my spiritual growth and ultimate well being as life is all about the journey, isn’t it?

The only flaw I can find with adopting such a philosophy is the fact that you have to say ‘Yes’ to things you might not want to do. From a law of attraction point of view, if you do things that do not feel good to you, then you will attract more of it and this will not lead to happiness.

What are your thoughts?

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Pink Diamond

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Barry Allen ♦♦


there might be other things to not say yes to. example: do you want to sell me your soul? do you want to press this button and destroy the planet? do you want to do bad things to every one around you? the list could go on. so i say no one needs to do wise choice. and to all the wise choice he can say yes.

(18 Nov '11, 17:06) white tiger

No. Now admit it, that was funny.

(26 Jan '13, 00:37) flowsurfer

Wow @white tiger you have cleared some illusions that try gain access under "Yes" philosophy.

(29 Apr '14, 01:36) PERFECT GOOD
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I think Michaela has it right.

You are saying YES to everything in your life already, even to the things you don't want, simply by focusing on them.

As soon as you give your focus to something, the YES has been given (vibrationally) and, if you continue, you are going to experience it physically sooner or later.

Thinking is YES-ing.

NO just doesn't exist as an option for us - the nearest we can get to it is to say YES to something else.


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as you mentioned (somewhere), the universe just has backup plan after backup plan, after backup plan....Avoiding physical things is impossible via physical action.

(18 Nov '11, 15:10) Nikulas

Gr8 answer Stingray,I have been reading many questions and your comments/answers to them and I see your answers are awesome ,they bring so much insight ,deep thought to my mind.

Really like your thinking.gr8 mind.

(15 Jul '12, 07:23) insilentpain

@insilentpain - Thanks. I'm glad they've given you a different perspective on things

(15 Jul '12, 09:52) Stingray

Love this answer. Such a good truth to keep in mind. :)

(25 Apr '14, 13:37) Grace
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I'm not too sure on this one. I know Abraham says when we shout 'no' at something we are actually inviting it into our experience - "where attention goes energy flows". So I guess maybe just say 'yes' to everything we want and totally ignore what we don't want?


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"i'm not too sure on this one" ... i appreciate your hesitation

(25 Jan '13, 10:01) blubird two

Even though Jim Carrey said yes to everything in this movie, I think the key for him was the acceptance of it regardless of the outcome.I really enjoyed watching the Yes Man.There was a lesson learned watching it.


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Ever since I saw this question I wanted to give a long winded answer to it. However I never made the time to get started. My Long answer was exactly what Stingray beautifully condensed into a short statement: "Thinking is YES-ing"

I completely agree with this notion. Things don't exist in our lives only if they don't exist in our consciousness. The moment they exist in our minds regardless of if they are things we "want" or things we "don't want", they manifest, in the exact manner in which they exist in our imagination.


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The Traveller

"Yes Man" movie

Quite interesting. The more he is open to new events, the more he attracts new interesting events, opening possibilities for himself and others around him.


answered 15 Jul '12, 05:21

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Dollar Bill

Suppose the answer is "Yes" to your question. Then, answer this :

Should we say 'No' to everything in life?


answered 25 Jan '13, 05:59

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"Should we say 'No' to everything in life?" ... thanks for the question :)

(25 Jan '13, 10:05) blubird two

this is a key question my friend

(26 Jan '13, 00:31) blubird two

You are welcome. I like dealing with paradox (the point of power). ;)

(26 Jan '13, 10:21) Gumnaam
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"Respect harmony and balance" ... i like this phrase pronounced by white tiger, it implies that the solution to the yes/no enigma is in self analysis. The conflict is one of duality, the well known law of attraction, all things contain their opposites ... the solution is given by the aum, from air to water, from higher vibrations to lower vibrations, as above so below, that primal vibration, the origin of all languages, all means of communication, the om sounded out loud, the iam of bashar. It is a place of total peace, all ceases, a vacuum within, empty of all matter ... the natural state of all humans, in harmony with the whole of nature.


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blubird two

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I read this question ages ago and wasn't sure about it as saying "yes" to everything didn't seem like such a good idea but I sensed there was some truth in it also. I came across this channelling which neatly explains you should say "yes" but only once you have received guidance from your energy field/higher self.

