I am awaiting a decision on a certain thing in my professional life (Lot's of you who have read my previous question here http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/53693/life-is-good-with-too-many-choices-what-should-i-do-next... would know what:)

Rounds of meetings have happened, the decision is awaited. Now, the thoughts, good, positive thoughts keep popping up in my head all the time. The thoughts range from the opportunity to mentor people to what I would do with the financial blessings:)

Let me also mention that there is no fear, guilt, apprehension, in fact there is anticipation, positive expectation and a sense of good experience regardless of the outcome.

Since, this is the first time in my life that I am sensing LOA at work in this regards, it almost feels like, I am waiting in front of a microwave, the time counter is counting down and I can almost taste what's cooking inside:)

I would appreciate your thoughts on:

***Is thinking constantly, even positive thinking about a particular thing, necessarily resistant or limiting? or not allowing? Should it be entirely avoided? (like DO NOT THINK!)*** In this case it'll have to be forcefully avoided!

I think the answers here would help me (and others) not only with this particular situation but generally, moving forward as well:)


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Yes, it is limiting. Limiting all the negative stuff that you don't want from entering your reality. I would say that if you stand in front of a microwave or go away and come back in a few moments - the food will get cooked anyway.

Constantly thinking of a certain subject helps me, over time, to improve quality of my thoughts on the subject. Which in return helps me understand things on more profound level and thus take actions which I could not take had I not given it a lot of thinking. ;)

(10 Jul '12, 01:52) CalonLan

@Xoomaville- I find myself doing this also.Ive started to put a repeat reminder on my iPhone going of every couple of hours with a message something like "The universe is taking care of everything. I will stay out of the way" It seems to help and when I read the words I feel better:)

(10 Jul '12, 07:26) Satori

Guys..thank you so much for the answers. Iam on the roadand only have access to net on my tiny cell phonr. Keep the answers coming, will respond to each one soon:))

(10 Jul '12, 12:30) Xoomaville

@CalonLan, it's great to hear that I am not alone in feeling this way:) I think if we spend time to get to a good place/feelings, it's also natural, maybe advisable to milk those good feelings:)

(15 Jul '12, 00:39) Xoomaville

@Satori, "The universe is taking care of everything. I will stay out of the way"-- This is great. I am going to put the same message on my ANDROID:P for hourly reminder:))) thanks

(15 Jul '12, 00:41) Xoomaville
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What works for me in your situation is to take my attention completely off the subject.

Your vibration on any subject always stays where you last left it so there is no need for further "work" if everything is going your way.

While it may seem that you are only feeling positive about what you want, the mere fact that you are asking this question implies that you are aware that you don't have it yet and so there is a risk of keeping what you want "just out of reach" because of that vibrational gulf between presence and absence.

So, for me, I've found that turning my attention elsewhere is the easiest option.

Once you start down the path of offering deliberate thought about your life, you'll quickly become aware that you will always have plenty of other desires that you want to come into alignment with, so you can always keep your attention occupied with some of those.


answered 10 Jul '12, 06:00

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@Stingray, doesn't though, thinking about a subject make your vibrational state grow even more? Say e.g. you are poor and want to be rich, so you set your aim to earn 1 million dollars, and you manage to align yourself to such state of vibration that your desired million dollars are about to manifest. Would you just leave it there, or still focus on thoughts of getting rich which might cause your vibrational state of being go up and match a billionaire's mind set?

(10 Jul '12, 06:26) CalonLan

I think there might be the essence of really being happy. If you are happy with being as you right now, with a million or not, you just don't allow fear of not achieving it to enter your reality. Thus you only positive thoughts grow and feed off of themselves. Because should your million not manifest, you still be going strong in positive manner. There's nothing could bring you down, when you don't cling to anything. When one lets go of fear of not achieving a goal, he becomes unstoppable and...

(10 Jul '12, 06:30) CalonLan

...and paradoxically will reach whatever goal (e.g. a million dollar).

(10 Jul '12, 06:31) CalonLan

@CalonLan - Yes, flowing more energy to a subject will make it bigger but not necessarily bigger in your reality. Whether it manifests in your reality or not is about how much alignment with the presence of it you have: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5571#5575 Also, just because you cannot perceive something with your physical senses doesn't mean it isn't there already. There is a "lag" between vibrational and physical reality: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7894#7897

(10 Jul '12, 10:03) Stingray

@CalonLan - I agree with you that if you are just happy right now (i.e. do the process only for the pleasure you get right now and for no other reason) then you are in a perfect place to allow what you want to come...and if it doesn't come, you've still got what it would have brought you anyway - in-the-moment happiness :) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52373#52386

(10 Jul '12, 10:08) Stingray

@Stingray, I think @CalonLan already asked what I wanted to ask you. I actually know that I should shift/launch another desire and then another and let go of the original one, but in this case, it's been feeding my positive good feelings and not only directly related to the situation, but over-all as well, so I thought let me NOT FIGHT IT. @Stingray, I wanted to ask you, specifically, that past week, I was out of town conducting a workshop, mentoring....actually let me just post a new question:)

(15 Jul '12, 00:55) Xoomaville
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Hi Xoomy, we're all waiting along with you, can't wait to hear how it all turns out, though I don't believe you can lose either way.

I agree with @Stingray here, and uh... @Xoomaville, in his wonderful advice to me recently. :) Let it go. No need to peek in the box. You have great things coming to you.


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@Grace, ha ha ha...yep--let go, let go:) Thanks for the wonderful wishes. I can actually feel your good wishes via your answers. That's a great power to be had my friend:)

(15 Jul '12, 00:56) Xoomaville
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