I couldn't help noticing at a baseball game both the batter and the pitcher did a little symbol of their faith.

Who wins in a case like this? (The batter got a hit but was thrown out at first)

How does God respond to prayers that rely on the "downfall" of another who is pray to God also?

How does God or source sort this out?

This question can be made on a larger scale for more important events in the world as well.

Soldiers on both sides of the war praying to God to defeat the "enemy", or the other group who is also praying to God.

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See: 'Who wins if two people have conflicting desires?' http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1508/who-wins-if-two-people-have-conflicting-desires

(02 Sep '10, 17:02) Stingray

Think of that kind of prayer as a way to connect with your higher self within, a way to get "in the zone." (Abraham calls this the Vortex).

When you are connected with your Source (or God, or whatever you want to call it), you connect with that vast resource of creative power that allows you to be highly effective at whatever you do.

Players who are "in the zone" are far more effective than those who aren't. This is true for any occupation. Personally, I don't think God actually makes a decision one way or the other as to which team is more deserving.


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The Universe has an unlimited supply of everything that anyone can desire. Hence one person's supply or request does not have to be limited for another to benefit. Another thing to consider is that you really do not know what the two players were praying for.

I think you have to look at the bigger picture and not at one situation in isolation. Both of them can be winners and stars regardless of who won or lost the game


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@Drham: I'm pretty sure the pitcher was praying for a strike out and the hitter a on base or HR. In this case one of the requests has to be limited for another to benefit.

(02 Sep '10, 19:00) Back2Basics

Also in war I am pretty sure both of them will not be winners and stars regardless of who won or lost.

(02 Sep '10, 19:01) Back2Basics

We really do not know that. Even those that die in the war could be winners. Its all about perspective.

(03 Sep '10, 20:15) Drham
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I would have thought that in Gods infinite wisdom he would let the game or competition be won by the best game played.In other words He wouldnt intervene. I must say thou that the point about a war is a very good one. I guess that if two people compete for something theres always going to be a winner and a loser.Maybe thats why Wattles stresses not to get into the spirit of competition. Graham


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You question is inspiring an experiment.

Somebody should bring together two (or more) pairs of volunteers who are willing to participate in an experiment on the learning value of playing simple board games.

They should be told that they are participating in an experiment where each person is supposed to play an ordinary game of, lets say snakes & ladders, while a third person takes note of the progress. Maybe they can be quizzed on simple logic questions before and after playing 5 games in a row.

Now un-be known to the other participant, one player at each table should be secretly told to concentrate on one particular face like let's say Four falling more often than any other number.

If you tell them concentrate on SIX it may not work because the other player & the note taker are both looking forward for that number.

Now the note-taker's job is to gather data on how many times each face falls, but the note taker also doesn't know why they are doing it.

Now we can study the result to see if the secretly concentrated face on each table is favored over all other faces.

Or here's another experiment.

About 25-50 on-lookers are told to observe one volunteer roll two identical steel balls down a ramp 20times. now before the volunteer does the experiment, the volunteer is removed from the room and all the on-lookers are told that one ball is slightly heavier than the other and that the volunteer doesn't know about this secret, so expect the ball on the left,(or right) to always go a little bit further.

Meanwhile, in reality both balls are actually identical, but nobody knows that except the experimenter, who doesn't participate in the experiment in any capacity, including giving instructions.

Such experiments should allow us to discover if we as individually and collectively affect the outcome of events.

But I don't think it will work if any participant is aware that they are part of a test to measure the mind's ability to influence an event.

Now you may ask "But what does this have anything to do with God and Prayer?"

And my answer is "Observe what your consciousness is doing when you are praying".

On second thoughts maybe someone should post the question "Does God grant our prayers or does he grant that which we believe to be true from within where we stand?"


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"On second thoughts maybe someone should post the question..." ...I think you've just volunteered yourself to do it, Traveller :)

(30 Jan '12, 13:34) Stingray

Ok fine, but please go ahead and re-word it if it will allow a wider and more unique perspective :)

(30 Jan '12, 13:43) The Traveller

if the prayer is not for the good it is not make. energy always go through the less resistance. also the amount of energy can pass through a bigger resistance. so the person with a negative attitude will get zap. that person is like a wall and the energy is like water.alt text


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Both contestants win by redeeming and realizing their faith. Prayer in competition can be as simple as asking God for moral support, right conduct, and protection against our ego. If the prayer is misconstrued then that is up to the audience to question the intent of the contestant and if the contestant is misconceived by the purpose of prayer then that person is on a journey of awareness.


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