So I recently purchased a evil eye talisman for my new apartment I just moved into. It actually came from Turkey, so I figured it to be the real thing.

When I received the package I opened in and kept it inside the bubble wrap for a while. I didn't transfer it to my apartment yet, but it was in the box to go. Prior to actually receiving the package I had 2 job opportunities come, and I didn't get either one.

The recruiters who did the phone interviews really seemed to like me, but in the actual interview something just didn't sit well although the interview was good. I never received a call back. Needless to say you usually know when you have a good or bad interview. Somehow this one felt different.

I decided to take the talisman over to my apartment but kept it in the car for a few days. Arguments with my fiancé occurred, bad moods, and another job opportunity never came through that seemed certain. This time the woman actually canceled prior.

Last night I broke the evil eye and threw it out. Things are starting to fix itself. Arguments, and I feel energetically better. Any words. I thought that these things blocked negative and envious energy. It seemed to make things worst concerning these aspects.

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Here's some food for thought @Ilovetruth, negative and envious energies cannot be blocked my friend, it's like asking for yin without yang, the two of course always go together in physical reality. the result of using the evil eye talisman in the way you thought was that negativities increased ... hmm. Is that not proof that "energies were activated" during the experience? Whenever you give energy to something be it negative or positive you activate it.

(11 Oct '15, 02:05) jaz

So the real question is "what is good/bad, negative/positive? ... it's all just indifferenciated energy

(11 Oct '15, 02:23) jaz
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Evil Eye Talisman Good or Bad?

The effect of those symbols only depends on your belief system. If you choose to believe that they will have a positive effect on you, then they probably will.

IMO there are two unnecessary (and kinda annoying) aspects of those things like "evil eye talismans".

  1. You have to always carry them around with you which could be annoying.

  2. Feeling the need to have an "evil eye talisman" assumes that there are actually "evil eyes" that can harm you and have power over you. It assumes that others can control you and your choices. And that isn't universally true (because truth is, you are the creator of your own reality). So by choosing to believe in "evil eyes", you are basically giving your power away.

The only power others (physical or non-phyical beings) have over you is the power you give them by believing in the false idea that they have power over you.

For example, I could tell you that for the next 10 hours, you will have bad luck in your life when I write the word "Hello" three times in one sentence on Inward Quest.

And if you choose to believe this nonsense because you fear that it might be true, then it will be true... and you would actually experience bad luck for the next 10 hours :). Someone else could then say to you something like

"Well, I've heard of Releaser99's 'hello curse' before. The way to protect yourself from this curse is to eat 4 garlic gloves every morning".

By believing in that second nonsense also (and appying the garlic protection), you would then "neutralize" the effects of that first nonsense within your belief system. But it would all still be just that...unnecessary nonsense (that btw causes bad breath as a side effect for silly reasons).

So instead, it would be better to forget all of that nonsense and just realize that you are the creator of your own reality and no one else. Realize that you are powerful because only your choices matter. Everything else is just superstition.

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@releaser99 - "you will have bad luck in your life when...the word "Hello" three times in one sentence on Inward Quest" - I think it's safe to say that it's unlikely that anyone in their right mind would use the word Hello three times in just one sentence unless they were averse to punctuation in which case the the word Hello from one sentence would be unnaturally linked to the word Hello from...whoops, awwwww, dammmit...looks like it's garlic for breakfast (again)

(10 Oct '15, 12:39) Stingray

@Stingray Allow me to introduce the Garlic Boys and their garlic-eating fans:

(11 Oct '15, 09:26) releaser99

"Hello, hello, I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello" - oh no that's 3 hello's in one sentence on IQ!!

(11 Oct '15, 09:39) Inner Beauty

@releaser99 - "the Garlic Boys" - Your point is well made. Had that group of obscure wandering minstrels not invoked the wrath of the dreaded "Hello Curse", they might have actually made something of themselves one day...perhaps even, dare I say, culminating in an invitation to play at the annual local village fete to an audience of possibly dozens (if you include the chickens). Instead they ended up so poor that they couldn't even afford haircuts. A salutary lesson to all of us indeed.

(11 Oct '15, 14:16) Stingray
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