Let's just say I seem to have a little bit of success manifesting certain things such as money for example, but it does not exactly come in the way I would have liked it to. Or that I do not like the way it has come to me. Should I just accept it as it is (i.e will it be bad for my future manifestations if I try to resist it)?

A simple example - I want to manifest a new computer. Out of nowhere, my computer broke down and I have no choice but to get a new one (using my own pocket savings to purchase one - which I always had more than enough to purchase a new com). My parents know about the new computer and returned me the money equivalent to the price of the new computer. So technically speaking, I have sort of "manifested" the new computer since it is not my own money? But I don't want my parents to be the ones that provide me with the new computer... or the ones that are forking out their own money for the new computer..

Or that my relatives and parents keep giving me money out of nowhere, which is what I do not want.. I want the money manifested to have come in other forms (maybe through a scholarship, winning lottery, etc) if you get what I mean.

The more important question is will it be detrimental to myself if I try to resist these type of manifestations? Technically speaking they are still considered small "manifestations" right?

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Kakaboo, I have been reading your dialogue with Wade and others, and I see what you are asking: is it okay to accept things that manifest for me, even if I have seemingly done nothing to deserve them? Here is how it works-pay attention- this will really help you understand the concept of manifestation-ing.

"Ask, and it will be given unto you." "Give and ye shall receive". Let's put those two Bible verses together, and see where they lead...right down Alice's little Rabbit Hole and into...

The Land of Manifestation

There is no "deserve" in this place- only a balance sheet with the amount you have given on one paper, and the amount owed to you on another.

Now, the Universe is set up by God to work so that if you give, eventually, you will receive what is owed to you. And, as the Father Who Loves His Children, He is Generous and often Gives MORE than we have on our balance sheets....BUT!!! What you receive may actually come from the balance sheet of another being, another good deed, another manifestation. You seem to be getting caught up in where our reward actually comes from....who knows what or where it actually came? God was the orchestrator of the reward. You could never trace the trail. All we know, is that deserve exists in God's world, but down the Rabbit Hole, in...

The Land of Manifestation

It is only the sheet of two papers...with "what is Owed" on One and "What Must Be Given" on the other.

Now, of course, if you give, God sees this and is pleased with you. But the act is also recorded in

The Land of Manifestation

and now it is wide open just how you will receive what is owed to you. Say you give a bum $12 for a lunch to eat. It is all you have. That $12 goes on the list in

The Land of Manifestation

But God, too, saw what you did, and is so pleased! He is truly your Dad, is proud of you for feeding the poor (despite the fact that the bum actually bought five bottles of Schlitz beer and got smashed under a bridge...) I digress....Ahem. So, now, that $12 is on the "owed" sheet in

The Land of Manifestation

Two days later, you find a $50 bill in the street. You did do something to deserve the money- but only $12. What about the other $38, the extra $38 you received??? You did nothing to deserve THAT! Well, in

The Land of Manifestation

the sheets are balanced. You got your money back. But in God's World, God was so pleased with you, that he gave you a reward for your behavior, and boosted the donation accordingly. You did nothing to "deserve" it, it seems, But Jesus points out that you will get back more than you give. The extra $38 came from God Himself, because of God's love. That is what made up the difference. Also, God saw that you gave your wife a back rub, read to your little bratty son, washed your own clothes for once instead of making your wife do it, etc. i apologize if you are female....I do not know your sex from your name...anyway, God adds these things up, but they may not be added up in

The Land of Manifestation

But God saw your good deeds, and rewards good deeds by adding stuff to the list in

The Land of Manifestation

You see? The father sees all. YOU ARE DESERVING because of God's LOVE FOR YOU!!! It all exists, including the Rabbit Hole, in the Land of


So there are TWO balance sheets. Also, there is an expression- pay attention- I want you to memorize this:


Love you, Jai (and Wade, too!)


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Very good answer Jai, this was mostly Jai but I had some enlightening thoughts that were added too. :-)

(01 Jul '11, 06:39) Wade Casaldi

Yeah, Wade kept pointing out my math errors and I had other things on my mind and it was late and...and ...and...arrrrgh! Jai

(01 Jul '11, 06:39) Jaianniah

I enjoyed reading this :)

(01 Jul '11, 11:11) Michaela

Thanks - thats a good read.. guess I just have to find some way to get over it? For instance, even if I find a 50 dollar bill on the floor... my first thought to myself would be "Oh man, someone must have dropped it and he probably doesnt feel good about it right now"..

(02 Jul '11, 12:58) kakaboo

@kakaboo: Thanks for the pat on the back! I hardly ever get best answer! What is ironic is that I wrote this back in July 2011, and re-read it today (Feb 17 2012)...I have had a week of revelations and change, and reading this confirmed that the change was real, and that NOW I actually can "get it" better than ever...Thank you! Jai

(17 Feb '12, 15:07) Jaianniah
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It doesn't matter where the money comes from, unless you think it is creating an obligation for you. What matters is whether you use that money responsibly.

