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We have been discussing ego. So if ego is not a problem here on Inward Quest, then why should our votes be anonymous? If the system is a fair and just one, then everyone should be unafraid to stand by their votes.

Would the site truly run as well without voting or badges? All of a sudden, I feel defensive and a bit disheartened by a recent negative vote for an answer I thought was well-constructed and informative. I wonder if we had to publish our names along with our votes, if the site would change...

Wade is wondering if everybody is so against "ego" here, then why don't we just do away with the whole voting system and badges, and even using names of any sort..Maybe we should have anonymous questions and answers.

Sounds pretty dull to me... the hospital...again...

asked 09 Jul '11, 08:11

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if everybody is so against "ego" here - Actually, Jai, I'm not in favor of ego-bashing but have been too busy recently to take on all the general anti-ego sentiment here recently :) I find babies are perfect expressions of non-physical having freshly projected themseleves into physical. I don't see any babies being remotely ashamed of their egos. I see all this ego-bashing as more about people being uncomfortable with who they really are, rather than anything spiritually important. Just my view :) As for anyone who downvoted you, so what? Just be who you are and let them deal with it :)

(09 Jul '11, 10:19) Stingray

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I don't think it is so much that everyone is against ego Jai, I think it's just that we're all trying to figure out our own... it is a part of who we are as human beings but it's only when we allow it to completely run the show that it becomes a problem.

And I agree with Stingray... who cares if you got a downvote? don't take it personal, it doesn't in any way change who you are, does it?

None of us here are fully enlightened, but at least everyone here is trying to improve their own life and be a better person and hopefully help one another in the process. We're a diverse group of people who are human and may occasionally rub each other the wrong way but therein lies our opportunity for greater growth.

I can understand Asklepios' point regarding the downvote... although I don't agree with it. Personally, I don't ever see the need to downvote just because someone's opinion is different to mine. I think I did once at the beginning only because the person was blatantly trying to promote something that wasn't even connected in anyway to what we discuss here, and I didn't realize at the time that I could have just flagged the post.

I had a hard time at the beginning with the whole points and badges thing because it didn't seem to fit in with the whole purpose of the site, but honestly now it doesn't bother me at all. I'm very liberal with my votes and even at times will vote for an answer if I strongly disagree with it or it irks me in any way... I figure if it garners such a reaction then it's trying to teach me something about myself so for that it deserves a vote.

I know the way the site is set up that we can't just do away with the points and badges...they're part of the software program that runs the site.

And I agree, I think being completely anonymous would be kind of dull and boring. Most families will run into conflict now and then and will get along with some family members better than others... doesn't mean they love each other any less, our IQ family is no different.

I hope you're back out of hospital again soon and are feeling better...nothing serious I hope? Take care Michaela :)

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answered 09 Jul '11, 12:20

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Yes Michaela this was the point I was trying to make. Just feeling I have the answer or I can help this person takes ego. That is not a bad thing. We feel good when people vote for us, that is not a bad thing. We feel good being recognized, and it is because of this good feeling (ego driven) that we really come to know each other and become a family as you so well expressed. Ego makes us feel we can do things we are good enough we do know the answers etc. Ego is a good thing but can be self driven to the point of superiority complex, alienating people. This is when ego turns into egocentric.

(09 Jul '11, 21:28) Wade Casaldi

I get what you're saying Wade...however, I still think we have to be careful and differentiate between 'feeling good' and 'needing to be recognized':)

(10 Jul '11, 01:16) Michaela

Do you have in mind this answer by Michael?

The girl is not in love, for love knows no shame.

I was the one to vote it down. I can give you the reason for doing that, if you want.

The purpose of the voting system is to enable us to express our opinions freely, and to make the content more valuable. Jai, I think that you still take everything too personally. But it is good to oppose cowardice and incoherence, so I wanted to show you I am not afraid.

Dropping ego sounds like a good ideal, but I do not think it can happen overnight. We could act as we do not have ego, but that would be just pretending and would be false. At least in my case.

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answered 09 Jul '11, 09:21

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Ha, thanks, up, down whatever. What I appreciate about the down ote is the honesty of it. I love when everyone express how they feel. No one cares to see the owner of an up vote. I like honesty and I don't care who does it. For whatever reason it would be silly to assume that everyone is going to agree with you and the down vote just says "I don't agree". It s not a death sentence just an expression. There really should be more down votes around here but I think we assume that some are too sensitive to accept them. There is nothing wrong with "respectfully disagreeing"

(09 Jul '11, 14:36) you

Yes. I am alright with the fact that you can also down vote my answer. But it was the answer I did not like, not you. No offence.

(09 Jul '11, 15:18) Asklepios

I can not be offended! Thank you for your honesty and feel free to down vote me any time. I love you just the same :)

(09 Jul '11, 15:50) you
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The one down vote I have cast was hard for me to do.It was also to one of my own questions .And being Anon is more of a defence from Trolls than a way of hiding from IQ members.

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answered 13 Jul '11, 06:58

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Jaianniah, I am really sorry to hear you have been hospitalized again, and like others, I hope it's nothing serious.

Being a very sensitive person myself, I understand your feelings about the down vote. Even so, I recommend letting it roll off of you. Although the pain may be sharp to you for a day or two, you know that in the long run it does not matter. As Michaela said, "Who cares"? Part of sharing opinions here will by its nature be that sometimes others don't agree or are rubbed the wrong way for whatever reason.

We all battle with ego...very few people now on earth are above that. It's great that we're working on it though, and it's an on-going quest, not something we wake up and can say we have won the struggle with.

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answered 09 Jul '11, 19:25

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LeeAnn 1

There is a saying, if it is not broken, then do not try to fix it, and let us all look at the big picture here, this is the way Simon Templeton created this site, so why try to change things now, and for what purpose? Who are we trying to please any ways?

People score points based upon the time, the numbers of questions, and the numbers of answers given on this site, so let them be happy and merry for the hard work they have put into being a member on this site scoring some points. You have to keep in mind scoring points etc is harmless, and no one should take it personal.

My prayers are with you, and I pray that you are feeling better soon!

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answered 13 Jul '11, 05:41

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