The channellings can be read herehttp://cosmicgaia.com/the-high-council-of-orion-awareness-of-subtle-energies/ and http://cosmicgaia.com/the-high-council-of-orion-awareness-of-subtle-energies-part-2/ or listened to here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrORB5ceawA&list=UUdD1ICsaDIZUA8qK24pxBig.


answered 23 Apr '14, 03:32

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Well I say this one needs to do wise choice in life. As for "yes" man there are people in this life that always say "yes" to the boss and often they don't know what they're doing and are causing problems. The answer is in harmony and being positive in life, saying "yes" to everything is not the answer. I could ask my parrot can you wash the window parrot: wack yes, carry the fridge upstairs today. parrot: wack yes.

Will it be done at the end of the day?

I would say there's nothing to reject if it's in righteous truth respect harmony and balance.

alt text


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white tiger

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I think you need to go into the Yes challenge knowing you need to exercise some discretion in order not to harm yourself or become a doormat. I also think that, at least for me,I'm glad I've been telling people in my life what I'm up to. It has rubbed off on others and they are trying to be YesWomen too... And that's exciting!


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Without a thought, in the silence of the mind, there is pure noticing (pure awareness).

It's not about saying 'yes' or 'no' to anything. It's about not judging and just observing/noticing your experience and from that state your actions will come naturally and arise from your Presence.


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@arpgme "snap" :)

(27 Apr '14, 05:07) jaz

Simply put. Saying yes to everyting is a very simple...simple....simple form of acceptance and total surrender. Just like saying I Surrender or I Love You or any other form of acceptance.

What we resist persists. We are basically letting god, the universe, the higher self or what ever you want to call it work for us removing anything that might interfere with were we want to be including energy blocks.

Yes is actually a very powerful mantra because it puts you in a state of total surrender and appreciation of what is, removes energy blocks and it propels you into inspired action when it comes. Yes is kind of like a form of inner guidance. It's probably one of the most powerful mantras. It's a simple three letter word but it's that effective.

Hope this helps


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I think blindly agreeing to everything. is not such a good idea, it will open opportunities yes but you will as well have no self worth because everyone will own you. Did you see that in the film he lost any self worth, do this for me, "sure", do that, "sure", if you agreed to everything you would eventually have so much to do in one day that you would have to exist as clones to satisfy everyone! Be on the East end of town at 6 pm to pick up a pizza, "no problem", be at the west end of town to get the kids at 6 pm, "sure thing", oh go over to the other town for the show with me it starts at 6 pm don't be late! "Okay sure thing", oh don't forget you have a date Cindy you promised to pick her up at 6 pm three towns over in the opposite direction, "I got it no problem".

Saying yes to everything does not work, you need to have some discretion or you are like everyone's floor mat, that doesn't feel too good.


answered 23 Dec '09, 00:33

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Cassaldi - what about saying yes to all experiences that come our way, after all, the only way to understand is to do ... if an experience presents itself to us then it is us that invited it ... we always have the possibility to choose the direction of the experience :)

(29 Jan '12, 00:50) blubird two

@bluebird two Okay yes say yes to every experience. You know what would be an experience for you? Would you send me $30,000 dollars?

(25 Jan '13, 11:05) Wade Casaldi

everything is possible in the virtual so, ok here is the 30,000 dollars ...

(25 Jan '13, 11:35) blubird two

If you'll look closer, I didn't ask you to send me $30,000 "virtual dollars", so the choice is are you going to say no to this experience?

(25 Jan '13, 12:31) Wade Casaldi

yes ok, i'll say no ...

(25 Jan '13, 13:05) blubird two

@bluebird two Ah thank you for proving my point. :-)

(25 Jan '13, 13:56) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- and thank you, my friend, for the fun :)

(25 Jan '13, 14:40) blubird two

thanks for the demonstration of action in action, and the feedback (blubird + wade gives 1+1=2[duality] ... the whole circle + duality, implies 3, that is trinity ... have a great day :)

(26 Jan '13, 00:26) blubird two
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Not an answer but just some advice; If you attempt the yesman challenge, just ONE rule: Do not tell anybody you are in the process of doing it. Keep the 'yesman' philosophy private.


answered 18 Nov '11, 15:12

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I don't agree to saying "yes" to everything in life because i am so confused, this life is a lesson and we learn from it. Life is like a pencil, the more we live the more we learn, we must not say yes to everything in life


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Tosin fasube

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blubird two

confused because caught up in a never ending circle ... spin

(26 Jan '13, 00:28) blubird two

Saying "yes" to something gives it energy and saying "yes" to everything is energizing everything ... saying "no" to something also gives it energy and saying "no" to everything energizes everything.

