Consider: And are we already doing it, without realizing it?

I am addressing these issues:

Do we release neuropepitdes when we think negative and endorphins when we think positive? Can the releasing of these chemicals actually have anything to do with our DNA? Does our thinking creates programs, release chemicals, and how are these programs, strengthen, reinforced, and supported by our thought?

The answer that I am looking for is: What are the benefits of changing our DNA, are we already doing it, can we do it on our own, do we need to make a commitment to make this change, or to be trained by a professional?

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Vee, please let me tell you this now:). My appreciation for you do diligence to comment on all of the answers given to your questions is by far the noblest act on this site. You have made a seemingly effortless attempt to respond to every answer to all of your questions. and for that I would say we are all very thankful!

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@Latka Gravas: Thank you for the feedback, it was very thoughtful of you, and a very nice gesture!

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Yes, we continuously change our DNA with our emotions. What has been discovered is that when you feel anger, your DNA shrinks, compacts, and in extreme cases self destructs. When you are feeling love your DNA relaxes, lengthens and functions at its peak. This information further points to the fact that it is important to feel good.

Love and Light


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It is important to feel good, that emotion does wonders for us, thank you!

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I will honestly say that I don't know, but let me tell you a story. Elephants in Africa were being hunted by poachers for their tusks. The ivory from those tusks commanded a very good price indeed. Soon, a disruption in the Elephants young males began to develop. They became disruptive and attacked other mammals that they normally would not attack. But another curious thing happened, they stopped growing tusks. Now the question is, was it the stress of the elephants that caused the tusks to stop, or was it some other intelligence trying to save the Elephants from being exterminated. Something to think about on a rainy day.


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Well, I am contemplating on the matter, good point, thank you!

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These videos show without a doubt even genes can be changed by belief, faith and thought.

Watch these Bruce Lipton videos on on Epigenetics

Everything is energy, an old Reiki saying is "Where thought goes energy flows." Since even your genes are energy they can be changed as well. What this means is someone with a genetic disease can by his thought change it so he doesn't. Someone with deformities can turn that around it is incredible the new healing ways are fully energy and thought related.


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Great links, powerful and important information, and indeed I agree, the mind controls the genes! Thank you!

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