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First of all I love this tool and especially the spreadsheet, it took some time to absorb the info but I finally managed. As I worked on one issue and attempted to neutralize it I realized that another problem in my life is currently so overpowering that it colors all other aspects of my life. So even though I may be neutralizing my bad feelings in one area the core problem just keeps me in a bad place.

My next step is of course to work on that core problem but after that should I start the process all over again for the issue I have already worked on or just revisit the statements and see how they make me feel?

My core problem is a general feeling that my life has kind of flat lined. This feeling is pervading my home situation, my love life and my business. So do I work first on the general feeling (because how I can tell this problem is through actions and feelings in all those areas) or do I work on each aspect of this problem separately.

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

So do I work first on the general feeling (because how I can tell this problem is through actions and feelings in all those areas) or do I work on each aspect of this problem separately.

Both approaches are valid, and will work, but you will have less work to do overall if you tackle the general core issue first because it lies at the heart of so many other issues.

It's a bit like trying to topple a tower of cards.

House of cards

The cards represent the various problem issues in your life.

While you can remove the "top" cards (the high level issues) methodically and the tower of cards will also eventually vanish, the fastest way to knock it over would be to simply remove the card right at the bottom (the core issue) that supports all the others.

For related issues you have already worked on, I would only reread the statements you have already written to make sure they all feel (at least) neutral. This will only take you a few minutes at most. This is just to check that resolving the core issue has also resolved this higher-level one.

If you still feel a negative emotional reaction to anything in any statement there then there is still some cleaning up to do.

The way I would choose what issues to work on next once you have resolved a major core issue is by tackling whatever makes you feel the worst in your life right now. Don't dredge up the past, just concentrate on what's bothering you now.

That strong bad feeling is an indicator of great resistance that you are holding onto right now. And so there would be more "bang for the buck" in clearing that one first because it is likely to be one of those bottom cards (a core issue).

Hope that answers your question.


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@Stingray I did work on the core problem as a whole and it led to some insights about myself which I guess now I have to work on. Rereading list 2 and 3 does not cause a major negative reaction, however the statements in list 1 still make me cringe. What should I do next?

(18 Jun '11, 20:14) I Think Therefore I Am

I wouldn't consider the issue complete until there is no statement anywhere for that issue that generates a negative emotional reaction. I can't personally right now remember a case where a List 1 statement did that for me after clearing 2 & 3 but if it is happening for you, it definitely needs cleaning up and quite possibly it might be an issue of its own that needs to be broken down. I'm kind of guessing though because of my lack of experience with the situation. But there would be no harm in breaking down that statement into the underlying beliefs and seeing what turns up

(18 Jun '11, 23:03) Stingray

@Stingray - whew the number of issues this core problem threw up is staggering! I'm now doing focus blocks on each statement - its going to take sometime but as I go through the list it seems to be helping and the weight pressing on my chest is much lighter.

(19 Jun '11, 19:32) I Think Therefore I Am

Yes, if you've never done anything like this before, it's quite possible a lot of stuff is going to surface. I've been trying different clearing approaches for years so I've not really had the "joys" of facing it all coming up at once :) But once it's dealt with and gone, it's gone! And if you are definitely feeling the relief, that's a great sign of permanent progress.

(20 Jun '11, 13:31) Stingray
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I had a similar issue when performing the experiment last night.

The first issue I tackled was procrastinating doing vibrational work.

When creating the lists I notice I was coming up with so many other areas that I procrastinate with and they seemed to all be related. And I realized that I procrastinate most activities that will enhance my life.

So in a case like mine should I focus on procrastinating as it relates to vibrational work(the issue at hand) or include all other areas as well(related issues or areas in my life).

I did finish the round and I did go from feeling terrible to feeling so much relief so I do know that I made progress.

It just got a bit confusing when adding the emotions because they were all similar in all the areas that I procrastinate in my life.

Hope that makes sense, I'll clarify or create a separate question if need be.


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Chris 2

It shouldn't really matter if you focus on procrastinating generally or for a specific situation since the core "drivers" should be the same. Clearing them up in either case should clear up all the related cases. In fact, it is often easier to focus on just one specific case because more concrete examples spring to mind more easily. The fact that you felt some significant release is a very good sign and shows, as you say, that you made progress. Could you ask a separate question about your comment about the confusion with adding the emotions?...I'm not clear on what you mean by that.

(17 Jun '11, 18:29) Stingray

Sure I'll ask the question in a bit. I want to convey exactly what I mean. Also thank you for this, I know this is something I've been asking for. :) Experienced a lot of yawning and teary eyes last night. My sign of freedom :)

(17 Jun '11, 18:35) Chris 2

Yes, you should find it interesting to observe over the coming days how your behavior has changed in response to this relief you have felt. Sometimes, even when I'm absolutely convinced that I am still exactly the same, I will catch myself doing something quite different to what I would normally do in a similar situation.

(17 Jun '11, 18:40) Stingray

One thing I noticed is it seems my mind is searching for the old thoughts that used to occupy my mind. Similar to searching for a file in windows environment the little red flashlight is moving side to side. Is this to be expected?

(17 Jun '11, 19:08) Chris 2

I can relate to what you are saying though it's not something that I've felt to happen to me for a number of years - that was back when I resolved some huge issues of my own using a different approach but with a similar intent. I'm guessing it happens when major issues get cleared up but you still have certain dependent habits of thought that are still in place...a bit like the cards (in the other answer) tumbling through the air and yet to hit the ground. I'm guessing this sensation will pass pretty quickly, certainly within a few days.

(17 Jun '11, 21:12) Stingray
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