For example, if someone has a leak in their basement and they think, "At least I'm not homeless." Or some other negative thought that could be worse. The negative words being "not" and "homeless". What would this kind of 'vibrational work' would do to one's manifesting and health? Thanks

Since our focus is what we get, wouldn't we want to say, "At least I have a home," using possitive words?

This question isn't about me, or what should be done. The question is According to the Law of Attraction and health, how would thinking negative thoughts to feel better affect one's health and manifesting? Verses thinking a possitive version?

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Fairy Princess

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Here is an opportunity to illustrate exactly how the LOA should be applied.

You look at your leaky basement and envision a basement that is not leaking.

While you are doing this you also try to feel the idea "Thank God for fixing my basement"

You are staring at your LEAKING basement and you are saying "THANK GOD IT IS FIXED"

This is what you DO NOT DO.

DON'T say "Oh God show me how to fix my basement"

While you are holding the vision of "Thank God it is fixed" you will be inspired to call a plumber, call your friend who can fix anything, tell your co-workers about your problem, check the yellow pages etc.

Then you have another problem of "How do I pay for this?"

Now how do you deal with that?

That's right, you use the same technique.

You acknowledge that you cannot pay for it and in-spite of it you say to God, "Thank God for making it possible for me to pay for this expense"

While you hold on to "Thank God for paying this expense”, you explore all the possibilities of payment that God keeps suggesting to you within your consciousness.

This, in essence is the "attitude of gratitude"


answered 01 Apr '12, 22:04

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The Traveller

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Thank you @The Traveller but I am asking specifically how phrasing it in the negative affects what you get.

(02 Apr '12, 00:06) Fairy Princess

It depends on the vision of your thought. If your vision is being in your home while saying, "At least I am not homeless”, you will continue to experience your home. Consequently, if you envision homelessness, you will slowly, through a series of events, lose your home. However, you have to constantly maintain that focus. It is no different from someone who is perfectly healthy, but worries about a particular disease for many years until they eventually suffer from it. Attraction takes time.

(02 Apr '12, 02:01) The Traveller

It is the feeling and the vision underneath the words that are important. Someone can feel ugly within themselves and say, "I am beautiful", but you will notice that it is not genuine. Alternatively, the same person can actually feel beautiful and say "I am beautiful" and you will notice that radiance and confidence in that person. It is the feeling and not the words that really matter. Because you can attract all your needs without speaking a single word.

(02 Apr '12, 02:07) The Traveller
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Words That Are Causing You To Attract What You DON'T Want


Don't think of the Statue of Liberty in New York. I know that you just did!. Your un-conscious mind and conscious mind automatically filters out the words dont, not and no. When you use these words you are actually internalising in your mind the exact things you are being told not to.

For example, if I said "Do not think of a snowstorm", I guarantee you would start thinking of a snowstorm immediately. Even though the instruction was not to do something your unconscious and conscious mind edited out that part of the instruction.

There are common expressions that give more attention and energy to what you DON'T want. Have you heard any of these statements?

Dont get mad : Dont panic

Im not blaming : No rush, no worry

Dont hesitate to call me : Dont look now

Dont be fooled : Dont worry

Dont be late : Dont forget

The law of attraction responds the same way your mind does: it hears what you Dont want. When you hear yourself make a statement containing the words dont, not or no, you are actually giving your attention to what you DONT want.

Here's an effective and easy tool that will help you reduce and eventually eliminate the use of the words dont, not and no from your vocabulary. Each time you hear yourself using dont, not and no, ask yourself "So what do I want"? Each time you talk about what you dont want, in that moment you are giving it your attention and energy. When you ask yourself what you DO want, the answer will have created a new sentence with new words. When your words change, your vibration changes, and the best news of all is that you can only send out one vibration at a time*

Asking yourself, "So, what do I want?"

When we use the words dont, not and no, heres how the new sentences will sound after youve asked yourself, "So, what do I want?"

negative statements>> "So, what do I want?">> positive statement

Dont hesistate to call = Call me soon

Dont panic = Stay calm

Dont be late = See you on time

Dont forget = Remember to.....

