Having studies this site and the source material that ive been led to i have a theory here which may or may not hold any water.

Working on the assumption that sometimes we want things SO badly That we find it hard to allow or detach from the outcome.Our desire is so strong that we inadvertantly ( sometimes ) concentrate on not having the thing.I say this because this point is a widely held one, and ive received a lot of proof that its a widely held belief on this specific web site. Although im not saying its a blanket belief. Forgive me for a slight generalisation.

So, lets say im absolutely DESPERATE for a new 5 bedroom house, but my partner,either live in or some other kind of partner ie friend,confidant etc just couldnt really care as much about this as i do.

Ok, so this chum of mine really wants a cartier wrist watch, i couldnt really care less about this, BUT im fond of my partner and wish they had one.

So were both not too worried or angst ridden about the answer,im not imagining the watch every second (no pun intended ) and am not missing it terribly not being in my life.

My partners not too fussed about the house and has ,by virtue of the fact that shes not bothered TOO much about the outcome has managed to nicely detach herself from the outcome.

We both end up getting what we want.

Has anyone purposley tried this, and used anothers detachment to help with a manifestation?

I will admit that im assuming that we can manifest for others and not just for ourselves.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I will admit that im assuming that we can manifest for others and not just for ourselves.

In my view, this last line of yours is the problem with the idea you are suggesting.

If it was possible to assert a manifestation into the life of another even just one time, just think of the chaos it would cause.

If you are allowed to assert something into the life of another that they want, you must logically also be allowed to assert something they don't want. Otherwise you end up eventually with needing someone, or something, to decide/judge for everyone in the universe what is allowed or not allowed and...what a mess...just don't even go there :)

Quoting myself from here:

Think about it logically...

If it was really possible to influence others negatively with bad thoughts, don't you think our governments and military would have found a way to exploit that by now? We would have teams of psychic attackers targeting the enemy round the clock, and all the troops could sit at home drinking beer and watching Oprah.

In fact, we wouldn't need armies at all, just people sat in armchairs at home thinking bad thoughts about people in other countries that they don't like. Indeed, with some training, we could all participate in the psychic attacks in the evening after coming home from work, and that would make all our wars truly democratic and social activities. :)

But it doesn't happen because it's not possible.

Just as a point of clarification regarding your idea that detachment is the key to manifesting...

Yes, detachment is essential in a way, but there is a more accurate way of looking at it.

It's not that people are not getting what they want because they are too attached to the end-result, it's really that they are too attached to the absence of the end-result.

You can actually be quite attached to the presence of the end-result and still get what you want. Think of all the people who manifest their goals (to which they are highly attached) through sheer physical effort...the physical effort just brings them (i.e. their belief systems) gradually more and more into alignment with their goals until they completely believe they have done enough to manifest them...and so they manifest.

But in the same way that it's easier to tell people to think no thoughts (meditate) than only think positive thoughts (appreciate), it's easier to tell people to detach from what they want rather than only attach to the presence of what they want.

There is more information on absence vs presence in Will my new house manifest?


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Mmm i will digest the answer.I will be honest thou, im convinced we can manifest for others...BUT i will study your answer,it deserves respect. I will mull this over, and i will get back to you.

(16 May '11, 20:03) Monty Riviera

There is influence but not assertion ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6879/where-is-the-line-drawn-between-law-of-attraction-and-the-non-existent-law-of/6964#6964 ) and what you are suggesting sounds like assertion to me. However, a joint approach that definitely works is that one partner gets themselves aligned and manifesting abundance and this will help the other person become more successful through their observation of the other person. After all, isn't this just teaching by example?

(16 May '11, 20:22) Stingray

Mmm..im still mulling over your answer. This will take me a little time to get my head round.Your points are valid, very valid. The scenario of praying for others is quite a seminal one to me, and i guess others. Your answer has highlighted a few pertinent points. This one could take me quite a while!!!! But then thats good.

(16 May '11, 20:34) Monty Riviera

If we assert something thats someone doesnt want would that cause "CHAOS".Also could it be possible to cause something that people" DONT WANT" Thes are your words. Stingray...no offense here but dont you think this may already have happened in this reality? Speak to a few Jewish people and get back to me.I AM thinking of the CHAOS it HAS caused. And it has ...hasnt it? Hitler "dreamed in concrete " and i agree Stingray..Chaos reigned for a while.

(17 May '11, 00:23) Monty Riviera

@Monty - By using the word "want" I mean "vibrationally attract" . Everyone is always getting what they want but often they don't realize what they are wanting :) They think it's one thing but their habit of vibration is attracting something else. Regarding the example you're talking about, I've previously written an answer about it that you may wish to take a look at: Why did the victims of genocide in World War 2 allow themselves to be killed? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/9018/why-did-the-victims-of-genocide-in-world-war-2-allow-themselves-to-be-killed/9023#9023

(17 May '11, 07:13) Stingray

By the very virtue of all human beings being connected, i would think we can have influence on another being...including another's manifestations or goals. Any novice with a radionics machine could achieve this...with or without the others persons consent or knowledge. Most people don't believe it possible, so most don't practice and enhance their natural capability. Now whether it should OR should not be done...that is another (morality?) question all together

(17 May '11, 16:01) streetsanto
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Manifesting using the LOA is not much different than praying to God and having the faith that He will provide. The Bible talks about two or more agreeing. So if the desired target of the manifestation is agreed upon by the two or more people, then using harmonic resonance, you would increase the energy put toward the manifestation. Another affect of this is that you are handing the desire over to another and now you can let go, because you have put it in the hands of someone tangible. Maybe giving it to God or the universe is too difficult because you cannot see and touch them, but when you give it over to a person, you can see that person and know that they will produce your desire, even though, they then give it to God or the universe. Maybe it is the placebo effect then.

My son has been paying attention to this stuff and wanted to 'manifest' something. He told me an attribute that he wanted me to keep in mind. So he seemed like it was obvious that we can work together on this.


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Fairy Princess

well monty it works for other alot more then for us! but still it must not go against free will of other! and when it is going in the same way it works like a charm! outcome or target or goal is not the thing to manifest! what is to manifest is what the need is for in the moment! yes you can go against people free will but it is not good to do so you could call that black magic! and you reap what you sow! what you do to other will be done to you! do not judge or you will be judge with the same mesure! if you live by the sword you will die by the sword!so take this advice: do to other what you would like to be done to you! i hope it solve your question monty! take care and enjoy!


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white tiger

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