That is if you believe in continual evolution of your soul through several lives. The question popped into my mind right now, when I noticed an unusual behavior of mine. I was going through music on Youtube and went across this song.

Caravan Palace - Brotherswing

What I have noticed was that usually I listen to the music for a while before I tune in and dance to it. But hearing this song my feet started to move to the beat instantly and only after that I realized what is happening.

It came so natural, as if it was engraved within me somehow. Out of all dance styles, swings strikes right in the middle of my heart, although I have never dance it properly. But it just feels so full of life.

So my question is - is there a possibility it could be part of my previous life experience, that response to it (the swing) comes so naturally with no resistance ?

Or is my response to it, because I'm on the same vibrational level as this tune?

asked 30 Jul '12, 09:29

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@CalonLan, I've often wondered this myself, good question.

(30 Jul '12, 16:07) Grace

@Grace, just curious. Yesterday, a few hours after posting the question, I learned that it's not that important to learn about previous lives anyway. Since the pattern of them is clearly seen in the current one. Almost got dragged into voyage of discovering what my previous life was lol.

(31 Jul '12, 01:48) CalonLan

@CalonLan, I agree that you wouldn't want to let it limit you in any way, but I think its facinating. :) And if it is interesting to you, why not? I saw some fun things when I gave it a go years ago, but it was very limited. I would love to go down that rabbit hole further, if I could learn how!

(31 Jul '12, 10:36) Grace
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usually u know. it feels like remembering something long lost. i had one that was so powerful i cried when i seen my family die in it. I know i lost MY family. So this is one way.

love n light



answered 31 Jul '12, 18:38

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TReb Bor yit-NE

There's a presupposition behind your question that linear time exists i.e. past comes before present, present comes before future.

Pretty much every channelled being that resonates with me, and my own inner guidance, tells me that linear time is only an illusion of the physical plane.

You are living your past and future lives right now.

So, ignoring the presupposition in your question and looking at it from the broader view, you can tell what your previous life experience is by looking at what you know Now...because your Now is influencing both past and future lives.

The past changes as your Now changes so even if you were somehow able to magically travel back in linear time to a past life, it would no longer be the same past life. Your Now would have changed it into something else.

Bashar has even stated quite clearly that he is an alien-human hybrid future life of his own channeler, Darryl Anka - I can't remember the exact year he is living in right now - although to complicate things even further, Bashar has also verified that other humans have channeled him also.


answered 03 Aug '12, 04:50

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edited 03 Aug '12, 04:52

@Stingray, thank you for this. I would like to get this concept straight in my head, but I have to admit, although I can follow the logic reasonably well, I keep getting tripped up. Do you think, as in @CalonLan's example, that he has "picked up on" a memory of an experience he had in a previous year, albeit simultaniously? In other words, that he is cognisant of experiencing a different era of history? I'm nutty about history, and I think its the idea being aware, of experiencing the ...

(06 Aug '12, 02:29) Grace

...times and places that facinate me, that make these ideas so attractive to me. Can we just access this awareness purely for the pleasure of it?

(06 Aug '12, 02:30) Grace

@Grace - From my point of view, it's needlessly complicating things to try and work out exactly where a preference comes from. It seems to me like trying to predict The Butterfly Effect in mathematical Chaos Theory. It might be possible to determine the origin of the effect but what's the ultimate value of doing so? I certainly don't know how to do it :) But if the music makes you feel good now then it has something valuable to...

(06 Aug '12, 03:54) Stingray

@Grace - ...offer your life now. From the broader perspective, the Higher Self is the "container" of all the experiences that all your various physical selves are feeding into. Something seems to happen at that Higher Self level that determines your personal likes and dislikes. I don't (as yet) know how that mechanism precisely works. But I think that knowledge would be of academic interest only because the Now feeling is what ultimately counts for your physical self (as always)

(06 Aug '12, 04:00) Stingray

@Stingray, I know you're right. It's just the curiosity factor for me. I want to see things from different perspectives than my own.

(06 Aug '12, 11:40) Grace own current perspective, I guess I mean.... :) Hmmmmmm

(06 Aug '12, 11:43) Grace
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Hello, I had an impression of a past life as a native shaman for many years. This caused me to fluctuate back and forth between believing and not. Now I have many memories of at least 5 past lives and being-nesses. I am so glad I know. I think it is a personal thing though; I do not think everyone should try to remember past lives. It will happen when the time is right.


answered 01 Aug '12, 17:52

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