Dont slam the door = Close the door quietly

Dont shout = Talk quietly

Dont run = Please walk

I dont want my clients to cancel = I want my clients to keep their appointments

Law of Attraction by Michael Losier


answered 30 Aug '12, 12:07

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Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Thanks

(30 Aug '12, 16:25) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- I think this is part of NLP training. Glad it helped:)

(30 Aug '12, 16:38) Satori

They taught us that in spsychology 101 about not, no and don't not registering in our brain. That's why with kids it's better to tell them in possitive statements what they should do. That carries over into creating possitive affirmations too.

(30 Aug '12, 16:46) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Yes its taking attention away from what you dont want. In the book im quoting from there is a section about teaching law of attraction to kids. Its pretty clever as far as I can remember:)

(30 Aug '12, 16:51) Satori

What I mean about kids is that if you tell them, "Don't hit your sister," they hear, "Hit your sister." So you tell kids what you want them TO do, "Keep your hands to yourself."

(30 Aug '12, 17:12) Fairy Princess

What book? Thanks

(30 Aug '12, 17:15) Fairy Princess

@Satori, @Fairy Princess, this is all so good to keep in mind, thank you. I just cringe when people make negative statements, I just see them as curses, which are as effective as blessings, in my opinion. Maybe more so, bc people tend to the negative in general habitually, and so offer no resistance, and readily agree. I don't like to nag, but I do try to gently suggest alternative expressions when I can. When I can't, I like to strongly contradict them in my mind, or even under my breath.

(30 Aug '12, 19:26) Grace

One of my all time favorites, George Carlin, would have detested me. I would be that infuriating loose- lipped cashier! Lol:

(30 Aug '12, 19:40) Grace

@Fairy Princess- The book is

but I have just seen he has another book out that I wasnt aware of that deals specifically with what were talking about...........

(31 Aug '12, 03:35) Satori

@Fairy Princess- Here is a youtube video of Michael Losier talking about teaching LOA to kids

(31 Aug '12, 04:36) Satori

Cool. Thanks. Yes, that video talks about what we learned in phych 101 and then some parenting class or book. But not connected with LOA.

(31 Aug '12, 07:56) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Your welcome. This process is similar to Abraham's Pivoting process. I was actually using this today with negative thoughts and its very effective. Once you ask yourself "So, what do I want?" and then rephrase what your thinking to the positive you can really feel your vibration rise. If you can use these processes like its just a game its even more effective:)

(31 Aug '12, 12:03) Satori

@Grace- Thanks, im glad you found something useful here:)

(31 Aug '12, 12:04) Satori
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The example you have used seems to be positive! - "At least I'm not homeless." This is reassuring yourself that things can only get better. But this also depends on how you are actually feeling while saying this. I have found that if I think good, then after thinking this I come to a state of feeling Good and then I can pass on these feelings to others the same way. LOA Think Good Feel Good and You Will do Good. Mind over matter you will generate good health if you reassure yourself positive thinking and vice versa for negative thought/feelings. I hope this help to get to your real answer that you are looking for!


answered 07 Oct '11, 22:40

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It seems to me, that getting the feeling is what is important. If you say, "I am beautiful." But down deep you get a feeling that says, "Oh come ON now! You are not beautiful." It doesn't work. The feeling is not there.

I see the Vortex as spinning, like a merry-go-round. In my above remark, it is spinning too fast for you to get aboard. It won't slow down for you. It can't. You have to catch up with it, or you just go BING, out into the bushes. You tried to take too big a step, and you were not ready.

I submit that you may have limiting core beliefs. These slow you down from being able to match the desired vibration.

However you can increase your personal "speed" or raise your vibrations to match. You can begin by saying, "People say that I have nice eyes." And the inside you says, "Yup I have heard people say that." Go on from there.

I think that @traveller has a good point if you remember a time that you consider God did come through for you. This raises your vibration level to be able to more closely match your Vortex vibration level. Then the state of joy you felt when God "fixed" something before can carry you forward.

It is all about feeling. If you are feeling gloomy about your leaking basement, the worst thing you can do is to "work" on this problem! Go find something, anything that you enjoy and do that!

The answer to your problem is close to you anyhow, but it can't show itself to you as long as you are trying to solve the problem!! You always have an answer if you have a problem, and all "problems" are spiritually based!

But you can't see the answer while you are standing in the way of your own light!

You only see jumbled fragments that make no worthwhile sense.

Find Joy feeling. This moves you out of the way and the problem solves itself.

