Consider: And do you know when to use Fight, or Flight, and does it stops you from attracting the things you desire in your life?

I was having this discussion with some friends, so I decided to post it as a question on Inward Quest.

Here is the definition from American Heritage Dictionary for fight or flight reaction

A set of physiological changes, such as increases in heart rate, arterial blood pressure, and blood glucose, initiated by the sympathetic nervous system to mobilize body systems in response to stress.

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Vee, as mentioned previously to you, please put more detail into your questions. One line questions should be the exception on Inward Quest, not the rule. Anyone who has not heard of "fight or flight" will not know what you are referring to. Please refer to the FAQ regarding asking questions:

(17 Jul '11, 12:53) Barry Allen ♦♦

Vee I have to agree with Barry Allen, I would answer this if I knew what the question is you are asking. This is extremely broad what you are asking. I am trying to see the connection is with attracting to fight or flight. I could talk about fight or flight from my karate perspective but I do not think that is the answer you are looking for when you said affects attracting.

(17 Jul '11, 17:43) Wade Casaldi

@ Barry Allen: thank you for your feed back. I added the definition, and the link for more information.

(23 Jul '11, 05:38) Inactive User ♦♦

@ Wade C: I would love to read your answer to my question from a Karate perspective. Also you may want to read Paulina’s answer: it is full of insights, and it covers the attraction aspect of my question in details.

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Fight or flight is a natural physiological response in the body when danger is sensed. It is a much needed response when we are faced with any kind of physical danger and as such need to respond or remove ourselves from the situation.

However, it can become a deterrent in our lives when we get into an habitual way of reacting when there is no real danger in sight except a mind created one. The body will react in the same way whether the physical stimulus is real or not and the fight or flight response can then become an habitual response, to minor challenges in life, when it is not needed.

I think without a doubt that it can indeed prevent you from attracting what you desire because it can tend to hold you in a negative feedback loop. Until one begins to look at their habitual beliefs and reactions it will seem as though their reactions are automatic...however, once examined they can be changed :)


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I agree with your answer, thank you.

(23 Jul '11, 05:42) Inactive User ♦♦

You're very welcome Vee :)

(23 Jul '11, 12:19) Michaela

The answer from Michaela above is good so I wont elaborate on that but will give you tools to use to prevent this happening when not neccessary.

You physically feel the chemical reaction in your body when under stress, fright, worry, danger and so on and just as well we do for it is telling us that we must get ready to eather fight or run for our lives. All well and fine when it is a life threatning or genuine situation but when it is an imagined situation or an old bad memory thats when problems start. The mind can't tell the differance between real or imagined or just a bad memory so it releases the stress chemicals anyway.

You can now see what happens to you when you dwell on old traumas or painful and sad memories for the mind and body think it is happening now and release chemicals into your system to make you rady to react to the situation. All thinking has a specific reaction within the body so if you dwell on the negative thats what you are and will become for you attract that which you feel. Feeling is more important for what you feel you attract. If you feel good you know you are thinking good thoughts and if you feel bad or sad you have been thinking negative thoughts.

1) The first thing you must ask yourself is how is my diet. Do I eat enough to give my body all the good vitamins, minerals, proteins and so on? Ask yourself do I drink enough water? Many people don't realise how importand a role diet plays with our emotions and thinking. If a person is short of certain B complex vitamins or aminoacids or magnesium for instance their thinking will be more negative as they don't have adaquate nutrition for normal body mind functions to fuel positive thinking and will eventualy suffer from depression. It is crucial to make sure you eat enough of the right stuff and even better take suplements to make sure. Of course it goes without saying eliminate the wrong stuff like smoking and drinking alcohol or other drugs and if thats not possible cut down drastically or seek help as they rob you of the vital nutrients needed for a happy mind and body.

2) Exercise is extremly important. When your body is telling you fight or flight thats the time to go to the gym and hit the tredmill or run, walk dance or whatever. Remember that when someone saw a tiger they eather had to fight for their life or run for their life. Today stress chemicals will surge through your body for many different reasons including when your boss or partner or whoever upsets you for whatever reason. Exercise will nutralise those stress chemicals and make you healthier and more positive. It's good for both the mind and body.

3) Now is the time to change the way you think and feel. There are tricks that can be used which work wonders and to change a feeling and get into a more positive frame of mind nothing works as fast as happy music. Put on some happy music and sing and dance to the tune and in no time whatsoever you will be cheerfull. Note only happy music, nothing sad or nastalgic please.

Living in the present moment works wonders as well providing that the moment is a good one. Read Eckhardt Tolles the power of now and start practising the power of presence. If you must dwell on the past than please only think of the good and plesent memories and never, never think of old traumas and hurts and pains and strugles for that will attract negative and unhappy things into your life.

Think and write of all the good things that have happened to you in your life and keep a journal on things you are greatfull for. The warm sunshine, the roof over your head, the food you eat....think of all the things you are greatfull for and more greatfull things will come into your life. Write about five a day and you will be suprised how this will change your thoughts to more positive way of thinking for you will be consciously looking for things to be greatful for.

Try to be conscious of what you are thinking. In otherwords monitor your thoughts and when something negative pops in change the negative thought for something positive. If you are already depresed and can't for the life of you think positive please dont suffer needlesly seek help as there is help for everyone out there.

All the things I've written about above have an affect on body-mind chemistry weather the stress hormones or the feel good neurotransmitters and yes they do affect the Law Of Attraction as they affect the way we think. To realy attract the good stuff feel love for nothing can attract the good stuff like love and nothing can make us as happy as love. To love doesn't allways mean partner love but love puppies, animals, babies, children, nature and anything else you want. You can never go wrong with feeling love as it is the highest vibration we here on earth can feel and the one that can manifest only good.

To feel love attracts love, to feel happy attracts happy, to feel good attracts good, to feel rich attracts riches. You can't feel sad and attract happy for they arn't on the same freequency. You have to think and feel what you want to attract.

Good Luck Paulina


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Paulina 1

Excellent answer Paulina, and I especially like the fact that you mentioned Nutrition, and Exercise, since staying healthy is very important to the physical and mental function of the body to deal with stress. Thank you!

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