Hi, under the Meditation Process described in "Ask and it is Given", what does the following para mean?

Sometimes people say, “Abraham, is it normal for all hell to break loose in someone’s life when they begin the Meditation Process?” And we say yes, because you are bringing yourself to a place of heightened sensitivity so that your formerly achieved patterns of lower vibration are now less comfortable to you.

Has anyone had experience with this? What kind of "hell" broke loose?

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Pat W

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Barry Allen ♦♦

When we begin to meditate we are in fact bringing into our conscious awareness those parts of our being that we have previously suppressed. In order to grow spiritually we have to shine a light on and heal those parts of ourselves that we previously disowned. In order to do this we usually need experiences or situations to make us aware of previous reactions that did not benefit our growth.

We become able to witness ourselves participating in the previous dysfunctional reactions and because we are now aware that such reactions are not beneficial they begin to automatically drop away as we choose to respond as opposed to reacting in such situations. We begin to realize that every experience or challenge in our life holds the potential for the greatest growth possible when we look for it.

Seemingly "All hell breaks loose" or the Universe provides us with opportunities, in the form of challenges, to create the awareness we need to realize our authentic self.


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Hi Michaela, are you saying a lot of negative thoughts are going to arise from meditation? I thought meditation was about not having any thoughts at all...

(02 Dec '10, 00:39) Pat W

Meditation for most people takes practice before we can reach that place of 'no thought'. When we first begin the meditation process we start by witnessing our thoughts and quite often a lot of suppressed stuff can come to the surface to be released or healed - this is what Abraham is referring to when they say " It is normal for all hell to break loose when they begin the meditation process." It can take a while for one to reach that wonderful place of 'no thought' or stillness depending on what they need to work through within.

(02 Dec '10, 03:17) Michaela

Less than 2 years ago I began meditating and thus started my spiritual journey. I was at a low in my life. I had lost a baby and was feeling sad and empty.Two months later, I went from being vegetarian to raw vegan. I didn't plan it but I guess my higher-self needed me to raise my vibrations. So many things were revealed to me. I can literally say, it rocked my world. It changed the way my family and friends relate to me (for the better!) My skin is radiant. My hair is lustrous. I am healthy and full of life. It is an amazing experience to say the least.

Thank you, namaste


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Wow, good for you, daniele, that it all worked out so fabulously. Would you mind briefly describing your style of meditation?

(01 Dec '10, 12:04) Pat W

I usually slow down for a few minutes prior to going and meditating. Then, I make sure all the lights and other electrical objects are off in that room. I sit Indian style on the couch, lacing my fingers together on my lap.I am usually in my nightgown wrapped in my comforter. I close my eyes and wait for it to come.

(01 Dec '10, 18:02) daniele

Thanks daniele.

(02 Dec '10, 00:40) Pat W
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Well, just contributing to your part of the questions which asks to share what it was like for "all hell to break loose."

It happened to me, pretty bad. Let me explain to all newbies that the journey can actually be dangerous if you're willing to allow goodness and release bad emotions...

I dramatically started increasing my meditation and my overall discipline to feel good throughout the day. For about 3 weeks I had the greatest 3 weeks of the year overall :)

During this period "being in the vortex" was now sort of beginning to become automatic and habitual to drift into. I had a solution (so I thought) to combat any negative thought, emotion or experience with manifesting experiment 2....Things were great, I was even also moulding my long, 4 year desire of something I wanted SO bad- a girlfriend....Though I didnt have my girlfeind yet, I was getting so many vibrational matches that I was just so happy.

However.....This is when it began to get 'dangerous.' 3 weeks of disciplined, 'trying' to feel good, though it was working, wouldn't replace old, dark thought habits....For example, when I started to think i was unworthy for the girl I was in love with, (which was just habitual thinking), I had a low, heavy 2-3 day period of pure, bitter tears and sadness. In other words, I was not allowing.

