Hi IQ,

I always feel good reading question and answers on IQ. This is one of the place that bring peace to my mind.

Here I can share my pain and get the love that keep me enthusiast for the tomorrow. But its really hard to mention that I'm surviving on least remaining hopes in my time. Im fighting on and on for my career.

Im meeting people day after day. Im travelling long distances. Every time a new experience and new blossom I receiving from the persons I met. But due to no background or no relationship with anyone in the film industry none is interested to take a brave step to continue with me.

By this experience I understood that great things never become great until it reaches to millions of people. Because I had that script and with all preparation telling the story to the persons one or two they simply making some excuses like giving me the dates of next meeting etc.

And after with all enthusiast I wait for the day they simple postpone it for the future dates or ignore it completely. Anothe reason for their ignoring is that they can't digest alone walking into their doors and with all genuity telling the story. Because they expecting some emotional security from me apart from the subject that made meeting happen.

Im alone on my own with cute and inncosent, hard and soft elements prepared a story. After everthying ok with huge confident (not to kill them but as neccessary) meeting the new producers and directors (the star ones are not in reach) after listening the story. No matter how much good they find any thing to tell with the power sitting on the front chair. And Im with just hope expecting him at least geniunely talk about the story where it can improvised.

Sometime some persons honestly except my story is good but brave step is still remained unattempted because Im alone with no money.

These is been on a long period. Im borrowing money from friends. Ones twice but third time I cannot make face to go in front of them.

I have an elder brother who is working and food for food no struggle but how long I can remain on him just showing blank face whenever he ask for my earnings (though for my own purpose). Fear is occupying for Im being unemployed my family and friends.

How long I can make them hold tell that I can surely success. Now Im feeling like Im on the peak hopes are flatering confident is driving away from me. Anybody tell me is this the end of my story.

I feeling like asking somebody for honour killing. If any such thing exist Im really grateful to die honourly that is what Im expecting all my life HONOUR HONOUR and HONOUR.

I dont know what to ask you people because you have given great knowledge through which I able to make my mind peace.

Im not fear of dying or living.

Thank you.

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Im on cybercafe and time is up paragraph correction or spelling error please excuse. :(

(26 Jun '15, 09:22) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD - Have you tried Abraham's Prosperity Game? Here are some IQ questions/answers that mention it: https://www.google.com/search?&q=site%3Ainwardquest.com%20%22prosperity%20game%22

(27 Jun '15, 13:30) Stingray

Hi @PERFECT GOOD - Perhaps you will find some value (I know I did) in the following video, which was created by a person who was once in a position very similar to yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmNNsOpTR94

(28 Jun '15, 17:27) lozenge123

For the courtesy nobody questioned my question... 'been flat broken how can you except for success' (thanks to everyone for that)

I know 'flat broken-failure' is the combination but 'flat broken-success' is the resistance. Hoping for success itself is the resistance.

Now I remained with only one option just dare to move on with the attitude I got till I meet disaster either it could be success or failure now it doesn't excites me.

But pain is consistently increasing...

(01 Jul '15, 03:39) PERFECT GOOD

detachment with people whom I love the most is really really hard to put it in practice. I don't know how is death but I think I'm experiencing worse then that.

I don't know even in the most lonely part of this experience why hope for living is still alive. Yes it is there in me. But it is becoming very hard to carry forward with it.

Hope something happen before the last challenge that I cannot take it up.

Thank you.

(01 Jul '15, 03:41) PERFECT GOOD
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Yes PERFECT GOOD I have personal experience of being flat broke with no future. I felt like I was invisible and slowly being crushed by the society.

How did I get out of this situation? Well I had an old book that I'd bought many years before "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" and I really put it's teachings into practice though I think I must have not quite got it right, the mental programming I mean, because from there on I started stealing vehicules. It got me out of a sticky spot and I was able to put some money aside and buy a place to live ... and of course the inevitable happened (I'd spun a web so tightly around myself that I trapped myself ) ... the police caught up with me and I did some time.

