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I have some questions concerning how remote viewing works. I have read the questions already posted on this site but nothing really gets to the how it works. I think I may have some idea but I'm not sure if those ideas are correct.I think it can be explained in terms of quantum physics and holograms. Something about the qauntum emission that all matter emmits which allows our consiousness to "locate" a certain object. This part I think I have dowm, its the holographic part which Im unclear about.I read somewhere that this is like the non-locale record or history of all matter. Not sure if the non-locale thing is meant to mean its outside space/time or what

Anyone have some insight as to how this works? Also, I would like to state if I may that this is not an ethical question. Whether you agree or disagree with the moral implications of remote viewing is your own personal choice (and well, none of my business)

Love and light, Alyson

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Alyson, I added to my answer to more directly explain how remote viewing is achieved by shamen. Please re-read it, and consider my offer of more personal and in-depth info- my name (all lower case) at yahoo. I hope this helps still more.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(27 Aug '11, 21:52) Jaianniah

Remote viewing is probably based on the same principals as radionics. The De La Warr radionic camera not only performed remote viewing but was actually capable of taking x-ray photos of organs of patients at any distance. How the camera operated can be explained by quantum physics and holographs. The witness used in this device acting as a hologram ... the witness being a sample of the patient (a spot of blood for example) and this witness acts as a hologram, that is, the sample of blood acts as an exact replica of the whole organism. It is widely accepted however that the operators consciousness intervenes in starting the process.


The Prof. k. Korotkov continues research in this area and has developed the remarkable GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) technic.


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blubird two

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Then how does telepathy work? :P

(13 Jul '11, 19:38) Vesuvius

@vesuvius-i've edited my text with a few ideas, i'm not at all sure whether it makes any sense.

(28 Jul '11, 08:46) blubird two

There are two different types of remote viewing. The type that the government teaches and the kind psychic able people use.

The kind psychics use is obviously using the psychic’s ability and also using the natural ability to keep itself in the actual time, not the way we see it, but being able to go fluidly. The way that the govt. uses it is to take all subconscious ability to use your psychic abilities without knowing.

Basically what I am saying is that you are taught to use it without focusing or even thinking. It's asked to be used on an instant, without time to think. I have recorded a session with my source and a got remote viewer. Watch it here. Hope this helps.

If you want to see how they teach the got officials to do it, I have a video I found. Let me know.

love n light,



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The US Government did in fact have such a program, called the Stargate Project(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_Project). While some of its results seemed compelling, the project was terminated in 1995 after the Democrats lost control of the Senate in late 1994. The American Institutes for Research evaluated the program, and concluded that there was insufficient evidence of the utility of the intelligence data produced.

(13 Jul '11, 19:50) Vesuvius

yes, they actualy still have secret opp in this too and its under diffrent code names, the monicle si teh project this man told me about

(13 Jul '11, 22:25) TReb Bor yit-NE

thank you for the spell check , as one thing didnt change, my inabillity to spell and check it lol,, ty

(13 Jul '11, 22:39) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I never thought of a question like this would be about the moral implications on remote viewing.

I don't see how it could be immoral to remote-view except if you are planing to use it to spy for example: to steal government secrets.

But if you are using it to maybe visit Paris and site see the towers and things I see nothing wrong with this myself.


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Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade, I only wrote that after reading the other questions on this site concerning remote viewing. The posts seem to move toward an ethical debate and away from the initial question. I was just trying to avoid that as I am seeking good councel and answers

(13 Jul '11, 03:10) Alyson

Yes, I recall reading a post or so about that. I figured they meant remote viewing other people.

(13 Jul '11, 04:39) Fairy Princess

i agree wade maybe some see it as invasion of privacy: a they are going to see me naked. ha ha ha. if you have impure though you would not be able to stay there. so stop going nuts over that. then maybe if you would know that nothing is hiden you would have some even bigger issue.well experiance and enjoy.

(30 Jul '11, 01:27) white tiger
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You can remote view either by the clairvoyance or by the mental journey.

You can read about the clairvoyance under Step VII: Magic Psychic Training and about the mental journey under Step VIII: Magic Mental Training.



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I believe that I may be able to help you with remote viewing.

Shamen have for ages used remote viewing to scan their environments for threats and also for herds of animals that might be hunted. In order to understand how they can do this, you first have to understand that shamen undergo training all their lives to be what they are. Acolytes are chosen at an early age; children the seem to "see" things in a special way would be chosen for training.

