I meditate 15 min everyday often in silence. But also I bought three cd's, one with celtic music and the other two with music of nature, like storm, jungle, rain, waterfall, crickets, etc. I think I can empty my mind of thoughts easier while listening to sounds of nature. But, is meditation equally effective? What do you think about that?

Thanks in advance!


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As someone who writes music for hypnotherapy, relaxation and meditation AND who meditates, I think it comes down to personal choice. There are times when I want the awareness of the room, the birds outside to trickle into my consciousness to amplify the being in the NOW. Then there are times when I'm stressed and I need a little more help to get to that still place inside. That's when I find music to be very beneficial. The last piece of music I wrote had a 3 beat/5 beat time signature to gently entrain the breathing in (for 3) and then slowly exhaling (for 5). It gently slows down - pulling you softly into relaxation. Bottom line - have a variety of tools at your disposal and choose the one that is right in that moment.


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Annie Brunson

I couldn't agree more, and welcome Annie.

(12 Jul '11, 18:21) LeeAnn 1

Also agree. There's times when I don't feel like listening to music while meditating, and at other times I have the urge of covering the sounds of the house with other sounds, like rain, or crickets... Thanks for your answer!

(18 Jul '11, 13:26) BridgetJones09

It depends on what your intentions are in your meditation. Also, why is it easier? Is it a cover noise to block out the sounds of traffic and other city sounds? What is your focus while the music is on? Do you focus on the music? Does the music lift your vibration, or lower it? Sorry my answer is more questions, but these are subjective issues that you have to answer for yourself.


answered 12 Jul '11, 14:13

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Fairy Princess

Partly to cover house or traffic noise, partly to cover my thoughts noise...I do not focus on the music, I just get to be more quiet, I use it as a background. Thanks for your input!

(12 Jul '11, 14:29) BridgetJones09

For me, there is no point in meditation if you support yourself with music. But it depends on what your reasons are. If you just want to relax yourself, you can use music. But if you want to get control over your thoughts, like I do, music would not be recommended.


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personally i find it difficult to meditate , especially using the classical yoga method .

i get my best results using binaural beats .

have a great day


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blubird two

it depend what kind of meditation you want to achive if its superficial meditation only to relax you could do it with music also. as long as the music is not metal. but if you want to really do meditation deep meditation yes silence is needed to sharpen your awareness and focus. if you have problem listening to silence sharpen your ear and listen to the universe you should ear the big bang. http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/15384/SOUND_OF_THE_BIG_BANG/

so experiance and enjoy.

Silence is a source of great strength. ~Lao Tzu


answered 12 Jul '11, 19:28

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white tiger

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I meditate both with and without music/chanting. I depends on me, my mood and the intention of the session. I have found some really music on youtube. its a good resource to finds what you like and what will work best for you. on the other hand some days its simply the mustic and rhythm of my own body that deepens my mediations.

I guess my best advice is not to get caught up in rules. Find what works for you and go with it.

love and light


answered 13 Jul '11, 01:45

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answered 28 Aug '11, 20:06

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abhishek mishra

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