Moral of the story; make sure you get the mental programming right. :)

This was all a good lesson for me because it made me realize I had a poverty conscious outlook;


Nowadays I"m a lot better and a lot wiser, actually I'm studying the teachings of Robert Scheinfeld, he says "the primary reason you're not experiencing true happiness (that is you're experiencing unhappyness) on a consistent basis right now is that you've accepted a series of lies, illusions and stories as true ... I think that what he says is well worth investigating :)

Update saturday 27th june; so how come using the "Lazy Man's Way to Riches" method did I end up stealing vehicles to gain money? because in my eyes the system was bent so the only way to get around it was to be bent too.

Robert Scheinfeld "Why don't the typical techniques work? There are zillions of books, audios, videos, courses, events and workshops offering techniques, strategies, and prescriptions for how to be happy. If we're brutally honest with ourselves, we see that virtually all of them end up as dead ends

You'll continue failing to produce the desired result and driving(notice the "driving") down dead end after dead end ... until ... you discover why the techniques fail and how to "turn around" and take a new "road" that really can take you where you want to go."

To me this is very enlightening ... using the "Lazy Man's Way to Riches" method my prime goal was to make money, and in this sense it worked. However the truth is that hiding behind the motivation to make money is the ultimate goal "be happy" ... so I was auto- (lol) matically self sabotaged. This I found to be True I did make a lot of money but still was unhappy, depressed, angry, fearful exactly the correct vibration to attract [prison].

Here's the paradox, it's in prison I found real freedom, when I was in prison the only true escape I really found was to go inwards ... once a week there was a yoga teacher that gave seances ... my nick name was "voleur de bonbons" which means candie thief, the other members of the group were two murderers, a rapist and a bank robber and of course the teacher quite a unique group with which to practice yoga lol

When I say "murderer", "rapist", "robber" I'm just repeating the words that have been stamped into me by my education ... my experience of murders, rapists, robbers, child molesters, (fill in the blanks) is that they are just like me, that is, anyone ... the upshot is that I discovered that unlimited space within that Robert Scheinfeld mentions. The Inner Space is like when I look at a 2D drawing that suddenly transforms itself to 3D


or is it the other way round? :)

What do I mean by the system is bent? ... I have the impression that the prime motivation in Story Space that is, in the real world is to make money and that being happy is just a secondary goal.

My conclusion is that the prime motivation is "happiness" whatever that means, I know that it's classed in the "3" sector and is just one of the 22 emotions but I'm sure there's more to than that ... all the other goals are secondary. Any method, technique or "other" should take this into consideration.

All this is not theory, ideas, concepts ... it is based on my own personal experince.

So what is happiness? That my friends is a fundamental question :)


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I always ignore the terms 'robber' 'rapist' 'murderer' and just think to myself, there's a person that is feeling bad almost all of the time, stuck in a negative vibration.

(27 Jun '15, 07:40) Yes

@Yes Are you wondering how I became crazy? This is how it happened, One day I woke from a deep sleep and I found that all my masks were stolen. So I went out without my masks through the narrow streets of the village shouting "Thief" "Thief" "Thief" curse the thieves . Men and women made fun of me. Out of fear some ran towards their houses and when I got to the market place a young man standing on the roof of a house shouted "He's Mad" I lifted up my head to see him. For the first time the ...

(27 Jun '15, 10:05) jaz

sun kissed my naked face and my soul lit up for love of the sun, and I didn't want any masks anymore. That's how I became insane, and in my madness I found my liberty and my security. The liberty to be alone and the security of not being understood. For those that understand us enslave us in some way ... Extract translated from "Le Fou" by Khalil Gibran

(27 Jun '15, 10:10) jaz

(you've accepted a series of lies, illusions and stories as true ... I think that what he says is well worth investigating) Yes it is true Im being the enemy of my own self and trying to be develop a friendly nature towards me and other. The problem is they are so slippery and stuburn and sometime when I come across the right vibration I state hating it and by this doubt and fear take over me and waste my time.

Thanks for your answer Jaz it worth to me.

