Hi! :) I am the shortsighted person :) I would like to know if I could fully recover my sight applying LoA techniques. I suffer from Myopia in quite a high degree. The only solution for my problem is (other than wearing glasses) surgery, which at the time is very expensive and still has many risks and side effects, and I am not very willing to try it, to tell you the truth...

I have manifested quite a bunch of things already, as getting rid of some chronic pain through Affirmations, and I am also improving my temper a lot. (Still needs more working though). Those are the most important things I have manifested. Other things were just material, petty things...

I was wondering if recovering my sight without resourcing to Drs. was possible?

If so, what would be the best techniques?

And also, being this a phisical condition (the eyeball is too long) I need to conquer my doubts about my being able to manifest changing the shape of the eyeball! What would be the best way of achieving this? (conquering my doubts).

Of course, I have some ideas, but I am not sure of being in the right path.

I would like your advice very much, thank you!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Is Lasik an option? I have friends who did it and are very happy with the results.

(23 Jun '10, 15:31) Vesuvius

It is an option. A very expensive one! :P

(24 Jun '10, 12:47) BridgetJones09

They do not do Lasik on people with severe myopia- the results just reduce the myopia without completely eliminating it. I have a diopter of -9.75 and I have asked about the possibility of Lasik, and was given this answer.

(28 Jun '10, 03:14) Jaianniah

That's right, Jai. Here they will do it but they warn you you'd be still wearing (lighter) glasses.

(28 Jun '10, 13:20) BridgetJones09
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Hi Bridget, I suggest that you maintain the thought of seeing better and let the universe show you a way that it can happen. Maybe your short sighted ness will not change but you may become more intuitive. When you put out a request to the universe, let the universe determine its response. You never know what you will get but rest assured your desire must manifest. Hope this helps


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I am severely myopic (That means near-sighted) (-9.75 right eye, -9.50 left eye, and astigmatic in both at the present time- I give these numbers in case you understand them), and have been myopic since I was four. I remember the ophthalmologist telling my parents that my eyes would gradually get worse until I was old enough to wear hard contacts. The hard contacts would stop the progression of the myopia by holding my eyeballs' shapes.

Now this may not answer your question at all, but I do remember thinking about Helen Keller. She was still alive when I was a little girl, and I admired her. At the age of four, I decided to tell Jesus that I would accept my eye troubles and would not complain for my whole life. As I write this, I cannot believe I made such a grown-up decision so young, but it is the truth. When I grew older, I read Helen's autobiography, and came away from that book with great gratitude that I was not blind.

I know I sound like Pollyanna here, but I truly did ask God to help me accept my near-sightedness. I told Him that I would accept it for my whole life as a thank you to Him for the sight that I did have.

Since then, I do not think about my myopia very much. I am grateful for my contacts. I have always doubly appreciated it when I see something very beautiful, and I have always stored the sight away for the days when I grew old and perhaps would completely lose my sight for some reason or other.

I am now middle-aged, and have developed some trouble with my eyes due to diabetes. For example, I have trouble writing these answers because the print is so small. (I wonder if the powers that be realize how hard it is to see this print after the age of forty!)(Yes, I know I can adjust my computer, but I am saving that for when it gets really bad.)

Anyway, I still am grateful for the sight I have, and I now have to wear contacts and glasses both to see.

I now am amazed that I had such acceptance for my problem at such an early age. My parents, on the other hand, were frantic for me. I needed new glasses every six months, and they really could not afford them, so I spent a lot of time not really seeing very clearly. But it was such a kick to get a new pair of glasses and to be able to see even the individual leaves on the trees, and the blades of grass.

Gratitude has seemed to work for me all my life- maybe it will work for you, too.

Blessings (while squinting LOL), Jai


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Thank you Jai, for your reply. I always read your posts and you ask very interesting questions. :) My numbers are about the same as yours, if not even higher. I have forgotten 'cause I haven't been able to go to ophthalmologist for a long while, so I squint a lot too right now! :D I know about Hellen Keller though I haven't read her book. But I am totally onboard with you. I have blind friends on the internet, and even though they live very independent and rewarding lives, I am sooo grateful I am not blind! I don't complain about my myopia. I only thought I could ask If I could do sth to make

(28 Jun '10, 13:27) BridgetJones09

...my sight sharper with the LoA. As you say, sometimes you need glasses quite often and you're not able to afford them. The worse the Myopia the more expensive the glasses, right? I don't think your answer was Pollyanna-like. Not at all. I KNOW I should practice gratitude more. I am working hard on that, I assure you! :) Thanks again, Blessings to you too! BJ09.

(28 Jun '10, 13:34) BridgetJones09

If there is a LOA solution to your problem, I believe that it will come to you in an unexpected way, probably not in the way you might expect. If it happens as a result of your own healing energy, you will see other benefits besides healing of your eyes.

But it may happen some other way.

In the book, "The Power of Alpha Thinking," Jess Stearn talks about how a spiritual guru helped a female acquaintance of his having a long-standing pelvic problem. This guru correctly determined that the problem was in her pelvic region, characterizing what he saw as a "dark shape."

He did not diagnose the woman, saying that, "I am not a doctor, and so cannot consciously interpret what I see." Nor did he attempt to heal the woman himself. Instead, he "sent her a subconscious message" to change doctors. Within weeks, she was better, having gotten the correct treatment.


answered 24 Jun '10, 19:16

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