When I was young, I felt free. I felt this even though I was under the supervision of my parents. I felt this even though there were things I were allowed to do and not allowed to do. Whenever I felt bored, I still felt free. I felt like I could do anything but the boredom was coming from not being sure of what I actually wanted to do.

So what does freedom feel like?

I heard some people say "freedom is choice". That sounds nice but it isn't an emotional state that I can make energy (a vibe) from. The closest thing I can come up with is "freedom is feeling powerful", but even that is not completely true because when a person is feeling strong and doing exercises they don't necessarily have to feel free, they could just be there training while having a mind that feels not-free. So based on this I would say feeling "free" and feeling "powerful" is not exactly the same.

Maybe freedom is feeling "potential", like anything is possible, and I should just hold that as a vibe? But just because anything is possible is that what really makes you feel free? That would mean bad things are possible to happen too..

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? What does a "freedom" energy-vibe feel like? How do you create that energy to hold on to in order to bring more freedom into your life?

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"What emotion is "freedom" - what "vibe" or "energy" would it create?"

Freedom is a very abstract word, so it could mean completely different things to different people. So I think there is no vibe that would describe it accurately for everyone.

It's like when I say: "imagine a dog in your mind". One might think of a big white one, another person might think of a little brown Chiwawa, or a comic dog like snoopy etc.

The meaning of freedom can also change for one person during the day. So for example, if I feel humiliated by my boss, freedom could mean "power" or "revenge" to me. Then when I go home and I sit on my couch at home, I could feel bored and freedom could mean excitement and adventure to me.

The best way to know what freedom means for you right now in this moment (but consider that the meaning could change in the next minute) is to ask yourself what you want to experience. And try to find out what the feeling is you want to feel.

These questions may help.

What would have to happen right now (not tomorrow or next week) for you to feel free right now? What if you had a Genie in a lamp right now? What would you wish to happen right now to feel the feeling of freedom?

alt text

If you don't know what you want to experience, ask yourself first what you do not want to experience. Then it should be clear what you want to experience and feel instead.


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Freedom is knowing that you have total access to the unlimited abundance that provides the higher self, it is feeling totally empowered by the ability to do whatever you need to do when you need to do it and you access it by tuning into it, in other words it is being in the vortex and can be symbolized by

alt text


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Freedom is found in the absence of limitation. It is a state of being similar to an awareness. Freedom can give rise to any number of emotions, relative to a particular limitation. For example, someone who is in prison might at different times, "feel" every emotion, low to high on the scale of emotion but is aware of not being free due to the limitation in the form of iron bars. If, however, the warden comes by. opens the cell and says you're free to go, then with the removal of the limitation, the former prisoner might feel a variety of emotions due to the "awareness" of being free. He might feel joy at his release, he might feel fearful for his future, doubt about his chances on the outside. Regardless of what he feels, he "knows" he is free. Try your own experiment. Find one of your limitations, overcome it, and think about how you feel at that moment.


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Freedom is not an emotion. Freedom is a state of unconditional love and allowance of Free Will for All.

Is not love an emotion? Yes, if it is conditional. Unconditional love is not an emotion but a state of Oneness.


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