Once you become used to being in the vortex, you become more sensitive to bad experiences in your life. Because I had never had a girlfriend, because I had never percepived love from anyone else (not even myself really), I was just heartbroken to know that here my dream girl was, here I had manifested her, and yet I wouldn't allow myself to 'have' her.

A few days later I went through so much HELL that now I experienced the worst 2 weeks of my life....My abdominal muscles suddenly twisted and ripped themselves one night at gymnastics (though i didnt even know it), so I couldnt really eat alot without feeling bloated. My knee was starting to screw up, my wrist was hard to bend, I was feeling constantly week at work, all the customers at work was so vile and harsh to me, I had so many stresses in my life like Tax paperwork on my mind, and it wasnt until this morning when I needed an ambulance to actually save my life. I experienced a small near death thing, in which when I closed my eyes I saw bright white light....

The night before hospital I was 100% well. I wrote a card saying "oh god, if you give me my girl, I swear I will spend every second of my life with you..." Wasn't it funny, that all the work was up to me to 'allow.'

So you must allow.


answered 23 Dec '11, 12:26

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Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time, Nikulas. But I think you've demonstrated here some considerable maturity of thought in not blaming your circumstances on any "external" entity/thing, or *punishment" of some kind, but in coming to the realization that it's just remnants of previous thinking. You can rest assured that everything comes into balance in time as you gradually acclimatize to new ways of viewing and thinking about your world. I remember I went through some "trying" experiences when I first started getting deliberate about my life. Have never looked back since then though

(23 Dec '11, 12:45) Stingray

@Nikulas, I just found this old post, and it's so exactly where I am, its actually a little scary. I am right there. Right now. How in the hell did you get past this??? I'm loosing my ability to function.

(19 Jun '12, 18:05) Grace

I mean, I felt like I was having so much success, staying in the Vortex, the vibrational matches were so exciting. Now I am really struggling. I'm slipping. I keep trying to stop tears. Before I tried this, there was nothing to loose. Now it sound crazy, but I feel like I've lost the relationship I was manifesting.

(19 Jun '12, 18:32) Grace

@Grace I can identify with what you are saying. I similarly jumped into IQ and different processes with excitement. I have had some experience of meditation prior to this but the other processes were exciting and NEW. I am also having great success with feeling good, but, here's the thing, knowing myself and my natural tendency to go and dig into the extremes, I decided to take it easy. What clicked for me (read: easy and not complicated) was meditation, EFT and Manifestation box...

(20 Jun '12, 03:43) Xoomaville

...SO I practice those. Then I stopped further looking for better/faster/instant processes. I want to pace myself. In fact, IQ is so great, every day there are new processes, suggestions, techniques which seem better than what I am currently practicing. But, I identified that this can be unending. So, unless my 'feeling good' doesn't work for extended period, I won't change it. That's just my way:). Meditation is like jumping into the ocean, we know its calm deep down, but....

(20 Jun '12, 03:51) Xoomaville

..we must go through the surface chaos to reach it (maybe you are at that stage, hence the tears). It takes time. It's quite un-explainable how one feels but once you have done it enough times you will reach the calm underneath faster. The trick, I feel, is not to stop, step out and try to jump in from another angle. It'll still be the same. I feel, one should give it time, endure the transformation (however it happens, can be chaotic) and it will work. But, do it without expectations....

(20 Jun '12, 03:56) Xoomaville

..I know initially, I tried to cheat it. Ah, what I really wanted was the material manifestation:) but sure enough a point came when just doing these things felt good. So I stay with it. I am ready for the experience going in so whatever comes, I am okay to experience it (even if tears! In fact, tears prob are good sign:) Miracles are always instantaneous, but we are not trained to recognize them, so it takes time to get that in our psyche:) This is how I feel, hope it helps some what:)

(20 Jun '12, 04:00) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, thank you so much. What you said went right to my core and it does help,it helps a lot. Your comparison to the ocean resonates,as I was once an avid body-surfer.I immediately pictured a 12-foot wave crashing down on me, which is pretty much the way I felt when I wrote yesterday.

