Hi all

Recently a request I put in the box manifested very quickly and amazingly.I was thinking of requests to write out and put in the box and this idea for a request came to me  in a way that felt like "inspired action". It was for my mums wedding ring to be found which had been lost for 2 years.I felt pretty good about this request. Well I won't go into detail but it was found 2 weeks later in the garden by my brother:) my mum was over the moon. She said she had prayed and prayed that she would get it back.

Was my request just part of her prayers?  And also do requests or desires that feel inspired come about quicker?  

Thanks , Martin:)

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Certainly, you could view your request as part of her prayers.

There are no accidents or coincidences ever. Everything that happens is connected to everything else that happens even if we don't see physically how.

I like investigating these kinds of obvious cause-and-effect situations in my own life because they highlight quite clearly what works and what doesn't. And that brings forth greater clarity for me regarding reality creation ideas.

So I regard these kinds of situations, when they occur, as gifts.

It's like following a trail of clues to unravel the mystery of what caused what. I've never been one to accept the view that things just happen and we must not question it...or it is simply some arbitrary granting of a wish from your favorite deity.

I've always been a firm believer that if something has happened then something must have caused it...and it must be possible to eventually find out what that cause was...you become a kind of vibrational scientist :)

So, with that in mind, it might be interesting and instructive for you to ponder what caused you to feel inspired to do something now when the ring had been lost for two years. Did your mother finally give up praying (i.e. gave up the resistance to her desire by taking her attention off it) or did she do or feel something different to what she had done before? And exactly what caused her to do that differently?

You see, I believe manifestations can be more accurately thought of as vibrational culmination points.

So there is something you've done that made you feel inspired and something that she has done for herself to rendezvous with your inspiration and eventually get her desire manifested (the rediscovered wedding ring).

There's a lot of fun in exploring this stuff when it happens :)

And also do requests or desires that feel inspired come about quicker?

Of course. The feeling of inspiration or excitement, if you follow it, is always the fastest route to you getting whatever you want.

For that reason, I will often refuse to take any physical action whatsoever towards a subject I am interested in pursuing until I feel inspired to do so. And that attitude has served me consistently well over the years.


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Thank you for answering Stingray:).The ring had not been in her thoughts for some time until I put the request in.It then came into her head once she seen my brother with a metal detector which I felt " inspired" to tell him to buy for another reason altogether.that's how he found it. Was actually under the soil a few inches.I take your theory about vibrational culmination points as we all played a part in the manifestation:) Stingray do you think there is certain exercises or states of being to practise so you would be more open to inspired action? Maybe this should be another question?thanks

(30 Jun '11, 15:57) Satori

@Martin - Inspired actions are being inspired to us all the time but, as you imply, the issue is one of being open to them. And that is all about getting yourself into a place of "feeling good" about the subject you want to be inspired about. It always comes back to "feeling good" one way or another :)

(30 Jun '11, 20:58) Stingray

Thanks Stingray.Feel Good,its so simple and we are genius's at complicating it:)

(02 Jul '11, 20:26) Satori

Too true, Satori

(03 Jul '11, 02:57) Stingray

@Stingray- I know you're not really a fan of classical meditation, but does inspiration come during times of this classical meditation, or rather just having vortexy thoughts and being in the vortex (even though the paradox is that during meditation you are in the vortex anyways)? Does my question make sense?

(26 Feb '12, 00:48) Nikulas
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Only you can contemplate and maybe work out the details concerning these things, but I don't see it as very important and I don’t spend much time on it. I’ve accepted that there are things that happen in our life, which, although we created them on some level; we may never really know all of the details concerning ‘how’ or ‘why’ they came about. The devil really does live in the details and remember that s/he would love to keep you 'lost' in those details forevermore :)

The important thing to consider is that any 'true' inspiration is spiritual in nature, i.e., it came from a higher or broader source. When you receive a truly inspired idea you will not question its source nor need to ask anyone about its validity. You'll simply trust and feel wonderful about it and hence, you'll take action towards the direction of that idea; that's the inspired action that will lead you towards the fulfillment of that idea :)


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Thanks for your great answer Eddie.I take you point about not getting caught up in the details. hoping for more inspiration to come our way!:)

(30 Jun '11, 15:41) Satori

I say you just caught a nice wave, who cares about the mechanics just keep up the good feelings. You are in a zone.

Do not doubt


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Thanks Michael,will stay in the zone:)

(30 Jun '11, 15:31) Satori
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