A shaman can journey into the spirit world. This is achieved using a combination of drumming, drugs such as peyote, sensory deprivation, fasting, and even smoke-holes. I am a trained shaman, and have journeyed successfully using only drumming and fasting. The idea here is to change the chemistry of the brain in such way that "altered States" become possible. By this, I mean that the deprivation of food (some shamen fast for weeks), the final ingestion of various herbs and drugs- and the constant, deep, rhythmic drumming all combine to allow the soul to escape the confines of the body. I cannot say what happens per your question of quantum mechanics-all I know is that I can go anywhere, once freed of my body...and i do mean anywhere! This takes years of practice and guidance, for a shaman never knows where s/he may end up!

I have a hole in the earth that I enter when my mind is ready, and I have seen some pretty amazing things.

Remote viewing is responsible for my name- I visit Grandfather Coyote, the Guardian Spirit of the Colorado River, at his home quite regularly- in fact, I tell a story about how he proved he was real here if you care to read it. It is a great story, and it is very real and will give you chills!

You can email me at yahoo if you would like to hear more or learn about becoming a shaman yourself.

Hope this helps you start out on the right track. Aho, and Blessings, Jaianniah


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yes you are correct the shammans are the KINGS of remote veiwing ,, ty 4 sharing !

(13 Jul '11, 15:18) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks, Rob! Love ya'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(13 Jul '11, 15:55) Jaianniah

love u 2,, thank u 4 the great welcome, lnl, rob

(13 Jul '11, 22:25) TReb Bor yit-NE

i love the bit about the hole in the earth suggesting that information can travel through a kind of subterranean passageway, underground mesh invisible to the physical eyes ... however your remote viewing is different to mine. For me remote viewing is more virtual sensing in that we are always surrounded by all energies past, present and future ... all we need to do is remain firmly centered within the body and reach out and touch them with our senses ... hope that makes sense

(01 Apr '14, 03:36) jaz
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Yes you are right quantum physics can explain remote viewing. We live in a holographic universe. Holographic simply means that each part contains the whole. Take for example any cell in a human body. It is not only an individual cell that does specific work and can reproduce itself but it also contains the blueprint for the whole body. The reason why cloning is possible.

Remember all and everything is interconnected and all is ONE therefore it stands to reason that remote viewing is possible.

Is it moral? Lets say for instance you want to view what a certain person is doing at any given time. Do you have this persons permission to do this? Do you think they wouldn't mind you knowing and seeing what they privately do? Yes sometimes it is immoral and it is up to a persons own morals to respect personal privacy of others.

That is not all for now we not only get remote viewing but also remote influencing. Yes you can view and influence another human being which is simply scary. Used under the circumstances of war or to find missing or lost people and children I'm all for it but for any other reason it is immoral as it goes against basic human rights to privacy and protection of that most precious human possession your very mind. Our very freedom of choice is threatened. What is the worst is that it is practically impossible to prove.

alt text


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paulina nothing is hiden so privacy permission etc. does not apply to spirituallity. as for seing someone naked you cannot with impure though stay there. as for influencing people it happens each day when you look at the tv the journal the pc to sell you product or to influence your way of thinking or for who you will vote etc. yes of course you could force somepeople to do what you want if you did not respect free will.

(28 Aug '11, 06:59) white tiger

Remote viewing and dowsing work on exactly the same principles the only real difference between the two techniques is how the information coming from the subconscious is materialized and made visible. The remote viewing i'm speaking of is nothing to do with leaving the body, it is more sensing, tuning into a small part of the 40 million bits of information that we automatically receive through the subconscious every second. So rather than naming it remote viewing i prefer to follow the idea of Simeon Hein and name it "virtual sensing".

Here you are working in the domain of space time, spiritual and vital energies so there will always remain a certain part of mystery. Nevertheless in practice it seems as if everything in the universe, be it past, present or future possesses a characteristic vibrational code, and by a phenomenon of resonance you can enter into contact with that code, analyse and decode it.

The human body is part of the natural world, has evolved from and with it and is continuing to do so, it seems only natural therefore that we are in vibrational harmony with the whole of the physical universe, that we are naturally in vibrational contact with all that is, our body acts as an antenna. There is a "magical" part that seems beyond our comprehension

You ask questions about holograms, quantum physics, non locality ... these are scientific terms which can be useful for helping to grasp the subject of consciousness and how it functions, scientist's are gradually catching up with what mystics have always known. Keeping in mind that "science" is an ever evolving belief system, in the following video Dr. Simeon Hein gives an in depth description of how remote viewing fits into actual scientific theory



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you go somewhere in spirit and look at stuff. so experiance and enjoy.


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white tiger

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