I like your idea of taking a measured approach, because I have that same tendency to extremes. I don’t really mean to, but I just feel like if you are going to do something,you may as well do it right...

(20 Jun '12, 12:04) Grace

...I mean, how can you complain if you are not willing to try? I end up throwing myself so forcefully into whatever I believe in, I end up in a mess,as I am now. I have no problem enduring whatever I have to, as long as I believe I am doing the right thing. Your advice to stay with it and endure the transformation helps me believe I should just tie a knot and hang on. Your gentler, meditation,EFT, manifestation box practice sounds like exactly where I need to go right now. Thank you so much...

(20 Jun '12, 12:05) Grace

...One more question – Why do you say that tears are probably a good sign?

(20 Jun '12, 12:05) Grace

@Grace, I gather from reading your questions, comments and answers that you have an open mind which is a beautiful and a blessed thing:) So, first of all know that you are not in a mess at all. You have faced 12 foot waves, maybe a 20 footer may pause you but you don't sound like one who will give up:) To further illustrate, let me give you a story. I am an artist(sort of:) while most of my friends are doctors and engineers. Now lots of time what happens is they-my friends- accuse...

(20 Jun '12, 14:30) Xoomaville

...me and others in my field of not being original. Somewhere, from waaay back, they'll spot a reference or inspiration or 'sampling' in my artistic works. One day I got tired of this and said, "were you all born doctors and engineers? You all also learned your craft from books written by others! Those others from people before them". Why do you expect me to be born with artistic 'originality'? Further, I asked "How many original bridge designs or medical discoveries are you credited with?"...

(20 Jun '12, 14:36) Xoomaville

...this usually shuts them off. The point of the story is that, artistic work is an easy target for GREAT EXPECTATION because it is expected to be groundbreaking and original. Now allow me to submit that same thing is expected of spirituality. But it cannot be. Maybe Buddha was the original thinker, I am not. My spiritual learning comes from everything and from everyone before me. It has to. But how it becomes original is the way I apply it to myself. And so will you.

(20 Jun '12, 14:41) Xoomaville

...But know that it takes time. Longer you do the easier it gets and more comfortable you'll get with the processes. How do you know how long is long enough? The way I do it is, I have stopped asking WHY? Why it works this way and not that? Why it can;t be like this! The more why I was asking the more knowledge I was getting but strangely , lesser my ability to apply that knowledge. Like all of us, our lives are complicated enough, I want my spirituality easy:) Just focus on feeling good...

(20 Jun '12, 14:45) Xoomaville

...When you are not feeling good, acknowledge it by saying 'It sometimes doesn't feel good but boy it feels good that I can recognize it now so that I'll get out of 'this not feeling good' and let it pass:) Or some variation like that. This maybe a cheat, but in the beginning it helped me a lot. Now I can shift focus to 'good' feelings quicker when I am 'feeling bad'. IT IS A NEW WAY OF LIVING! Your personality will change you may feel. I felt, this is making me less assertive...

(20 Jun '12, 14:48) Xoomaville

....15 days later, I was doing the same things but did not feel it was making me less assertive. I don't know how, but it took care of itself and guess what? I don't wanna know how and why:) Allow the change to happen to you. If you think its coming from your higher source it will only benefit you:) ...man, I need to edit my comments to be much more crispier:))

(20 Jun '12, 14:50) Xoomaville

@Grace, as for why I thought your tears were probably a good thing is for me it would just mean...umm...in lame man's terms 'detoxifying'. Don't label it, whatever it was, it wanted out of your system and it chose to go via tears:) OR how about this, how about you say your tears were a good thing because you say they were a good thing to have happened at that time:))) You see what I am saying? Oh did I say labels were not good? They are great if you use them positively:))

(20 Jun '12, 14:56) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, Thank you! Reading your comments has set me on a different level. I understand what you are saying, and I'm feeling hope bubbling up inside, unbidden. And PLEASE don't edit yourself. I think this is why we're all here - to express our opinions and feelings on these matters, to help each other, and to get the answers we need in a way that we can apply them to ourselves...

