I have been studied Law of Attraction for a while but there are something basic that I don't understand yet...

  1. I think the Law claims that "we become what we think about and the Universe doesn't understand the negative sentence"
  2. I think the law also claims that "we have to align with what we think so it become true and to align is to feel good"

But I think if I apply both into a situation, the result will be different. For example, my claim is "I don't want to be ill"

If I apply number 1:

I don't want to be ill ==> I want to be ill (since the universe doesn't hear 'don't') then the result is I am ill

But if I apply number 2

I don't want to be ill ==> I will stay healthy (because even I think about illness, I have negative feeling with illness and thus I create a resistance to illness)

Why the results are so different?

And if the second claim is true, can it mean that we can eventually get something we want but we have resistant to it then?

Thank you :D

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Well, the Universe doesn't really care about structure of sentences, grammar, semantics etc.

So it doesn't matter what you say. What really matters is what you have put into your Vortex of creation through living your life and expressing preferences of what you want. I could scream out loud that I'm the biggest ....... this world has ever seen and feel really great about it. But that doesn't mean that my body will turn into a giant "lower opening of a digestive tract" because I feel so great about saying it. And that good feeling would just result in me getting something that I want that matches that good feeling frequency.

Furthermore there is no such thing as illness in this universe. Well-being is the order of it and so there is only a source of well-being and a temporary absence of well-being. There is no source of illness. And your Inner Being is always calling you towards well-being and feeling good, whatever this means for you in physically manifested terms.

Whatever you resist, is what you don't want. It doesn't matter how you verbalize that. If you are feeling bad, you are getting something that you don't want. If you are feeling good, you are getting something that you do want.


answered 08 May '15, 07:55

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@releaser99 Thank you. Maybe my vibration is more important than the word :D

(14 May '15, 04:54) MrMushroom

Traditional LOA theory has too many holes and contradictions. You have to use a paradigm that goes beyond LOA.

See this and this.


answered 08 May '15, 08:07

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@cod2 Thank you :D

(14 May '15, 04:53) MrMushroom
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