Now @Fairy Princess, you asked if "at least I am not homeless" is a negative thought? Only you can answer that question for your own self. To me it would be a vibration lowering thought.

Consider the difference in feeling if you say,

"I have a beautiful, comfortable home and I love living here!" (don't even think about the basement, God is working on that and will be able to give you the answer when you stop blocking His way with the thought that you have a better idea of how to handle your problems than He does! Or Source, or Universal Mind, or Allah, or Whoever, or Whatever you want to call IT)

or you say, "At least I'm not homeless." Which feels better?

We are not here to renovate a junky situation, but to co-create a WORLD (hear the Power that Creates Worlds) based on your feelings.

In closing, when I find a "problem" that is causing me to begin to struggle, to find a bigger and yet bigger hammer, I first ask myself, "Is there really any reason I MUST do something now?" Usually there is not.

So I walk away and find something fun, forget about the problem. If I can't forget, I find something that is even more fun and let God "fix" it.

I come back to the "problem" refreshed, knowing there is a simple answer -- and MOST of the time, the answer is something that I never thought of, maybe something that I couldn't have thought of (it usually is)


answered 30 Aug '12, 09:39

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Dollar Bill

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@Dollar Bill, this is so true. When you "put it on the back burner" for a while, when you come back to it, you often find that it is well (or easily) done. I think its also important to walk away from it on a high, happy note, don't you? With the idea in mind that the thought will stay at the vibration you last left it? It may be a temptation to walk away from my leaky basement with a hopeless, angry "&@%# this! My life sucks, I'm outta here!" And stomp off, it probably inhibits...

(30 Aug '12, 19:03) Grace

...the happy outcome I'm after lol! When my toilet stopped working last month, and neither the landlord nor the plumber knew why, I began thinking more about how much I enjoy my (basically :)) clean, quiet, comfortable home, and how I don't get to see enough of my sweet landlords. The whole mess turned into a few happy gatherings and a closer bond between me and my landlords. And, I appreciate my um basically clean, quiet, happy little home even more. :)

(30 Aug '12, 19:18) Grace

@Grace, Source does not understand words. Source understands feelings. It likes feelings. When your feelings arise, it wants to get more! So ANY strong feelings become a nexus, a nodal point around which the LOA builds. Express strong feelings about the leaky basement and guess what? You get a REALLY leaky basement! Go down there with your boots and shop vac and get a flood of Biblical proportions! Put your energy into fighting it and it WILL get deeper!

(31 Aug '12, 18:16) Dollar Bill
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By thinkning "at least I'm not homeless" when there is a leak in your basement isn't a negative thought but in fact it contains a bit of gratitude. That won't do you any harm but you could make it better by feeling gratitude and saying I'm grateful that I have my home and feel it.

By thinkning at least I have a home will make sure you have a home but it wont do anything for that leak in the basement and you will allways have problems like leaks or simmilar things but at least you will have your home.

Do your self a favour and start to love and apreciate the things you have by praising them internaly and to others and you will soon have a lovely home without leaks. When negative things like leaks happen as they sometimes do don't give them too much focus but get on with it and get it fixed all the time thinking my home serves me well and I love it.


answered 07 Oct '11, 16:02

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Paulina 1

To answer on health and say at least I'm still alive will give you just that. You will at least be alive but not in good health so become more apreciative and positive and you will not only be alive but have good health to boot.

(07 Oct '11, 16:06) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 Notice how you went from "at least I'm not homeless" (negative) in paragraph one and changed it to, "at least I have a home" (possitive) in paragraph two. That is the wording that I am talking about. Wouldn't the possitive statement be more possitive than the negative one? Also in your comment you say about health, "at least I'm still alive" (possitive) is possitive as opposed to a negative statement, "at least I'm not dead."

(30 Aug '12, 09:50) Fairy Princess

Law of Attraction teaches the idea of grabbing a better feeling to start to change the situation to a better outcome. Better outcomes come from better feelings.

  • First we hate it.
  • Then were just mad about it.
  • then we realize it not as bad as we thought.
  • OK you get the Idea. Then we get over what ever it was.

answered 01 Apr '12, 21:17

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"Law of Attraction teaches the idea of grabbing a better feeling to start to change the situation to a better outcome. Better outcomes come from better feelings." - Well said.. better feeling (must come with better thoughts/visuals)

(30 Aug '12, 01:40) mskityin
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