How and when they show up cannot be determined by you. Your job, your ONLY job is to put the desire out there, detach from the outcome with respect to how and when and remain open to accepting and taking action on the means when they do show up.
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I realize this is a different approach to continually focusing on what you want, but for this method, Do you just state it once and completely forget about it? Do you put it out there once a week and forget about it for the rest of the week? Daily? Hourly?

asked 30 Nov '10, 19:47

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It does not matter if you do it once or repeatedly as long as you are able to maintain a state of mind that is receptive. You can judge whether you are in this mode based on how you are feeling. If you are feeling good then you are in a state of allowing and vice versa.


answered 30 Nov '10, 22:44

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I would say just once. If you continually put it out there hourly,daily etc. , you're not really forgetting about it or trusting that the Universe will answer your request.


answered 30 Nov '10, 19:58

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