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It seems that many people have difficulties attracting financial abundance, although other areas in life seem to be flowing more naturally. Why is that?

I think this is because when we want to attract financial abundance we try to find our limiting beliefs first. But this is not always easy because there can be many beliefs that aren't obvious when it comes to attracting money. Because money is linked to tons of other (limiting) beliefs in life.

So why not start from the end and take the best possible beliefs about attracting wealth that exist on earth... and then clear the resistance to them? Here are those 15 beliefs from a very successful entrepreneur named Eben Pagan and his wealth course DVD.

Now read those money beliefs and see if they do resonate with you. If some of them don't (which is very likely), try to find out why they create a feeling of resistance in you. The idea then is to clean the resistance to them (with faster eft, sedona method, focus blocks etc.) and start attracting wealth.

  1. Money is a tool that i use to create value, assets and wealth

  2. Wealthy people are good generous people

  3. I bless wealth and the people who have it

  4. I deserve wealth and give myself permission to create wealth

  5. I bless all wealth and all wealth in my life

  6. I control the process of creating wealth and becoming wealthy

  7. I am personally responsible for creating the value that results in all the wealth in my life

  8. I become wealthy to the degree that i help other people become even more wealthy

  9. I create as much value as possible in every situation whether i am paid for it or not

  10. I become more attractive to wealthy and healthy people by displaying my inner qualities

  11. I appreciate every challenge and set back as an essential lesson in my development in creating wealth

  12. Owning more stuff only wastes my time, creates hassles and takes me off track in my life

  13. I make financial decisions, financial communications and take financial actions ONLY when i am in my higher self (Vortex)

  14. I give me permission to fully receive any gifts or contributions that are offered to me

  15. I deserve all the gifts and the things that are contributed to my life and i recieve them fully

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nice one releaser99

(27 Jan '13, 01:26) blubird two

superbbbb dear..,thanks for sharing..

(27 Jan '13, 06:06) supergirl
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This is very helpful releaser99, thanks, but I would like to add that just because it doesn't resonate with you doesn't mean you have resistance to it, IMO.

It may not be on your path to adopt this particular trait right now (although probably will be at some point) and I think it's more profitable (sic!) to follow your inner guidance as to what to do next, or simply what feels best to do, rather than take an intellectual exercise to adopt somebody else's list of 15 points.


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Focus Dude

@Focus Dude I agree that it is always good to follow your inner guidance. But IMO this for many people belongs to the category of "easier said than done". So sometimes in practical terms it is more helpful to change beliefs first and then follow your inner guidance from this new foundation.

The idea in this case is to internalize really fundamental beliefs such as "Wealthy people are good generous people" too make it much easier to attract money.

(28 Jan '13, 17:58) releaser99

@releaser99 Ah, yes, I see your point now and it's certainly helpful to think this way, thanks

(28 Jan '13, 18:29) Focus Dude
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