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In your life how aware are you? Are you aware of something people are not aware of.An example: you go somewhere and talk with people, these two persons want to win their point of view and don't want to see the other persons point of view.
You see both points of view they are both valid just different perspective of something or way to arrive to the same goal.
Are you aware of what people are aware of.
And what they are not or what they do not want to be aware of.

asked 12 Jul '11, 03:50

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Better to be happy than right.
If you say the sky is green then from your perspective the sky is green.And your are right.One does not Need to be right. One Needs to be happy. You can be aware that two people have a different opinion and see both sides of the discussion. That is key in being open and aware not to be locked in judgment. peace


answered 12 Jul '11, 09:05

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"Better to be happy than right" -- recycling - awesome. Still funny.

(01 Jun '13, 19:50) ele

@ele more like a mantra than recycling

(02 Jun '13, 03:31) ursixx

Haha - very good mantra indeed! At least this one included a satisfactory explanation.

(02 Jun '13, 04:25) ele
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Generally, when I use the word, "aware", I am also using the conjunction "of". It is hard to say "I am aware" without saying that of which I am aware. In the light of your question, then, I can say that I am sentient-I am aware of myself, my life, my death, my effect on others. I am that I am, in other words. Now, God said those words ("I am that I am"), too. He was saying He was all of awareness. I am not aware of all the universe as is God. But I am aware enough to navigate the universe that God made. I believe that being "aware" is an almost uniquely human quality. I am sure dolphins are aware, as possibly the higher apes are aware.

This has been an odd question to answer. Of what should I be aware that you want us to reveal in our answers? Perhaps you could tell me of what you want me to be aware?

Blessings, Jai


answered 12 Jul '11, 11:00

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how aware are you? are you aware of all of you? are you aware of all of every one else? are you aware of the enviromment you are in? are you aware of the grass hoper at your feet?

(12 Jul '11, 19:11) white tiger

How aware are you OF you? are you aware OF all OF you? are you aware OF everyone else? are you aware OF the environment you are in? are you aware OF the grasshopper at YOUR feet? are you aware OF the fact that you did not understand me at all?>>>>>>>>>>>>

(13 Jul '11, 09:13) Jaianniah

jai stop getting mad it serve no perpace. my response was to your question. why do you judge me that i did not understand you at all?

(13 Jul '11, 22:28) white tiger

This is what I am picking up. We see two....but there is only one.

(23 Jul '11, 20:54) The Traveller
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There are those who are aware of themselves and then there are those who are aware of themselves AS others.

The greater the awareness, the more accommodating one becomes of others.

The extent of one's inability to do so manifests in the form of pride or self-praise.

I work with one such person who is my direct superior.

This individual (that I work with) believes that he knows the answer to everything and that he is always right.

As a result he is unable to learn from any one of his subordinates (my co-workers).

And while me and my co-workers have no problem admitting that we need to always learn from each other because we don't have all the answers, our supervisor (who assumes to know it all) never gives us any useful advice.

So we politely nod when he speaks and then we go and do our own thing to get the job done, and yes, our supervisor believes that his advice is what worked and takes credit for the accomplishment.

None of us have to heart to point out to our supervisor that his behavior only reveals his lack of understanding by his inability to accommodate his subordinates, (our) points of view.

So I know what you are talking about, white tiger, when you speak of people who are not aware.

My Boss is not aware, and his pride doesn't allow him to admit it.

But I know that one day he will come around and cringe at the memories of the days when he was not aware.

But that's not my problem, it is his problem.

I'm not interested in his problems, so I just move on, doing my own thing.


answered 23 Jul '11, 21:26

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The Traveller

i agree is problems not yours. at least you are evolving and he is not. is decidion affect youres. but is ego blind him only when the fondation you and your collegue will not be there that he is going to wake up and see he does not know much and he took you for granted. well to little to late.

(24 Jul '11, 02:24) white tiger

Awareness contains all points of view. It makes not one right and the other doesn't exclude it includes. The one who is truly aware has no need to prove themselves right because they understand that everyone's perspective just comes from the point of where they're at on their journey.

They may offer pointers to shine a light but know that the other will only look when they themselves are ready to face the Truth.


answered 02 Jun '13, 08:25

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Yes I think we do too, but as you said we need to be open to that perspective that we can see the same thing two ways and both be right.

For example one person could see a line another see a square and depending on the angle of perspective both are true and correct even though it would be argued no both are two different things and one is correct and the other is wrong.

This isn't for everything of course or maybe we are just not at that point of seeing it does apply to everything.

