Consider: And should people flaunt what they possess to cause others to think well of them, their life style, wealth and position?

It is not true that we sometimes like to set our standards high, and we sometimes like to compare ourselves to the Jones!

The idea for this question came from Isaiah 2: 6-12

This question is not a duplicate to my other question about “Pride” it is addressing another subject matter, thank you.

All answers are welcomed!

asked 28 Jun '11, 05:19

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Using logic....

People who have a lot of pride are inwardly insecure.

Are they? This may not be true. We cannot measure a person's inward pride. Pride is a motivator to do a job correctly. A carpenter must feel a certain amount of pride in getting all the angles right in a house...A figure-skater must feel pride to get him/herself out of bed, and practice for eight hours a day. As a piano player, I feel pride when I finally master a Sonata. It does not necessarily follow that because I feel pride that I am insecure. In fact, without the feeling of pride, I will not feel motivated at all to do my best at a job. Pride is a personal and inward feeling. It is what I do as a result of that pride that causes the trouble.

That's why they feel the need to boast.

Perhaps people who are inwardly secure feel the need to boast. But boasting may also stem from a need to dominate, or a need to be recognized when in a group of people. Yes, insecure people do this. But it is usually a great surprise to boasters that they are actually insecure. We see it, but do they feel it??? Sometimes, I wonder about that.

Pride has gotten a bad rap. Jesus warns about pride- but this warning is about the sort of pride that a man or woman feels when they feel superior to everyone, especially God. But in and of itself, pride is what makes us do a job correctly, do a job with joy, and do a job over and over with skill and precision. Else...why bother?

And when I do a job with pride, and then leave without recognition from others, pride makes me want to do it again tomorrow. My inward pride is important to my ego and my superego. Again, it is what I do with my pride that in the end decides how I am judged by others. Those actions are the trouble, not the pride itself.


In memorium to Teddy, my beloved cat, who died today, in whom I was proud, Jaiannah


answered 30 Jun '11, 06:40

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Very well said @Jaianniah. I think pride only becomes an issue, when it is extreme. There is a duality in all things..... there is yin/yang in every energy vibration or type. Every emotion has a positive (light/creative) and negative (dark/destructive) polarity or extreme. An emotion is a very specific energy frequency. When we move past that equilibrium range...then we have problems !

(30 Jun '11, 17:45) streetsanto

This is so true. I just wished to point it out! Pride really takes a beating sometimes....Love>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(30 Jun '11, 20:59) Jaianniah

you can take pride in your work i agree with that. when you do something good you can have pride. i do not say go tell every one to boast your ego that is stupid.

(01 Jul '11, 01:46) white tiger

@Jaianniah:Yes I can very well relate to what you have said: “But in and of itself, pride is what makes us do a job correctly, do a job with joy, and do a job over and over with skill and precision. Else...why bother Great answer, thank you! I am sorry to hear about your cat ”Teddy.”

(03 Jul '11, 00:45) Inactive User ♦♦
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People who have a lot of pride are inwardly insecure. That's why they feel the need to boast.

Everyone I know who is genuinely confident in themselves is also humble.


answered 29 Jun '11, 15:07

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i agree vesuvious confident and humble. we do not need to make people send us flower we know the good we do that is enuff.

(01 Jul '11, 01:48) white tiger

@Vesuvius:Yes, people that are genuinely confident are humble, thank you!

(03 Jul '11, 00:55) Inactive User ♦♦

not sure of the measuring stick you are using,
pride is polar to humility, the extreme of either sickening, confidence, courageous will, compassion, caring may be a more efficient lesson,
that could replace the energy going into the selfcenteredness of excessive pride.


answered 30 Jun '11, 02:01

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you can care and have pride that you care. example: you go help someone that no one help. you can have pride that you care and did the right thing. you can have the right balence of anny thing in the right circonstance.

(01 Jul '11, 01:52) white tiger

yes, that is a healthy pride in recognition of right action. do we need, though, to pat ourselves on the back.

(01 Jul '11, 11:46) fred

We should set our standards high, we are to emulate God. We are God's children and so should have high standards as "What would God say?", "How would God react?" As well we should humble ourselves, not to be boastful or judgmental, both of these falsely sets us higher or better than others and that is what makes us fall. That is exactly what made Satan fall himself, it is separating from the whole and when you separate from the whole you make yourself less. We can not be separate from the whole and therefore no part can ever be better than any other part. All are needed to have the whole be the whole, there is nothing separate from God.

Edit added more explaining

What I mean by no part better than any other part is like in the Bible the hand can not be the foot, or the toes the eyes the fingers can not be the spine. All parts are needed in the body of Christ, I can not say for example my hands are better than my feet. My feet take me places my hands could never take me, but my hands can grab things my feet never could. So both are different with different functions just as all people have a purpose and all people contribute in someway to the body of God each unique and just as much needed by God.


answered 28 Jun '11, 05:47

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Wade Casaldi

edited 01 Jul '11, 05:11

we are all in the grace of god is golden light. and we all communicate through is grace. i agree wade. it would be foulish to try to separate your self from god. as for no part can be better then anny other part i would say yes but we can be different and at different level.

(01 Jul '11, 01:58) white tiger

@Wade Casaldi:You have made a very relevant point in saying: “when you separate from the whole you make yourself less.” Thank you!

(03 Jul '11, 01:23) Inactive User ♦♦

Yes this is why we can not see anyone and be judgmental because as we do we just made ourselves less by saying I am better than him/her she/he is below me. Or even plain I don't like him/her we need see that given the circumstances and conditions this person grew up around maybe we would be just the same as that person. What we all need is love that is universal, whether you may be a wealthy snob or a homeless person that hates yourself you need love. Love compassion and consideration helps everything! :-D

(03 Jul '11, 04:03) Wade Casaldi
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Why worry about what others do? We can only be, just as others can only be. By realizing that it is not the person that is doing the things, but the ego-self. Most of the world is caught in an ego trap. And unfortunately this includes many people of several religions. Jesus speaks of love, compassion, and non judgement. Is your questioning anothers integrity not that of judgement? Regardless of their reasons, you can not know them. Just share love and compassion with them and remember, it is not their authentic self doing things, it is their ego-self.


answered 30 Jun '11, 02:13

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We have to be watchful of the ego indeed, thank you!

(03 Jul '11, 01:08) Inactive User ♦♦

well you can worry about what other people do. because it will affect other people. so it is better to care about people and help them. i have free will you have free will so use it wisely.


answered 01 Jul '11, 02:02

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white tiger

It is important to care about others, and help then if you can, thank you!

(03 Jul '11, 01:16) Inactive User ♦♦
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