The Law of Attraction is not a magic wand; it is simply a way of recognizing opportunities. The mind is a goal-seeking filter; if you give it a goal (like having a new computer), it will look around for those things in your surrounding environment that will help you achieve that goal, and filter out everything else.

So, in a sense, by saying you don't want the money from your parents, you are rejecting what the Universe is offering you. You are basically saying, "I want it, but I want it my way, God." It doesn't always work that way.

The way you get what you want in life is by providing value to other people, by being of service to others. In return, they will compensate you, in many ways; money is just one of those ways. Your parents obviously consider you a good investment, or they wouldn't give you the money in the first place.


answered 28 Jun '11, 14:17

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But my impression of the Law of Attraction and manifesting has always been that you don't necessarily always need to be providing value to other people in order to get the things you want

(29 Jun '11, 03:41) kakaboo

@kakaboo: Think of it this way: by being happy and contented you are adding to the overall well-being of the world, instead of being profoundly discontent and running cars full of bombs into buildings. Does that clarify?

(29 Jun '11, 14:45) Vesuvius

Well, I think you all have mis intepreted what I was trying to say.. see the 3rd comment below to Wade's answer.. Let's say I am not trying to use the LOA to pull someone's car to me, I just wish for a new car, and someone decides to give me a new car out of no reason. But of course I don't want him to be giving me the new car out of no reason! So should I just accept it as it is, or is there a way to "reject" it and change the way it is going to come to me?

(30 Jun '11, 02:36) kakaboo

Why would you want to?

(30 Jun '11, 04:06) Vesuvius

Okay the more I see what you are saying the more clear this is becoming. I see you say you don't want someone giving you basically something for nothing. In other words you want to feel like you earned it, a reason and purpose for receiving it? This is a dilemma many face the feeling that they are getting something for nothing. You want to feel worthy or you will not appreciate what you attract. It you do not appreciate it you lose it anyway.

(30 Jun '11, 06:37) Wade Casaldi

What I can say for this is do good for people serve and you will then feel worthy of all of God's graces cast down on you.

(30 Jun '11, 06:39) Wade Casaldi

@Vesuvius : Because I feel that it is unfair to the other person? There are many reasons which I find it hard to put across - simply put: I just dont like it!

(01 Jul '11, 04:44) kakaboo

@Wade: Yes you got it right, it is something like that. So what I am basically asking should I just accept it as it is (people giving me something for nothing out of nowhere) or is there a way to change the way the thing is coming to me so that I would feel better...

(01 Jul '11, 04:45) kakaboo

The Law of Attraction is never coercive...If it were, it would be called the "Law of Assertion." See here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2116/how-do-i-know-that-i-am-asking-for-the-right-things

(01 Jul '11, 04:59) Vesuvius

Im not trying to assert anything into other people's lives.. but rather, I want to "de-assert" it if the things I want are coming from them instead! Is it that hard to understand?

(02 Jul '11, 12:55) kakaboo
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This seems like abusing the Law of Attraction, as far as I know from everything I had ever studied you are suppose to use the Law of Attraction to bring you your own stuff.

I think you are seeing a limitation, a 'limited supply' so what you attract must come from someone else (as your parents for example.)

Now if you had paid with your own money and stopped there, then I would say it worked right but this take from Paul to pay Petter approach, no.


answered 28 Jun '11, 22:24

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Wade Casaldi

Not sure what you mean by "abusing" it? Still confused.. hope Stingray would have time to comment on this :)

(29 Jun '11, 03:43) kakaboo

Here is an example of abusing the law of attraction I see you have a nice car that I want. I use the law of attraction to pull your car to me so that it is mine now. This is now using the Law of Attraction to get something from someone else at their expense. That is more like robbery with The Law of Attraction you must think there is plenty in the world, I'll attract my own maybe even better!

(29 Jun '11, 07:20) Wade Casaldi

Yes that is exactly what I mean - I don't want the car to be coming to me in that kind of way! Let's say I wish for a new car, and all of a sudden maybe someone crashed into my car and decide to give me his car as compensation.. but I do not want my new car to come in that kind of way! That's why I am asking whether is there a way to change that, or should I just be accepting it as it is?

(30 Jun '11, 02:34) kakaboo

Oh okay you are trying not to attract that way see now. I think if we pray for it from God we do not need worry about it coming in an ill-gotten way, God does not harm or take from another to give to us. This is where LOA and Praying depart praying is always for highest good of all.

(30 Jun '11, 02:52) Wade Casaldi

@kakaboo Florence Scoval Shinn had a great mantra, "What God does for others,God does for me as well and even more." This stops that jealousy or envy dead in its tracks. This is because it affirms the truth that God can do for you what he has done for others and more because you believe.

(23 Feb '12, 12:02) Wade Casaldi
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