(20 Jun '12, 15:08) Grace

...I know what you mean, though. I went back and knocked off about half of an answer yesterday, it was more of a dissertation. But all you've said to me has been valuable, and probably not only to me. Thank you again.

(20 Jun '12, 15:09) Grace

@Grace- I read my answer here and feel I want to delete it right now; the fact that I was upset over not having a girl (back then) pointed that I needed someone else to show me how cool I was. HHAHAHHAHAA PATHETIC Nikulas, absolutely pathetic Nikulas. I couldnt give two * whether I had a girl or not. There was a 3 multi-choice answer thing I found on facebook to answer your question easily: Are you: 1) Forever single. 2) forever in a relationship. c) Who cares, I'm still awesome- answer C!

(14 May '13, 06:11) Nikulas
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I know someone that went to a hypnotherapist years ago. At the time it nearly ruined her marriage because as you just said, "All hell broke lose!" This was a cleansing process.

To explain this farther we need to understand that we all have a closet door in the basement of our minds so to speak. In this closet door it is terrifying, we keep it locked up tight and any time something upsets us in anyway we throw it in the closet and slam that door shut to be locked up forever! "I don't want to deal with this!" Slam the door goes shut and we feel better.

The hypnosis or deep meditation says "Owww what is in here?" "Let's take a look at what needs healing!" This feels good at the time and helps too. However this opening the door drops the tolerance level for things that bother us a lot!

With this dropped tolerance level we can become "nasty", "mean", "miserable", grouches. People think that we have changed, "what happened to the Mr. Nice Guy?" In the mean time you are riding around in your car playing Alice Cooper singing "No More Mr. Nice Guy!" and fully acting the part. The thing is that you are exposing all these hurt and angry feelings, all the times you felt an injustice and now you are feeling resentment.

All of this seems bad to expose on the surface, but keep in mind this is a cleansing process as all of these issues are worked on they truly disappear, they are not locked away. They are gone forever to never bother you consciously or even unconsciously! But to get there it is like you have to clean out the horse stable, you have a lot of stuff you really don't want to shovel but you know the place will be better if you do.

So in conclusion we need to clear out the mess to experience clarity. When all the issues that come up are healed you return to Mr. Nice Guy not because you hide your grief, depression, anger, and resentments but because you have none to hide. You are SET FREE, no more lying to yourself that nothing is bothering you but the truth that you have been hurt and do feel hurt and that is alright to feel that hurt and acknowledge it. The truth of the situation sets you free to see that you don't need to hold on to that anymore you can now let it go. They hurt you all through life at different times and that wasn't right and you felt hurt you don't need to keep that with you.


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Wade Casaldi

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is it not nice when 2 make peace in truth in the same house? wade

(24 Dec '11, 01:36) white tiger

Yes once they did get through that phase everything was wonderful for a long time afterwards. Real love stays through that troubling time because real love knows that will pass but love stays.

(24 Dec '11, 01:52) Wade Casaldi

Normally whenever we attempt to change we get resistance internally and externally. I think that is what Abraham was referring to. People around us become uncomfortable with the change and they respond in different ways usually negatively to try to manipulate us. At times the resistance comes from within whereby the ego tries to wrestle control from our higher self. During this period it is important to remain focus and to be consistent.


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Thank you, Drham.

(02 Dec '10, 00:37) Pat W

of course they do because what bothers them do not bother you so it makes them mad. but getting mad does not serve them.

(24 Dec '11, 01:53) white tiger

in fact yes when you do meditation you will see the veils of the mind everything not solve in you at every level(soul heart and mind). you will need to understand the meaning of all those veils and put them to rest. and eventually you will escape that duality. and reach the dhyana state. experience and enjoy.


answered 24 Dec '11, 01:45

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white tiger

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