These past few weeks I've really been happy and kind of constantly in the Vortex. It started with a crush on someone I hadnt even met and then suddenly it was like life was somehow drawing us closer and closer into each other's lives. He even gave me his cell and asked me to add him to my chat contacts. I think we respected each other's intellect and that's why he wanted to talk. But then my implusive instinct took over and rather than taking things slowly I perhaps came across as some crazy fan or starry eyed teenager wanting to flirt and he kind of backed off.

Thank goodness I haven't slipped back to my old depressed self, I am still feeling full of live again and confident but a feeling of irritation is lurking at back of my mind. I really want to be able to wipe clean the mistakes I made in this potential relationship and for the life to start bringing us closer and closer again. Any suggestions what I should do? Any process and meditation? I really do want him to take the next step.

asked 11 Jul '11, 20:47

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

All that it seems you can do, I Think Therefore I Am, is just not make the same mistakes anymore. It's easy to get exhuberant about something new. We can't change the past; all we can do is not repeat it. Maybe things between you can be salvaged, and this time around just tell yourself you will do it differently. Best wishes!


answered 11 Jul '11, 23:06

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LeeAnn 1

It sounds like this person is someone that might be famous or a known personality when you say
crazy fan or starry eyed teenager wanting to flirt . If this is true you were wise in seeing that pushing forward might not be the right approach. They have many people that are infatuated with the Image of the person and not the true person. And probably been hurt by such people when they have gotten too close .
In all relations with other people get to know the person not the image.


answered 12 Jul '11, 08:53

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That's the point @ursixx it started as a meeting of the minds - he is a well known person but I'm not unknown either in my field, and I really enjoyed our interaction.

(12 Jul '11, 09:11) I Think Therefore I Am

@ITTIA be yourself and be truthful to yourself then you two are equals so pursue your happiness

(13 Jul '11, 11:49) ursixx

forget about feelings of irritation , forget about wanting to wipe clean the mistakes ...

just jump right back into the vortex and enjoy yourself .

have a great time .


answered 12 Jul '11, 17:25

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blubird two

Stop needing him to make You whole, be whole yourself.


answered 13 Jul '11, 13:22

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