It is well known that many men often have thoughts about sex. Especially young men.

Now according to the Law of Reciprocity or Law of Attraction what ever seed we plant (thoughts) the physical world will show up with a similar energy.

Now I don't see PlayBoy bunnies showing up for a lot of young men who always have thoughts about sex. In fact many of them don't have much interactions with females at all. Their thoughts of sex are not about lack of sex either.

So does the seed of sex show up in a different physical way? What am I missing here?

I have seen many cases where there is a lot of this thought but no action. So it leads me to think something else may be manifested instead......?

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Well that's a great question. And everyone who answered it has no idea of what they're talking about, neither do I. Let me think about it, first... Cerca trova

(15 May '13, 21:42) Pankaj Pal

^_^y Agreed. With how strongly your few answers in this short time have resonated with me (even those I have my own slightly varying interpretations of) I'm very intrigued by your participation here. Both by wondering what other revelations you have to offer, and also curious to see if you will have an opinion on any topics which I directly disagree with.

@Question: It's all about WHY they want what they want, and how important is what they want when compared to the alternatives. ^_^y

(16 May '13, 07:12) Snow
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What is the intention behind young mens' thoughts of sex? Is is to see Playboy Bunnies in real life, or is it to have sex? My guess is it's the latter, and not the former. Which is why you generally see young men having sex with their female friends, and not manifesting Playboy BunniesTM.

If some young men are thinking about sex and looking at Playboy Bunnies in magazines, but not interacting with women, it means they are using the pictures as a surrogate for real sex, and hiding from their own normal sexual development.


answered 10 Sep '10, 21:25

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@Vesuvius: In the later case you described there still has to be something attracted to this energy. What is it? Some other un- connected event in something else all together?

(10 Sep '10, 22:55) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics: Fear, mostly.

(10 Sep '10, 23:48) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius:Very interesting. How so?

(10 Sep '10, 23:57) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics: Well, maybe you can't relate, but in adolescence women can be downright intimidating. The Law of Attraction says that thinking about what we don't want (i.e. fearing that which we want) attracts more of what we don't want, true?

(11 Sep '10, 00:11) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius: I never thought sexual thought as fearing what we want. Every thought does either come from love or fear. Is lust fear?

(11 Sep '10, 00:26) Back2Basics

@Vesuvius: I am digging the TM symbol on the "Bunnies" haha

(11 Sep '10, 00:29) Back2Basics

You're making it too simplistic. There's a whole bundle of thoughts wrapped up in sexual desire. Will she like me, or will she think I'm a dick? What will her/my friends think? Am I doing something bad? What do all of these games that she and her friends play mean? What is her body language saying? It's a wonder we manage to reproduce at all.

(11 Sep '10, 05:54) Vesuvius

But go back to the intention; forget for a moment that manifestation might cause women in bunny suits to magically appear, and consider the practical consequences of our thought. What is the intention? Does the horny (and somewhat awkward) adolescent really want a Playmate to appear every time he looks at a magazine, or does he just want the feeling (and relief) that the magazine provides? Is it easier to get that relief from the quirky females around him, or from the magazine?

(11 Sep '10, 06:00) Vesuvius
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There is also too much resistance in manifesting sexual desires. Society has conditioned most of us to believe that pre-marital sex is wrong, etc. E.g a young teenage boy might think of seeing playboy bunnies but when someone tells him that they just saw one out on the streets, the first thought that comes to his mind would be "how could that actually possible?" Or if a young couple both feels that having sex in a relationship is nothing wrong, but they would still be worried about how their parents or friends would think if they caught them in the act, etc. You get the idea..


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The LOA is quite at work when men get their sexual appetite satisfied by playboy magazine rather than a living woman. Sexual thoughts satisfied in this manner don't lead to attracting a willing female, but rather into empowering the magazine. Thanks and Blessings, namaste


answered 11 Sep '10, 09:40

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Good question.

As someone who has spent much of his life studying playboy type magazines, and pornography in general, i feel somewhat qualified to answer this one.

Now focusing attention on nubile women obviously doesnt always mean that were fighting our way thru throngs of attrative blonds and brunettes. Im quite sure if concentrating my attention on gorgeous naked women meant that i attracted them i would doubtless have bedded a great many more women than i actually had. And they would also doubtless have been spectacularly good looking too.

I think that for much of my life a looked at these women for sexual gratification BUT more importantly looked at them with a "core belief" that i wouldnt have a hope in hell of actually attracting and maintaining a relationship with such a beautifull type of woman.

There was always a deep belief that this type of female would only ever be enjoyed by myself ,on paper and in the confines of my own bedroom. And never "in the flesh"

I think focus and concentation alone wont ever manifest anything as quickley as a deep seated core belief that a woman is "already there" and that meeting her is an absolute given.

The laws work the same for a blond or a bugatti. Sex or Success, its all the same. We aften look at a beautifull object and think " if only", this holds the object or situation in a holding pattern or life track that we wont ever rendevouz with. But when we look at the object and think "its mine" we see a manifestation.

To recap, just thinking "about" something wont make it magically appear.


answered 16 May '13, 09:00

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Monty Riviera

Perhaps the problem you had is you were thinking of sex as an object. ;)

Some like to be treated like objects, often because they're insecure with themselves and believe it is suited for them. Others are treated like objects and believe they will never escape, and so they have a hard time doing so.

If you desire objects you will find objects, and the bond will be similar. But my question is what difference is meaningless sex of one brand or another, and why consider it if it isn't your type...

(16 May '13, 09:11) Snow

Nope ,ive got to say i wasnt thinking of sex that way. Sure, i did want the sexual act with a playboy bunny.BUT i also did want a relationship with a woman that looked fine, not just a quick legover and chips.Im with you about the sex object thing, and i kind of, and sometimes still do, view some woman as sex objects . But thinking about either meaningless sex ( which can be very gratifying) OR about a beautifull life partner, with the sex thrown in, didnt make either manifest.

(16 May '13, 10:00) Monty Riviera

Either the meaningless sex OR a wonderfull, full and beautifull relationship....neither happened. I see the difference between the two, i really do, but its academic, because without the belief youve got what your after ( either the sex or something more) nothings going to manifest anyway!!I must stress that im not advocating using women for sex or advocating long term relationships. Im just stressing that the laws work the same way, sex object or relationship.

(16 May '13, 10:05) Monty Riviera
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