It is said: we should detach our self from the outcome, when asking the Universe to manifest our desire. Is there a specific step to follow, if so, what?

asked 24 Jan '10, 06:19

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The idea is to eliminate resistance. If you are attached to the outcome, you are essentially thinking about not having your desire, which causes the universe to give you more of what you are thinking about, which is not having your desire.

Abraham calls it "letting go of the oars" so that you can drift downstream to where your desire is.

The specific step is to be unconflicted, and to go on about your daily life.


answered 24 Jan '10, 16:32

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Amazing answer @Vesuvius! Thanks for the insight! :)

(28 May '12, 16:48) MagicalUniverse

To want is a form of lack. When you say "I want (blank)" what you are really saying is "I dont have (blank)". Therefore, ask for your desire in the present tense and feel as if it were already yours, then you must forget and wait for it to come to you.

Letting go and detachment from the outcome is the hardest part and I definitely struggle with it also. It just takes practice and more practice. I like to tell my self that no matter what I am fine where I'm at with or without my desire.


answered 24 Jan '10, 20:05

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I thought Michael and Vesuvius had such good responses, so I can think of only one thing to mention---that's to keep your mind positive, find things to appreciate and to not worry. Especially to live in the moment, find joy and appreciate things daily. You attract that which you want, in that way. Just let it come your way! Good question!


answered 25 Jan '10, 02:08

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