(27 Jun '15, 10:25) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD when I navigate a boat and I see each wave hitting me I feel ruffled and bounce all over the place, when I keep my eyes at a point on the horizon those waves have little importance, blend into a pleasant journey and I can navigate and arrive at my destination, my destination is abundant happiness :)

(12 Jul '15, 01:29) jaz

@PERFECT GOOD the way to know "fear" better is to dive into it's energy, feel what it's made of and you'll find the truth

(20 Jul '15, 04:02) jaz
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Hello @PERFECT GOOD. In response to your comment,

For the courtesy nobody questioned my question... 'been flat broken how can you except for success' (thanks to everyone for that). I know 'flat broken-failure' is the combination but 'flat broken-success' is the resistance. Hoping for success itself is the resistance.

@Stingray has provided you a link to an excellent tool that will help you to feel successful no matter how "bad" or "poor" your physical situation seems to be. This tool is called the Prosperity Game. Here is another link, with additional links, that will explain to you the process of the Prosperity Game:


Next, in response to your question:

Does anybody become successful after being financially flat broke?

The answer to this question was provided in the video I posted by Tyler Perry in the comments section under your original question.

To sum up, the answer is: Yes. People do become successful after being flat broke (and worse).

There are many additional examples of this. In addition to Tyler Perry, here are a few well-known people who became very successful after being flat broke:

  • Jim Carrey
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Martin Sheen
  • Matt Damon
  • Chris Gardner

I am also reminded of an even more extreme example, of a certain filmmaker who was not only broke, but $100,000 U.S. dollars deep in debt.

This particular man had made two previous movies, but in his efforts to get them made (without having the comfort of an ordinary day job), had borrowed money from all of his friends and family (to the sum of $100,000). However, he had a dream to make one more particular film. He had written four massive drafts of a script, but was not able to find financial backing.

Just as Tyler Perry also suggested, this man put all his focus into this one script, this one story. Many people thought the script was silly, as it was extremely fantastical in nature. Also, this happened to be a time (the 1970s) when most of the popular films were gritty, hard-boiled, and cynical; this man's script, however, was full of idealistic---some claimed naive---and spiritual themes.

He took the script to nearly every studio in Hollywood. However, they thought his script (which included, among some things, talking beasts and talking robots) silly and idiotic.

After much time and effort by the author, this man's script had been rejected by every studio in Hollywood except for one. The author took this script there in a last-ditch effort to get it made. Amazingly, after all the many rejections, an executive (named Alan Ladd) at this last studio took a liking to the screenplay, and managed to secure financial backing from the studio itself (20th Century Fox).

That man was George Lucas and the script was Star Wars.

alt text

On the eve before the release of Star Wars, George Lucas was still $100,000 in debt.

The rest is history, and no doubt you know it all. Star Wars and its sequels became the most popular film franchise of all time, and George Lucas is now a billionaire.

There are many similarities in George's story to your own situation, except for the fact that he was not only broke, but deeply in debt.

In his interview with the Academy of Achievement, Lucas describes how he was brought to the brink of hopelessness during this period:

No matter how easy it looks on the outside, it's a very, very difficult struggle. You don't see the struggle part of a person's life. You only see the success they have. But I haven't met anybody here at the Academy or anywhere else that hasn't been able to describe years and years and years of very, very difficult struggle through the whole process of achieving anything whatsoever. And there's no way to sort of get around that. The secret is just not to give up hope. It's very hard not to because if you're really doing something worthwhile, I think you will be pushed to the brink of hopelessness before you come through the other side. You just have to hang in through that.

You can watch the video here:


Now, this is Mr. Lucas's view because of his own experience and his own set of beliefs. However, does everyone really have to be pushed to the brink of hopelessness to make a successful movie?

The answer is: Absolutely not.

I myself have personally known two individuals who "floated straight to the top" of the film industry within only a few years of college. These two individuals have directed movies which everyone on this website has probably heard of. From the very beginning, they had no visible angst, anxiety, or apparent resistance to becoming successful. They didn't even really seem to care that much. To them, it was all a big game.

Now, to look at your own specific situation:

As I have already noted to you here, putting all your hopes (and your power) in the hands of people already "successful" in the industry can be a difficult ride. It's not that success can't come to you this way (it can), but telling yourself (and the Universe) that it can only come to you through this particular channel is like trying to suck a river through a reed. It tends to be a lengthy and unpleasant experience. :)

Putting all your hopes, and power, in the hands of these people is pretty unpleasant, isn't it? Believing that only they have the power to make or break your career, to make you happy or unhappy? This approach is creating more resistance, isn't it?

