It used to be that when I made a decision, I just got up and acted. It just occurred to me, though, that maybe I should actually do some preparation before I act! Just what should I do? I know I should pray. That's really important. But what other things can I do to make way for a change?

Thanks in advance, and Blessings, Jaianniah March 2, 2011

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Making decisions BIG or small.
Do them with love ,love for yourself, love for others.
Use the Golden rule.
Just think when everyone does this :D


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Clear your mind, eyes, emotions and get your state to be one of deep calm and joy the days leading up to it....


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Make a list of pros and cons. Talk to other people who have made one of the decisions you face. Give some thought to why you made the choice you did, and see if you are coming from a healthy place, or a place of pain, and then do some EFT to eliminate negative emotions surrounding the issue so that you can make a decision from a neutral point rather than an emotionally charged one. If your question was more specific, I could be more specific.


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Fairy Princess

I have learned that every decision is the right decision made in the perfect moment of now! Even if it appears to be the wrong decision at the time, it is the decision that will perhaps teach you a valuable lesson. So do not dwell too much on what is proper procedure, but trust your ability to listen to your inner voice that speaks to you in every decision!


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Yes Vee! Thank you, namaste

(04 Mar '11, 12:46) daniele

I used to make kneejerk reaction decisions and often suffered to some degree as a consequence of not actually listening to mySELF.

Now I always (as of recently!) take some time to just sit with it first. One outcome will feel better or more 'right' than the other. It's just sometimes a case of getting the rules and shoulds out of the way so you can see the truth of it for you. Then you will know. And it will be the best outcome for everyone. (Interesting how even writing that a little voice in my head is telling me that's idealistic and naive! But I still will say it.)


answered 05 Mar '11, 18:51

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