Hi, a few months ago I discovered that my husband was cheating on me with multiple women, some whose professions are call girls. This really broke my heart as It happened twice before, once right before we got married and 2 years after we were married. Each time i asked for a divorce and he begged for forgiveness and I was stupid enough to take him back each time.

I guess i do love him and wishing for the better. This time I come to a relization that he would never change. I have been feeling so broken hearted and crushed. I found the law of attraction a few months back and has been trying to practice it . . . . after i made up my mind that this time we really are getting a divorce, i feel that my spirit went down on a spiral and it's very hard to feel and stay positive.

how could i use the LOA to get through this and is there any hope for me to find someone who will treat me decent in the future?

I hope for any insights from all the LOA expert here or anybody who has been in this situation before .. . .

I just can't think straight and function well . . .. . Thank you very much in advance

Feeling so lost

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so lost

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I am very sorry to hear of your pain. I can only offer that your main priority now has to be to lift your vibration up. Sadness, broken heartedness, disappointment, that are bubbling up from this situation...must be shifted away from. After you decide what you want, it is easier to flow and utilize the power of LOA.

If you are going to divorce, do it quickly...don't drag things out. Move out and move on, don't look back. What do you want in your life ? Will another relationship "make" you feel good, or just being alone for now? The key is to decide what you want in your personal life right now...and look for a "project" that you enjoy /...that you can engage in...to take your mind off the impending divorce. Something that feels good,...creates value, feels light...that your are eager to do it everyday. You can thrust yourself into your career (if you enjoy it). LOA will help your efforts. The more you shift your thoughts away from what hubby did to you...and shift more towards things that you like to do ..joyful things..the quicker you will heal. LOA will bring you more happy /fun experiences as you expect, allow and casually seek them out. Watch only funny comedies and movies during the divorce proceedings. Immerse yourself in things that will incite you to laughter. Go to a comedy show with your lady friends. Laughter is a great antidote!

Once you are ready to date again...take a moment and make a list of all your strengths and what kind of value do you bring to the table. Decide on the type of man that is worthy and deserving of you. Based on the experience and contrast from your last relationship...at the top of your list would be a man who loves and embraces the belief of monogamy. Build your new man up from scratch...how could you go wrong ?


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Your trust was broken, and you may feel your life shattered. There is hope for you, think back and remember the good times you had before you ever met your husband. If you can remember how good you felt and happy you felt FREE to be happy and find that right guy for you. But this time in that memory don't go to the point of finding your ex-husband as life but imagine someone that is the right one.

Don't get to the point of meeting him so fast, spend much more time on remembering the happy times before you met. Place your attention outside of yourself on things you like, any time you feel yourself shifting to "poor me" release that and go back to seeing and doing things you like.

Very important not things you both liked to do or be together! That would just serve to remind you that you are now doing or being this alone. Think of what do I "MYSELF" like? Eventually you can go back to those things without being reminded, for now you need to get back to enjoying your own company. Trust and know God is with you.

Above all place God first praying for guidance, love and support.


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Wade Casaldi

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I would find it very difficult to add to the good things that Wade and SteetSanto have written.

I just wanted to tell you SoLost, that I have been through a divorce myself, and it was only keeping myself happy and finding myself again that got me through it relatively well.

I had to think back to the things I enjoyed before he came into my life. Because in being "a couple" we make a lot of adjustments and compromises, but eventually you will have fun remembering the things that "wonderful you" used to enjoy....the type of music, the kind of movies, the kind of decor in your home, the things that made you laugh, the type of friends you had and so forth. My advice is to go back to those things as I did, and rediscover them. Rediscover yourself, and I promise, you will be uplifted, get your dignity back and will have a lot of fun.

You don't have to think about the next man in your life for awhile. I would suggest getting your bearings back first, and later, you will be able to make decisions about the type of person you would like to attract.

Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

My answer came from spirit, yours came from experience. It is like an instant confirmation of what came to me to say seeing your answer here! I love that! Yes So Lost there you go an answer from spirit backed up by someone that went through it, Thanks LeeAnn for confirming that. :-D

(06 Jul '11, 03:03) Wade Casaldi

It was teamwork, even though from across the miles, to SoLost!

(06 Jul '11, 04:07) LeeAnn 1

Yes agreed that is what is best about this site, so many good answers most of the time.

(07 Jul '11, 03:33) Wade Casaldi

@LeeAnn 1, @Wade, your answers and suggestions to effectively handle a divorce or separation are very encouraging. However, what do I do if I can't remember the time before he came into my life. We met when we were both 19, and fell madly in love. All i remember uptil then is studying hard to get through grad school. I don't have very many spectacular memories as i struggled through childhood thinking my parents did'nt love me. i now know better, i think, and want to find my higher self.

(24 May '13, 01:11) anonymous25

Can you please help?

(24 May '13, 01:11) anonymous25
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