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Would methods like Stingray's Resistance Release Method be a shortcut to enlightenment if enough resistance was released?


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Just because I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment :) , I'll quote myself from another answer here:

...I'm not a fan of ego-bashing. Without the ego-perspective, you wouldn't have any sense of immersion into this physical reality. And without believing this physical reality is real because of that ego-perspective, there would be little purpose in being here. So it seems a bit contradictory to me to attack the perspective that brings forth such interesting insights into our physical and non-physical lives.

Given that, I would suggest that you would never want to kill the ego anyway even if you found a way to do it.

What has personally made the most sense to me over the years regarding the whole "ego is bad" debate is what The Pleiadian Collective teach, namely that there exist within humans two simultaneously-existing modes of perception...two different "operating systems" you could say, like on a computer.

One operating system is mentally-based ("ego") and one is emotionally-based ("heart"). When you are perceiving through ego, you are perceiving the limited sense-based reality in extreme detail. When you are perceiving through the heart-based operating system, you are perceiving the infinite, unlimited, interconnected nature of consciousness and existence.

Both are absolutely necessary for a "normal" 3D human life perspective.

What they also teach is that we are moving into a period of our human evolution where we are transforming from a more ego-based (limited) perspective to a more heart-based (unlimited) one. So, in effect, it's not that we are killing the ego, we are simply shifting the balance of the operating systems.

So, coming to your title question, Are we killing the Ego as we release resistance?, I would say...No, we're just redefining our perspective.

And I would say that "Redefining Our Perspective" is also a reasonable definition of what releasing resistance through various systematic methods is all about.

As for whether redefining your perspective makes you enlightened or not, isn't that also a question of perspective? :)


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when you become enlightened stingray it is not about perspective or no perspective you have pass duality. so what it really is it is the truth.

(17 Dec '11, 01:10) white tiger

@white tiger Every truth is a half-truth... so essentially you are back in duality again, even in enlightenment :)

(18 Jan '14, 18:09) WeRadiateBeauty

Assuming one to be true because of the other, yes.

But as your titled question asks, trying to kill the ego is probably futile, to tame it might be more realistic.


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Assuming one to be true because of the other, yes. no ego=enlightenment / no enlightenment=ego.

(25 Jun '11, 08:07) ursixx

Hello Satori ... the following explications gleaned from "The Nature of the Ego" by James Clair Lewis offers a reply to your question ...

"The ego is an extension of the soul, whose function is to interface with the material plane of existence, since the soul being spiritual cannot directly experience materiality. The situation of people who have not attained enlightenment is that the personality has usurped control over the soul, blocking the flow of divine light from manifesting in the physical world ... the ego does not dissolve into nothingness when one becomes illuminated, rather it merely releases its control, assumes its proper role in the schema of things ... reference ;


have a great day :)


answered 16 Dec '11, 18:36

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blubird two

Thanks for your enlightening answer Blubird:)

(19 Dec '11, 18:53) Satori

Yes, I believe that it's possible.

Lester Levenson, an enlightened man, once said that when your resistance is zero, you are free (enlightened). That also means that the ego/mind is gone, and all desire with it.

However the methods that are used in manifesting experiment 4 - EFT and focus wheeling, will probably not be even close to getting there. Meditation would probably be the "shortcut" you're talking about, or any other method that makes you practice unconditional love.


answered 16 Dec '11, 20:33

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i will answer that question so that those that have ears listen. it is not about killing the ego. it is more has understanding it for what it is.so that the ego does not control you(the self).has for the resistance release method when you will become has a child and meditate and understand all the veils of the mind over duality their will be no more resistance. you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.


answered 17 Dec '11, 01:03

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white tiger

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