So I would try re-focusing your power and energy (per Tyler Perry's suggestion) on your work, on your own writing, on your own imagination, on your own creative abilities. That could mean writing more scripts, if that is your passion and highest excitement. Or, if you prefer to focus and streamline your efforts even more, it could means doing more creatively with the the script that you have already written, to realize that particular vision, by doing one or more of the following:

  • Writing director's notes for the future actors and cinematographer
  • Creating concept art (this is what James Cameron has done to secure investors)
  • Creating storyboards for the film version
  • Auditioning and casting local actors in the roles
  • Holding readings of the script with the actors
  • Filming the read-throughs with whatever camera you have (cell phone, etc.)
  • Shooting a short film of part of your script, or a trailer for it
  • Starting an internet Kickstarter to fund the feature
  • Shooting the entire script, or part of it, with whatever resources you have

alt text

By way of example, you may have heard of a young man who recently filmed a short preview for his movie idea, basing his film company out of his Grandmother's basement, casting his friends (and himself) as the principal actors, and using home computers for the special effects:


With no local film industry around him (in Sweden), he put this three minute video up on Youtube and Facebook, and began a Kickstarter campaign on the internet which raised enough money to expand his trailer into a thirty minute film:


This last short film was accepted at Cannes, and debuted on the internet for free. Soon afterwards, the filmmaker was contacted by Dreamworks Animation, and offered a deal to expand his idea into a feature-length film.

And so it goes.

No one's path, of course, is exactly the same, but I hope that this post has given you some ideas, and a few things to think about. :)


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I have nothing to say except try and one day face you with honour.

(10 Jul '15, 06:24) PERFECT GOOD

I have no doubt you will succeed, since Abraham says that a super strong desire will blast through all resistance, and, if this has become a life or death issue for you, your desire is clearly very strong. I look forward to meeting you one day. But when that happens, will we even realize that we happen to be these same two guys on Inward Quest? :)

(12 Jul '15, 00:53) lozenge123

We happen to same or not, I don't know but I'm sure of one thing it would be a glorious moments..

(19 Jul '15, 07:06) PERFECT GOOD

@lozenge123 I got an opportunity to work in the direction of 'Mr Mohan Kanth'. He made three movies in tollywood. Hope I will get refined under him finally and able to make my own film sooner.

Im searching for producer to my script. :)

(15 Sep '15, 04:04) PERFECT GOOD

@lozenge123- This answer is smoking balls. What weight and coolness it has, thankyou for writing it.

(24 Dec '17, 19:02) Nikulas
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I would say that I had to change the attitude towards myself. This is what changed in me, I stopped comparing myself to the worlds expectations, and began to create things based on my knowing there is a way out. I had to changed who I thought I was, to what am I capable of doing. By spinning my self talk, I found that situations around me changed with those thoughts and feelings and that anything is possible.


answered 16 Sep '15, 02:42

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The Knights Alchemy

Yeah, me. I used to live in a shack where a neighbor let me use his shower in exchange for mowing the lawn. I lived mainly off of oatmeal.

I did various things to improve my standard of living, such as make arrangements with the government (my bout of poverty was a side effect of some strongly held anarchist beliefs I decided to let go of), getting freelance jobs, getting normal jobs, and so on.

About a year ago I started getting very serious about practicing Huna and I set up a daily routine using several Haipule prayers (like a creative workshop with a little extra pizzazz) and the La'a Kea (a way of influencing your aura with visualization).

Then Bitcoin shot up, and I just quit my job. I did nothing at all to prepare for this- I bought my coins in 2011 because I thought they were a fun toy. People kept telling me to sell for fear they might crash, but I didn't. Other people told me they couldn't handle the rollercoaster of ups and downs, but I just don't mind. The universe prepared me well- I was a perfect vibrational match to this.

I am continuing with my practice and I am very excited what else may come up.


answered 29 Dec '17, 20:41

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