I’m having trouble really getting a “taste of the emotions” around the issues I’m cleaning up.

I’ve gone through the experiment 3 times now on issues that I know are active in my vibration. I’m able to come up with reasons why I know I have a problem and also why I haven’t manifested what I want. I’m even doing well with unlocking hidden limited beliefs. When I’m choosing the emotions that are related to list 1 I label them the best I can. And during the process I do have an overall feeling of negative emotion but for some reason I feel as if I’m not connecting well enough to eliminate the core emotions.

For example, I did the experiment on abundance today and all though I felt like I uncovered some limiting beliefs I didn’t feel the emotion behind it. It was more of a feeling like “I want to hurry up and finish this process to experience freedom”. When I was done I wasn’t sure if the relief was in completing the experiment or if I was really free from the negative emotion.

From my experience it seems I know the right words to say and the right beliefs to identify on paper but it seemed like there was something else that I wasn’t unlocking, especially for the abundance exercise. Granted I was feeling a bit rushed today because I didn’t set aside enough time. My issues seem to take over an hour to clear. When I was complete I can say I felt a degree of relief but not as much as I would have liked to experience.

Basically my question is how can I be sure I’m engaging my true emotions around the issue? How do I know if I’m doing the process right?

Out of the 3 times I’ve done it I feel I released the least amount of resistance towards abundance. And although I’ve done the experiment for my procrastination in doing the ME-4 I still procrastinate(search different websites before doing the exercise when I intention in getting on the laptop is to do ME-4), I just don’t beat myself up for it any more. I guess that’s a start.

Any advice would be great. I hope I was clear.

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Whenever focus is involved (and this experiment is all about focus and changing that default focus), there is an interplay between generality and specificity.

You can think of it a bit like the difference between a sunny day, and using the sun's rays directly through a magnifying glass to burn something.

magnifying glass and sunlight

For example, just saying to yourself "I want to feel abundant" in a general way will cause less "manifesting energy" to flow through you and you will feel less emotional reaction from it as a result. It's like the sun's energy is not properly focused using the magnifying glass...it will make something slightly warm but probably not burn it.

The advantage of keeping things general at the start is that if the subject is extremely painful (i.e. there is already a lot of energy flowing towards it, which is being resisted) then it will only take a slight activation of that subject to generate a significant emotional response that can be "hooked into".

Now if you are in such a vibrational place that a general statement does not cause enough of an emotional reaction within you, it's time to become more specific.

One of the requirements for a belief to exist is that you must have some "proof" of it in your life i.e. there is something that has happened to you in your life to make you believe that the belief is true. If you think about it, a belief simply cannot exist without that "proof".

So, to generate more of an emotional reaction, think more specifically of what that proof is.

Try and think of a specific event that demonstrates your lack of abundance. Close your eyes and put yourself vividly back into that "proof" event and re-experience it as though you were actually there. Pick the most painful "proof" event you can for the most effective emotional feedback. The more you feel you are back there in that event (looking through your own eyes), the more you'll activate the proof.

You should then find that the emotions are much more powerful and you will be able to "tune into" them much more easily for the purposes of a clean-up.

I don't advocate doing this initially because, for some people with some beliefs, plunging head-first into a painful recollection can be overwhelming. It's best to keep things general until you feel safer in getting more specific.

Regarding how long it is taking to clear these "blocks" up, don't worry about it. Take as long as you feel you need and, if you have to break off, try Jim's suggestion of doing an intermediate clean-up so you don't leave yourself in a bad place if you need to be away from the process for a while.

Just a suggestion, if you find yourself wanting to rush through the process, perhaps you may wish to analyze (using the process) why you feel you want to do that? After all, even if it takes many hours to clean-up a lifetime of "resistance", you only have to do it once and then you have the rest of your life - many thousands of hours - to enjoy the results :)

My suggested amount of time to clean up each subject is really based upon where I'm standing emotionally myself these days with a rough estimate added on.

I can't say I have a huge amount of resistance towards anything so my clean-ups are generally quick and fast...maybe 10-15 minutes maximum - and that's also because I'm quite familiar with the process or, at least, what has evolved into this process.

As you'll see in my comments to I Think ThereFore I Am, I haven't had the experience of an all-at-once-for-the-first-time kind of clean-up so it could well be that it can take significantly longer than my time estimates.

Don't be concerned about the time it takes. As long as you feel relief, you are making progress even if there is no immediate physical evidence of it.

Finally, I'd like to address your comment about the procrastination issue. You said that you were still procrastinating (by searching websites) but that you didn't beat yourself up over it.

If that's the case, that you can "procrastinate" and not feel bad, then why is that "procrastination" and not just inspiration?

Once you let go of the bad feeling associated with your actions and actions you "believe" you must do, you'll often find that you will be inspired to do odd random things that don't seem to be connected to what you are trying to achieve.

What is important to remember here is that those things are connected if you feel some relief or, as Bashar says, excitement from doing them. Anything that you do that makes you feel even slightly better than you did before you did it (and you don't feel bad about afterwards) is a direct route towards what you want.

From our three-dimensional physical perspective, there may be no obvious link between say, taking a walk, and doing your financial accounts.

But, from a vibrational perspective, if taking a walk makes you feel better and you approach your accounts from that better-feeling place, then the walk has been directly beneficial to you doing your accounts.

There is an invisible vibrational thread running through all the things we do on a daily basis and it can only be perceived emotionally as far as the physical perspective is concerned.

So what I'm saying, in a roundabout way, is don't be so quick to classify your non-bad-feeling web browsing as "procrastination" :)


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