Animals run around all day living for free. They can eat for free. They can drink water for free. They can build their own homes for free. They can go to the waters and play without a single coin (when humans pay to go to beaches - land and water were given for FREE by GOD/UNIVERSE).

This is not only animals, though. There are still humans that exist that are living for free. The pirahã tribe are one. They have food, water, houses, land, boats (which they make on their own) and clothing all for free. They are a very simple people, but they smile and laugh many times a day and have a great appreciation of nature.

The money system does not have to exist for 'harmony' to exist. That is a belief system sold to the people. If you are using your energy for money, then your energy is being used to feed the system and to keep those who control the system (those printing out the money) in power over you. They print of pieces of paper called 'money' for FREE and print a whole bunch for themselves for FREE while making it illegal for everyone else.

Meanwhile people want to manifest 'money' instead of Freedom to be like the free animals in the world, or even as those few human groups that exist in this world living for free as The Ancestors did.

What is going on that most people do not know that they are manifesting/continuing their own enslavement for something they are supposed to have for free?


I have to clarify here. I am not saying this to make people feel 'negative' or 'weak'. I am not taking a 'victim card'. All I am doing is making people aware of a situation so that they can CHOOSE to direct their energy in another way for THEIR empowerment and THEIR freedom instead of money controlled by physical rulers of the world. YES, do NOT feel like a slave because The Spirit which is Light, Source, God, Power, Wisdom, and Unity is stronger than The Physical which is Darkness, Fear, Weakness, and Shame.

Let's keep shining our light. Let's manifest Humanity feel Strong, Invincible, Joyful rather than humanity serving 'money' to do anything.

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great question!

(25 Jun '14, 17:08) Olga Farber
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For most people in the modern world, money represents freedom, or at least the ability to have more choices. It also represents time, since money allows you to buy some of your time back; having more money allows you to sell less of your hours for dollars.

I could talk for awhile about how money is a lever that builds many artifacts of modern civilization that we take for granted like shelter from the elements, clean water, safe and plentiful food, etc., but I'll ask you a simple question instead.

How were you able to post this question?

Was money somehow involved in any way? Or did you simply rub two sticks together?

Does having money preclude your ability to enjoy nature? Or does it make it easier for you to go to where nature is so that you can enjoy it?

Money isn't a master, it is a servant. If money has become a master over you, you're doing it wrong. Money, in and of itself, isn't the way to bondage; it's how you use it that makes you more or less free.


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yes, money is involved to do most things. That's my point. The things which are free to every other species (and to some humans still on Earth) it is not free for the majority of humans because self-proclaimed rulers enforce the money system upon others.

(25 Jun '14, 21:19) arpgme

arpgme, for now this is where our world is at, awaiting the the intended use of 'Jiva', sidetracked in our ignorance of understanding creation and our purpose

(26 Jun '14, 06:07) fred

Awaiting for Jiva? I'm not sure what you mean by that but How is that any different than Buddihsts waiting for Maitreya, Christians waiting for Jesus, or New Agers waiting for Aliens? Maybe "waiting" is the energy they want you to be in so that you stick to the system while you "wait".

(26 Jun '14, 07:56) arpgme

arpgme, take time to do some research, there was a language that more precisely related how we are here now. many attempts to translate have diluted the power of the words

(26 Jun '14, 08:13) fred

@argpme: Everything in life is a tradeoff. Your choice is to accept the confines of the money system and live in a comfortable home, or be free of the money system and live in a grass hut. Either choice is valid.

(27 Jun '14, 14:30) Vesuvius

yes @Vesuvius "money is a servant" ♥, it's an external concept ... real freedom can only be found on the inside ... "freedom is a state that you arrive at when nothing is driving you ... you can consciously act which ever way you want then you are free" Sadhguru

(28 Jun '14, 03:58) jaz
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I didn't want to answer the question in the form in was formulated, but I want to answer the question in a bit different form:

"Why are people using their energy to manifest money instead of Freedom?"

because I think your suggestion, that we should/could get everything for free, is from the same duality system, in which money system exists.

What about, just not caring (like in Bashar's suggestion), where it comes from?

Like, when you really manifest Freedom, you just get what you want, when you want, perfectly fitting you, in a way that is transparent to you - you're just getting it:

if money is involved, it just arrives;
if some exchange of energy is involved, it happens naturally;
or you're getting it as a gift;
or you're getting it "for free" as a part of some promotion,
or whatever!!

Why do you care at all, if you're getting it for money or for free? Because of the vibration of lack? Because you feel like, if it's for the money, there's some barrier on the way, and when it's free, it's freely available?

I think many people who has an experience of the vibrational work and living, observing, researching its results in the physical "reality", will say to you, that even if something is absolutely free, if you're not of that vibration, you won't get it! You will procrastinate, or "someone" will put some other "barriers" on your way to it. On the other hand, if you're aligned with getting it, then even if it costs a fortune, it will suddenly arrive and you will get it. So money is just a permission slip (Bashar's term), and one of the ways in which vibration expresses itself in physical reality.