I think sometimes we can give God a good laugh and that is wonderful to think of. God enjoying seeing us learning new things always, it is a comforting warm feeling.


answered 12 Jul '11, 04:20

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Wade Casaldi

if i tell you both are wrong and right. and both will argue seing only the wrong from the other side. but they will achive the same goal. sure one way could be better for something and the other for something else. example: 2 guy cut grass one use a normal lawmower and the other use a tractor they could both argue that their way is better. the guy with the law mower as small land and the guy with the tractor a big land. so the way of the other does not go well with them but at the end they will achive the same goal.

(12 Jul '11, 04:33) white tiger

Yes much agreed. :-)

(12 Jul '11, 04:36) Wade Casaldi

are you aware of all of you?

You're asking an impossible question and that's why people get frustrated, lol.

Answer 1. Yes, I'm aware of all of me - All That Is - so I know I AM GOD ;-)

Answer 2. GOD is infinite and eternally expanding, so - All That Is - cannot be known as an absolute. However, as GOD I know this and I don't need any external influence to confirm this for me.

Answer 3. Yes and No :)


answered 18 Jul '11, 07:35

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there is no impossible question eddie and there is no need to frustrate either. the question is simple: how aware are you? if you say that you are only aware of being in your pants well it is valid answer. if you say i a m aware of being in my pants and i am aware of what other people see etc. it is also valid. so why is the question impossible?

(18 Jul '11, 23:10) white tiger

Re-read the comments thread for Jai's answer, that's frustration :) What difference does it make to you what others are aware of? Surely, focusing on self-awareness is more useful and valid. I've provided my answer above. I'm talking to that part of you who knows what I mean. Return here later and over time you will understand. Is it even possible for you not to reply to this comment?

(19 Jul '11, 04:45) Eddie

well eddie i know it is frustration because she thinks i don't understand her and i have told her did i not. so it is not my problem because it is not of me. each one as free will and can do what they want with it. my free will is as good as hers or youres. if i want to reply to anny comments it is my decision.

(24 Jul '11, 02:33) white tiger

well if people can see that lots of stuff is from them and not from other people they would frustrate less because people usely do not frustrate them self as easy when it is from them. so that is a good question in my book sorry that you do not like it eddie.

(24 Jul '11, 02:37) white tiger
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Are you talking about everyone is right, and that there is no wrong answer based upon ones’ point of view, if so, then in essence there is no right answer. Therefore, one can presume the universe that we live in is a place where people continue to share ideas upon ideas timelessly, without being wrong.


answered 12 Jul '11, 05:30

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Inactive User ♦♦

well depending on one point of view there could be wrong answer. example do not give the law mower to the guy with the big land and the tractor to the guy with the small land. because they achive the same goal but for what they need it for the tractor is faster to cut big land and the law mower is better for small land some place the tractor might not pass.

(12 Jul '11, 19:16) white tiger

i know both side of view and the right and wrong do i need to pick a side?

(12 Jul '11, 19:20) white tiger

this question reminds me of something that i remember my teacher saying

when i was about 5 years old ;

she said to the class " if you don't know something , then ask me "

even today this phrase still troubles me ...

i think she wanted to say " if you're not sure of something , then ask me "

i can only be aware of what i am aware .


answered 12 Jul '11, 17:40

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blubird two

When I tell somebody something and they respond with, "I know that," I respond with, "Well, I didn't know that untill I found out." We can't take for granted that everybody knows what seems obvious to us.

(12 Jul '11, 18:20) Fairy Princess

And sometimes I say, "I didn't know I didn't know until I found out."

(12 Jul '11, 18:21) Fairy Princess

that is nice fairy princess i know that i use that often when people tell me things that i know. sometime i don't even let them finish because i know what they are going to say.

(12 Jul '11, 19:08) white tiger

I am glad, and you ar welcome.

(18 Jul '11, 12:31) Fairy Princess
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we are aware of what we let ourselves be,
for some that is the fuller spectrum between the opposing poles,
while others may tend to gravitate towards one or the other ends only


answered 13 Jul '11, 10:47

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yes some very close to the poles and others are everywhere in-between

(13 Jul '11, 11:53) ursixx

is not god everywhere? if god is every where and understand everything and every one point of view and do not judge and is no foul either. then is it not better to understand everything rather then getting stuck near the pole?

(18 Jul '11, 02:28) white tiger

white tiger, i would cast my vote for the understanding of everything. yet it will be difficult until it catches on. not until all of mankind sees the ramifications of the one with the many

(19 Jul '11, 01:29) fred
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