At work my boss is constantly picking on me, always telling me off for small petty things that dont matter. She's also a bit verbally abusive at times, and makes me feel small and inferioir, but especially, as if I'm worthless and a burden.

Abrahams knowldge about work explains that should I switch jobs, I will simply encounter extremely similar problems at the next job- and I especially believe this. I work two jobs, and at the other job a success story applied when an aggresive, impatient and abusive head chef at a restaurant was sacked the day I was about to hand in my resignation form (i'm including this to say that I'm anaware of what 'powers' I used here with my thoughts). Now, work at the restaurant is fantastic with other people.

What actions, mainly thought actions, should I take to make the workplace a happy, positive area? I am already positive enough, but maybe I have a belief that is incurring me being constantly told off? I'm not sure....

asked 19 Jul '11, 10:48

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I had an overbearing, verbally abusive, controlling, micro-managing and just plain vindictive and mean boss once, so I can relate. I can't say I chose it since so many situations might have brought her into my life and the lives of my crew. I didn't even worry about any of that; I just had to get some relief and I didn't want to quit the job....I wanted her to leave us all alone. I used the Silva/Goldman method. I persisted in going to my meditative level, where I would have an imaginary meeting with her, just the two of us, and I would smile, and keep telling her that we both wanted the exact same thing....the safety of the people in our bank buildings and the protection of the bank's assets. I would tell her that in working together to that end, everything would be good and that I wanted only the best for all concerned. At then end of the pretend meeting I would hug her. I reinforced this nightly for awhile. At first she was around less and less, which gave us all some relief. During a four week period there was only one single confrontation and problem. I kept at it with the imaginary meetings, and after another short period of time she suddenly came to me one morning and stated that she was transferring across country. I was promoted and never had to deal with her again. Work was very pleasant after she left and ran smoothly. When she retired, I went to the party and there were never again any hard feelings between us. I highly recommend this mental exercise for a "problem person" in your professional life. Be persistent. Best wishes!


answered 19 Jul '11, 15:53

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LeeAnn 1

Not just in professional life, but life in general.

(19 Jul '11, 16:03) Fairy Princess

That is so true!

(19 Jul '11, 22:49) LeeAnn 1

you gave a golden answer i was looking for. I agree- violence, or violent or vengeful thoughts aren't going to solve anything. Love invites and attracts love. I'm also thinking that perhaps this boss of mine is a challenge from the universe of me trying to develop a quality necessary to gain a girlfriend!! Thankyou LeeAnn and yes, i will use silva method for this one if it gets really bad and persists.

(19 Jul '11, 23:37) Nikulas

You're right; it can't be solved with negativity, not for your sake or anyone else's. I do know how it feels, and I wish you all the best in solving your problem, Nikulas.

(19 Jul '11, 23:55) LeeAnn 1
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well those people will have a taste of there own medicine so do not worry they judge you because they are ugly below the surface. but when they knock on the door they will have gnashing of teeth. they can ruin their life do not let that affect you. so experiance and enjoy.


answered 20 Jul '11, 02:31

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white tiger

It sounds like you understand that you attracted this boss. Do some EFT tapping on stuff like, "I don't deserve to be treated well," stuff like that. You can use Stingray's manifestation experiment 4 to systematically remove the limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears, etc... that are attracting the abuse.

On the other hand I quit when I felt this way. You mentioned that quitting would just bring more of the same. That is why I addressed it the way I did. However, I agree with Jai, bullying should not be tollerated. One place that I felt bullied, I told my supervisor and the other person got fired. Then, When I reported another bully, I got fired. The next job I got, I had a weird boss that would criticize everything. I quit for a job that I loved and had attracted by helping people. Blessings,


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Fairy Princess

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It depends on what you mean by "abuse".

Anyone who is being harassed or verbally abused needs to know that they did nothing to deserve such treatment, and the abuser should be reported. I think that we cater too much to the abusers in this world.

I guess this is a sore subject for me. I apologize. I was harassed and abused for years by my family. I was also picked on at school, and I doubt that ANY technique would have stopped these abusers. What DID stop them was getting caught and punished. Bullying is a National Problem. It is not something we should encourage people to endure on any level. Call a spade a spade, and a bully a bully.


answered 19 Jul '11, 16:28

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Ordinarily I would agree with you, and in most settings, that is appropriate. However, when the rotten person is your own boss, sometimes you have no one to turn to. Perhaps you need your income or insurance, and making a change or kicking up a fuss is not an option, or there is no one above the boss who is approachable. In the workplace, sometimes delicate situations come up, where by tattling, you yousrself will be the only one to be hurt by it. Sad, but a reality in some of the corporate environments. I'm sorry about what you went through as a child, that sounds awful.

(19 Jul '11, 22:45) LeeAnn 1

I definitely agree with you about not worrying about having deserved it or brought it on though. There are just bad people out there whom you didn't necessarily attract, but are just in your way for whatever reason. There doesn't have to be a deep meaning to it all, mean people just exist for their own reasons.

(19 Jul '11, 22:48) LeeAnn 1
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