Also, when people are on this vibrational path for some time, with a real desire to understand and practice it, they come to a conclusion, that they go not for the money, and not for the goods even, but for the feeling they will have when having what they felt like they wanted. And when they go for the feeling, and put the feeling as the manifestation they go for, then their life .. has a different quality, I'd say.

And then they can define that it's not only the Freedom that they want: maybe it's also convenience, ease, fun, comfortness, luxury, etc.

And then they can come to a conclusion that all this is included when they think of a desire of lots of money. :) Kind of, say it in one word, and you go for it all. Just using the patterns that exist already, why not to use them, if it comes with awareness. Gene Geter says it's the word "Wealth," if I remember correctly.

So now, I'd say, I could tell you 2 reasons, why people may go for money and not for freedom:

(a) they just started on the way of realizing goals/desires and do not realize that when they go for a feeling/the atmosphere, they get much more; that they can be free from the "how" and only go for the alignment - with the thing they want, or better said, with the energy that is them having that thing they want;

or (b) they're so advanced that they use the established pattern to go for everything desired. Well, almost everything. I would say "happy money" or "financial happiness." :)


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Olga Farber

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I care because the money system is forced humanity. There are still societies that don't use money and of course animals also live for free.

(26 Jun '14, 10:53) arpgme

Well, I believe most of us decided to play this game of earthly money exchange. It really is all just a game no matter how bad we think things are by buying into limiting belief systems of others and believing that solid physical reality is the only thing, and we have one shot at living for eternity.

The funny thing is, having the belief that money exchange is some type of enslavement and a lack of getting things for free or not having freedom in general, will probably manifest a reality of "not experiencing freedom." It's really that simple.

The humans on this planet that live "off the grid" are doing it because they choose to do so. The humans on this planet who are "playing the money game" are doing it because they choose to create that reality every single moment.

Pushing against something like the money system being bad because it's not freedom will only create more of the same.

This is a time for change and transformation. Someone had to create this monetary system at one time, so why not use your infinite and powerful imagination to create a new system. If you are passionate about creating something new and exciting and for the good of humanity, I have no doubt at all that you will create your unique world where that exists.

We all know exactly what we are doing here on earth and we know why. Each individual is on their own path and are going at the perfect pace they need to at the perfect time and place.

I would highly suggest you follow your passion of feeling the joyous experience of freedom in your own inspired way but leave the pushing against of money and the definition of enslavement out of the picture if you want change. Don't lock your self down with beliefs that limit the chance you want to experience. Open up and allow your energy to flow and leave other people out of the equation.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Don't ever expect the world to change for you because that is surely impossible!


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This is like saying if a woman is raped it's because she 'really wanted it' deep down inside. Source/God is Power and Equality/Unity and the physical is not 100% pure source yet. Strong souls like Martin Luther King are born to evolve Humanity to be more like Source. It WILL happen because that is who we truly are, but until then there will always be a little bit of injustice just like when Light first appears in darkness it is a bit dim.

(28 Jun '14, 01:30) arpgme

@arpgme If you prefer to use the old cliche of rape or whatever so called "bad thing" you can come up with to have the experience of not creating your reality every given moment of every single day then that is completely your choice and it is valid. It just emphasizes the kind of vibration your are attracted to and explains why you see the world the way you do. Why is Martin Luther King a strong soul and you are not? Why focus on injustice and not freedom in your life?

(28 Jun '14, 01:44) Cory

@Cory, great answer.

(28 Jun '14, 02:46) Olga Farber

obviously, @arpgme, we're trying to answer you in an uplifting way, and your point isn't to be uplifted, it is to point out "injustice", with no desire/will to analyze, what's in it for you. There're those teachers, Eloheim & The Councils, who present Levels of Creation:

from them it shows, that you prefer to stay on level 2, while you could, if you chose so, rise to level 4. If your life depended on explaining in a feeling good way, would you?

(28 Jun '14, 03:12) Olga Farber

I'm already uplifted Olga Farber. I made this question to ask you guys why do you keep manifesting the money system instead of freedom to live without out. I already know what I want and how I want to live. I am already manifesting MY FREEDOM. I am asking this question to make you guys think so that you can also choose Freedom over the money system controlled by others.

(30 Jun '14, 02:36) arpgme
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Money specially paper money is a system introduce by clever people to control the world and gather the wealth of world.those ppl have captured more than 90% of the world wealth and assets.And the whole iis working for them as their laborer. It is not difficult to find out who those pple are.They impose wars on the nation just for capturing their wealth and natural resources. They control media.They support different groups to fight with each other .

If you read and research about paper money and its history you will be amazed at the fact that how ppl are being looted and fooled.The actual wealth of the world is going to some greedy persons who want to rule the whole world.


answered 27 Jun '14, 16:14

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Definitely, and as long as Humanity is aware of this, Humanity will have the option to stand in Freedom and shine their Light (Power/Unity).

If you are not aware of darkness then you are trapped in it, but if you know about it then you can shine your Light. We are powerful spirits of Power, Unity, and Freedom - Lights of Source (The Unified Gigantic Light) and we are hear to having fun being ourselves and shining that Light through darkness making this physical realm brighter and brighter.

(28 Jun '14, 01:33) arpgme
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