If you were in my position of feeling like you need something real to shift, not just for the shift itself but to know you are on the right track, but were too confused and scattered to know where to focus, what one simple thing would you use as an anchor for your focus, a north star so to speak, in order to induce drastic positive change?

To put it into more personal terms, how would you get out of a deep depression coupled with urgent financial needs? I mention the two together because I try to force myself to handle the urgent financial problems through blunt force but all I get is a deep sense that life is not worth living and an automatic retreat back into apathy.

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I would follow my excitement & let go all that I don't need.

(18 Feb '13, 12:27) Gumnaam

@flowsurfer When I've really needed relief from a really bad feeling place, the most effective thing is just to tell myself that I don't even need to see as getting through today - just to breathe and get through the next few moments and then breathe and get through the next few moments and repeat. The other technique is to chose a mantra - you can decide - but "I don't have to sort this all out today" would do and just keep repeating it. The repetition alone helps.

(18 Feb '13, 15:31) Catherine

I listen to Esther or Bashar youtubes over and over.

(04 Mar '13, 19:41) clearheart
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@Jai , I've just finished listening x3 to this Abraham vid this morning ,talks about direction, I know you will get something from it , pay attention to the very last line of Esther's talk , boy did it resonant , as always with Mucho Loveioh ....SL


@flowsurfer , honey there are no quick fixes , it's all baby steps , I totally get the money thing , I've learnt the more wound up I get about , it pinches off the flow , when I chill out , it comes from the most unexpected places , and no , not work , lol , so now I just take each day as it comes , I have a roof over my head , food , clothes and trust in Source that all will be well ♥♥♥


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Finding a way to chill and trust, is the key. Thanks @Starlight :)

(18 Feb '13, 13:37) figure8shape

I've been listening to some Abraham stuff on youtube and it has been helping.

(18 Feb '13, 14:29) flowsurfer
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I have been where you have been; I am where you are...Just last night, I described my feelings like this:

"I am down a 35,000 foot deep pit, and there is no scaling these walls. It is hopeless. I am hopeless."

I have more debts than I can even begin to handle. I am scared out of my mind half the time, and numb the rest.

So you and I could form a club. Maybe. But....

Today, I feel better. Not a lot, but definitely, something has shifted for me. I read something by Abraham. It is so simple, a kid could manage it. Here it is:

Choose to think the good thought.

Every time the bad thoughts creep in, I am choosing to pull my mind away from the bad, and I choose to think a good thought. If I focus on my kids, who have mostly broken my heart, Today I refused to think on them. They are not here with me. In this moment. Not a bit.So I instead am grateful I am not a Jew in Nazi Germany.

Little by little, it is working. I am molding my future with good thoughts. I am projecting positive, even a little positive. I think on the softness of the bear Wade bought me for Valentine's Day. Good thought. I think about how I am happy to be out of the South. Good thought. And so on.

I am assuming here that I am on a threshold of a new life.

And that is a good thought, too.

Try it for now. Don't try to solve the big puzzle; try to solve the little puzzle of how to make your insides, your mind, feel better. It is way easier.

Love you,



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Mike Kemski of BANABU said, "Highest energy wins." Now here is the thing you can make a huge jump up in frequency but it will seem painful, fake, you will feel like this is a load of baloney. It is much better taking steps. You might be at a place where Heavy Metal is the only thing that will make you feel better. Some real "Head bangers ball music." That is fine if you feel better, if it makes you feel like banging your head while screaming "Yeah!!!" do it.

I figured this out today, sometimes I want to watch, "The Secret to You." It feels good but it could be that you feel so low that watching it makes you angry. I was there myself yesterday. I couldn't listen to my beautiful subliminal music or watch that, it made me feel like throwing my phone. So I said to myself forget about it! I want to rock! So I decided to put on some AC/DC "It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock And Roll!"

I was feeling depressed and when I listened to that I could feel my energy shift, I felt like, "Yeah!!!"

If you have to, go slowly (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll, Light Rock, Classical, New Age) until you can listen to the beautiful subliminal music and watch the video, "The Secret To You."


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Wade Casaldi

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The One Simple Thing I do is to remain hopeful and search myself for answers. I know how you are feeling because I am in the same boat. I need money and I need it today, but it has yet to show up, at least in the amount that I need to be peaceful about my financial situation. Several months ago I fell into despair because I was at the end of my rope. I felt I was doing all the things I was suppose to do to manifest. Nothing worked. So, I said to myself, "What now?"

I don't believe that there is any magical way to have things show up when you need them. I have tried and so have others. You want to find out if there are words to say, acts to perform, thoughts to think, that will bring you the money and/or life that you so desperately need. I don't know if that it is even possible.

(Correct me if I am wrong and if you are one who can manifest at will, then manifest for Flowsurfer. NOW! Speak the word for him to have what he so desperately needs to ease his suffering!)

Some of the post here provide good advice. Be strong and keep in mind that things change as time goes along. Patience, faith and hope are key. Just don't give up: As Stephen Hawkings said, "Without imperfection we would not be here."


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(Correct me if I am wrong and if you are one who can manifest at will, then manifest for Flowsurfer. NOW! Speak the word for him to have what he so desperately needs to ease his suffering!)The words have been spoken to him many time but he will not listen that is free will and he is responsible of it. Eventually he will wake up.

(18 Feb '13, 14:20) white tiger

White Tiger, my interpretation of what he is asking is: can I make things happen instantly to cure what ails me? We all seem to be saying "No." Then my response is: if there is anyone who can manifest the money he needs to pull him out of his situation, then manifest that for him. In the same way Jesus did for the Centurion in curing the latter's servant. The Centurion said, "Speak the word and my servant shall be healed." I am saying, "Speak the words to cure Flowsurfer's finances."

(18 Feb '13, 14:32) Quest

Neville claimed it was possible. I believe him (well, sometimes anyway). It simply takes a disciplined mind (which I'm working on). If anyone wants to help, it might be better to not reply to me at all and simply imagine that I'm writing a post about how happy I am and how things are somehow working out. Imagination is God in action, Jehovah's flaming sword, Jesus.

(18 Feb '13, 14:37) flowsurfer
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One simple this is to say and write gratitude's every day. The book 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne is a good one to teach the power of this.

For a quick shift in energy and vibration, when you walk say thank you everytime your foot hits the floor. Each morning find 3 ways you are grateful that you are you. Each night reflect on 3 or 5 successes you have had that day.

I have relied on this method for the last year, and even if some days it can be hard to find a success, smiling at a stranger or walking the dog are successes that also raise your energy, vibration and eventually your results.

I combine walking the dog and gratitude steps and must say thank you at least 500 times a day now! My dog has to be the most grateful dog alive. lol

It is all about vibration as the great Abraham teachings tell us. much love to you @flowsurfer xx


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Get to know your self solve your inner duality.For financial need go get a job.But this you cannot accept it,you do not like to work you do not like to play games.yet you are playing the game on you and on people that try to help you.That is your main problem that you need to solve.Stop torturing your self and people around you. Go take a walk seek something you like to do and do it.Judging your self and other does not help you. Blessed are the peacemaker.



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white tiger

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