Do you believe it is possible to change your past? I mean, not how the past affects your mind, but actually physically changing the past. Do you think it is possible to actually go back in time and alter things, but say, you can only alter your own actions? Does anyone have a take on that?

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It's not possible to change your past in the sense that you mean it. To understand this you have to realize that all realities exist simultaneously here and now. Therefore, from your current perspective of the now moment, if you were somehow able to view what you perceive as your past, you'd be viewing another spirit living the life that you believe is you. But it's not you because you exist here and now, and not there and then, make sense?

In another sense, your past is always changing because in each moment you have become a different person. The person you were yesterday or even one minute ago is not the same person you were ten years ago. In each moment you have become a different person who has a different past and a different future and this is determined by the choices you make at every moment. That's why in another post I said that one's personal history is not important.

To better grasp this, understand that reality consists of infinite parallel realities which all exist simultaneously here and now. In each moment you have and you make a choice. The choice you make determines which parallel reality path you'll travel along. And each different path contains its own past and its own future. Furthermore, it's not possible to go back to change anything because each perspective of reality is an unchanging standalone Universe unto itself. To illustrate this point you could say that each moment is frozen in time.


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The only moment that exists is Now. Every possible reality already exists. When we make a choice, reality forks to offer all possible outcomes. Our conscious awareness makes a choice, and that is the reality we experience, but other realities are created where we made different choices. If we move our conscious awareness to a different reality with a different past, then we can change the past. But if we go back an make a different decision, we don't change our current reality, we just choose a different one at that time, and follow a different reality.

I do believe that we can go back in our mind using Two Hands Touching or hypnosis, QE, etc... and tell ourselves things that could change our present. For example if you go back in your mind and tell yourself to buy Nike stock instead of Trolldoll stock. It won't show up on the statement that you bought Nike, but the numbers would look like you did. Somehow, the Universe rearanges itself to accomodate your beliefs.


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Fairy Princess

that is what the now and future is for
when it is recognized that decisions were
based on unrealities or of invalid consequences
one changes what they or why they do
until they get it alright


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You are asking a question that is difficult to answer in the space provided, it is a long answer. Yes it is possible to alter the past, but in doing so you also alter the future, or more so, the present, not only of yourself, but of people your controlling actions have affected. There is no such thing as free will, we are all controlled by unconscious controlling. Everything is energy vibrations and they all exist from ever and are able to be tapped into. If I have a client with a so called genetic disease that all the relations have, if I alter the energy vibrations of that disease to neutral, running back to forever, the whole hamily become healed. Perhaps one day when the control by the pharmaceutical companies is broken this might be used to make the world a better place, as it will be able to remove the controlling factors of criminals etc.


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i will say this what is past is pass. but in the present moment what past error can you correct for the present moment and the future? if there is something that you can still correct in the now is it not worth it to do it? it could be many things is there things you regret for your self and for other? correct what you can and that is your new beguinning. and yes you can only correct your own action because you have free will and are responsible of it. as is every one else. but you are not alone in this world and you affect other and they affect you.why do what you hate? they will do the are also responsible of how you let other people choice affect you. make your water pure. love other as your self ,respect other has they should also respect you. as for people that hate you or do not respect you or judge you,help them if you can but if their choice are made they are responsible of it and you cannot do annything for them,so let them be.if they want to prove their point and are pround of it with their ego(darkness) and they are not in harmony with their heart of stone,do you really think that what you say will change better talk to a stone it would be about the same thing.

if you want example of that i will put a video and you can see by your self:

is the guy asking the question in harmony or does he want to prove is point? he said that we do not use reason or logic. but what the guy told him is reason and logic.the guy say that jesus did not know that wind move. but jesus said the wind blow where ever it wish you do not know where it comes from and where it is going.then why does he still seek to not be in harmony? also about the science vs religion. i have added 3 video:

i think the question is answered. as for michio kaku seing infinity as nonsense and a monster it might be perfect sense and something very beautiful. my proof of this is that he is experiementing it and enjoying it right now.(>0<) the word is truth. so let there be light, be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.

will also add this to change the past you need to change the now but to do this you need to understand how your present choice will alter the future and what it will affect in the future. then again you might be surprise that it does not affect the future in the way that you think it will because of other people choice and how your past action affect them. depending on what they will understand of it and what choice they will make. so yes it might change the future in the general way that you expected yet some unpredictable outcome might happen depending on how they let your choice affect them.some might go in the same way and some might not according to their understanding,the less they understand and the more they seek conflict. so even if for example: you change the past to solve something that in the future will make a conflict,it will work with some people,and with some other it will only half work and they will make conflict on something else related to the same thing, and with some other they will not accept it at all because they seek conflict and want to judge out of their self rightenous what ever choice you make. if you want to try it and make experiment take something(material) that you know will affect the people in a negative way and try to solve it perfectly in the now seing how it will effect everyone then put it so it does not affect anny one and in the future when people will see that thing that was suppose to affect them negatively,see how it affect them and how they react,what they think,how they feel and what they say and what action they make. and see if it was has perfect a result has when you change it in the past. i can all ready tell you that for some it will work for some other it will only half work and for some other it will not work at all. experience and enjoy.

also one rule the physical object it is something that you cannot cast away or hide. so it is sure that it will come to pass.

if you do not understand it in the now moment you are making choice that affect the future when the present now become past and the future now become present now. yet you have with your experience reason and logic capability to understand how the future will change according to what you do in the now. experience and enjoy.

will also add that if you try this experiment it will blow your mind the amount of information that you will try to calculate to compare the past information with the current information will make you dizzy.

here is a video that will help you understand. why is the wave changing in to particule when you observe them? where is the quantum computer that connect to other computer when the balls go through the wall? and what is the underling universe where all is in the now?where time does not exist as you experience it right now.


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