i would like to know why when i meditated only for one week, then one day i experienced something i stopped. i have not meditated for 2 years and i am still experiencing the vibration and black matter moving.

i need to know why is this. i am afraid of the dark because its when its dark this experience takes place.....

asked 25 Jun '11, 15:29

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edited 25 Jun '11, 22:41

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Can you expand on your question? We want to help, but this is really hard to understand...Love, Jai

(25 Jun '11, 15:40) Jaianniah

You fear what you do not understand.

Go into the darkness, how else will you understand the "Light"


answered 25 Jun '11, 22:49

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well what kind of meditation are you doing? and yes i think that fear is stopping you! that is something you need to achive to have no fear anny more!


answered 26 Jun '11, 03:55

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white tiger

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