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This troubleshooting guide is a companion document to Manifesting Experiment 4 - The "Resistance Release" Method.

It deals with common issues you may encounter while applying that method. And I will update it from time to time as further questions are asked about the "Resistance Release" Method.

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'You implied it should only take 30 minutes to clean up my issue but I've been at it for hours now'

If you've never really done much (if any) "work" on your emotional issues or limiting beliefs before, it is quite possible that it may take much longer with an initial clean-up.

I've been playing around and experimenting with clean-up processes for quite a few years so my own "issues" may well be relatively minor compared to someone who is just discovering these kinds of processes for the first time.

It is nothing to be concerned about.

If you find it is taking you hours (or even days) initially, go right ahead and invest that time in yourself. It will be worth it to you in the long run and once those "blocks" are gone from your life, they are gone for good.

It's a bit like moving to a new home that the previous owners have neglected. The first time you clean up that house, it may take you a long, long time and a great deal of effort. But, after that first time, your daily/weekly house clean-ups will be relatively quick and easy.

For me, I find that if anything uncomfortable (by my standards) crops up in my life, I can clean it up permanently in 10-15 minutes maximum - often much, much less because, using a quick clean-up process like EFT, I can just "tap it away" in real-time without even needing to analyze the's often obvious what the core problem is.

The more clear you become, the more minor your issues become, and the less often you will need to analyze them in depth (using this full process) to discover what lies behind them.

So often I will just notice something uncomfortable, acknowledge it, focus upon it so that I feel it strongly, then clean it up in a few moments and move on with my life. I have no doubt that you will be able to do this too once you've cleared out your core long-term issues.

'I've done the method as you said but things seem to be getting worse in my life, not better'

It's difficult sometimes to know what effect deep, inner changes will have on people's lives.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have never been involved with any kind of vibrational work before (i.e. all these manifesting ideas are completely new to you) then it may be that you are going to have a bit of a bumpy ride in your life as you start to take deliberate control of it.

Be aware that many people will never have any problems at all so don't think that anything uncomfortable will definitely happen to you

One way to think of what's going on with the "bumpy ride" is to take a look at my analogy of the battered old cars that are being forced to be driven faster.

Don't be concerned if things appear to get worse in your life initially...they will eventually improve again permanently if you just go with the change. The fact that things have become noticeably worse is demonstrating that something has changed, and this in itself is good!

Try and just be in the moment as much as possible as your life adjusts to your new improved beliefs and just trust that whatever is happening will eventually be for your greater good.

After all, you didn't like how your life was previously, did you? ...otherwise you wouldn't have used this method in the first place :)

You can help the changes along in your life by further applying the Resistance Release Method to clean up anything uncomfortable that surfaces in your life.

Just keep on cleaning it all up.

Take it from me that there will come a time when uncomfortable situations in your life will be the exception and not the norm.

In fact, one of the biggest problems I have had with testing this method is because it works so effectively that I quickly run out of issues in my own life to test it with :)

'You told me I should feel bad while doing the method but I didn't'

A common occurrence that happens to people when they start touching on "core" limiting beliefs within themselves is avoidance behavior.

It's a survival mechanism really. If you are harboring something within yourself that feels painful to you everytime you are reminded of it, you will find ways to avoid having anything to do with it.

One of the ways that many people trap themselves within their limiting beliefs then is to avoid ever really looking at them.

This is similar to ignoring a fire alarm that is sounding in the hope that, by not listening to the alarm, the fire will go away.

This is fine if you can keep yourself attuned to your Vortex because The Vortex is the ultimate fire-fighter :) But many don't go the trouble of aligning with The Vortex either i.e. they don't deliberately keep themselves in a happy-feeling place on a daily basis.

So those people find themselves trapped in a kind of vibrational No man's land.

And they cope by not allowing themselves to feel any kind of emotion at all. They tend to numb their emotional systems whenever possible so they don't feel the emotional pain that is constantly present. The addictive use of, for example, narcotics is driven by this desire to avoid the emotional pain.

The twist with the Resistance Release Method is that by allowing ourselves to deliberately feel and engage with that emotional pain briefly in conjunction with a clean-up method (such as EFT or Focus Blocks), we can release that pain for good.

If you are not allowing yourself to feel any emotion as you try this method, you are preventing that release from happening.

'I haven't noticed any changes in my life yet'

If after a couple of weeks, you have not noticed any positive changes at all in your life regarding this issue then you are probably justified in re-examining your work because something might not be right.

Because we are getting right to the absolute cause of the resistance in your issue, it is not possible for you to not see any result at all from neutralizing the resistance.

Resistance Road Block

You can re-examine your vibrational work by just looking down the list of Supporting Beliefs and reading them back and thinking about whether any of them seem true any more.

They felt true to you at the time you wrote them so if they don't feel true to you now, something within you must have changed even if you can't see physical evidence of it yet.

If any of them still feel true, they need cleaning up. Also make sure you have fully identified and neutralized all the emotions connected to them in the Emotions/Body Feelings column by asking yourself how this belief makes you feel. If you have missed any emotions, write them in that column and tap them away if you are using EFT.

If you genuinely feel that none of the supporting beliefs feel true to you then I would advise you to go through all the questions again because you must have missed something the first time.

Rather than look at your previous answers and risk being distracted by them, start in a clean area of your online spreadsheet and go through the process again and really take your time to answer the questions thoroughly.

Now compare your new answers with your old ones and you'll probably get some idea of what remains to be cleaned up.

If that fails also, you may be too invested in looking for change in your outside world. It is important to allow changes to naturally bubble up in your life and let them bring themselves to your attention - you don't need to go deliberately looking for them.

In this case, I would advise you to read about the idea of The Test.

I'll add more to this Troubleshooting Guide as issues are raised regarding Manifesting Experiment 4 - The "Resistance Release" Method

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