Yes/No, negative/positive, night/day, yin/yang are intimately linked and one can't exist without the other.

Saying "no" doesn't exist is synonymous to saying that "yes" doesn't exist and implies that you live in a restricted zone, that you're living unconsciously parrot fashion, a restricted zone corresponds to a negative synchronicity reinforcement.

Saying "yes" to everything is an illusory promise of total reward and automatically rejects the possibility that 'no" exists, this again corresponds to a negative synchronicity reinforcement.

A negative synchronicity reinforcement is the mechanism of a negative core belief to remain active, here's the graphism

alt text

Within the yin and yang there's always the possibility to go in the opposite direction, when you're in the light you understand that the doorway that leads to the dark is just a choice and it's offered to you as an equal choice.

When you're caught up in a negative synchronicity reinforcement loop you're in the dark and the doorway that leads to the light is hidden, it's disguised, will constantly switch back and forth, you'll be kept off balance unable to perceive the doorway that leads to light, the mechanisms within the loop are projection, rejection, reward, paranoia, rationalization and justification. Sometimes you'll even have the impression of being on the roadway to light because you are being rewarded in some way, don't be fooled by this illusion.

Once you recognize that it's just a belief like any other, that the negative belief is simply one of the many infinite choices you have and they are all equal, then the way out of this enigma becomes clear, simply accept that "yes" and "no" are equally valid and you'll find yourself at the point of balance, at the point of power and free to create whatever you desire.

alt text


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I think people who believe saying 'yes' is a good thing and is the ultimate form of surrender, have some fundamental misconceptions. Next time your car gets stuck in the mud, just sit there waiting for the mud to dry up. Do not call for the recovery van – because then you are saying 'no' to what is. Instead, call people at home and work, and let them know that you may be unavailable for a few days.

We are judging all the time. No living thing – from the tiniest organism to the most learned sage – can avoid judging. If you don’t believe that to be the case, stop breathing – because staying alive or dead should be the same to you right at this very moment.

The point is not to say 'yes' to everything. The point is to feel good as much as possible. If you start feeling bad, you can do a wide range of things to start feeling good again. These include:

Option 1: Accept. Don’t do anything and accept what is. Don’t call the recovery van – wait for the mud to dry up. Maybe write a few songs while you are waiting. Who knows, that could be where your future lies.

Option 2: Distract. Think of something that makes you feel better. Similar to option 1.

Option 3: Act. Take some physical action – probe a little – to see how the reality reacts and whether you start feeling good. If you do, then do more of the same. Doesn’t matter what action – call the recovery people, try to lift the car, kill somebody – whatever makes you feel good.

Option 4: Clear. Remind yourself that all this is a gigantic game. Have a chuckle. Ask your higher self for a little help in getting you out of the mud. Then wait for inspiration – which could lead you back to any of the previous options as the most appropriate course of action.

Why all these options? Because one may work better than the rest in a given situation. Also, there is nothing to stop you from trying all of them... whatever works.


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Loved this answer. Thank You.

(18 Apr '15, 08:44) MrFeelGood

This movie really made me think as well and I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of another movie starring Ricky Gervais called "The Invention of Lying" where people live in a world completely devoid of lying which Gervais' character later discovers. It made me think can we be truthful all the time in much the same way that "Yes Man" made me think could saying yes to everything be an enriching experience? As someone above pointed out we perhaps unconsciously say yes to things all the time by giving them time in our thoughts but that is not what the movie is about. The movie is about physical experiences that come our way, not damaging mindsets or paradigms. Could we say yes to all those things, probably not. If so I would have about 1000 credit cards and many many magazine subscriptions because I would say 'yes' to all the **** I get in the mail and in my email (not to mention the many phishing emails that are seeking to separate me from my bank account). Also, my saying yes could become a big problem with my wife. You recall Jim Carey obtained a foreign bride. Now taking this to a spiritual level, taking experiences and saying 'yes' to their lesson could be beneficial BUT accepting wrong thinking, limiting thoughts or mindsets should not even be considered. We are beautiful and powerful beings. Let us not forget.


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