Has anyone here tried it and did it work?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

A very good question for I have heard so much of mind reading, mind seduction, and telepathy communication with someone. It doesn't matter about the miles. Thanks Pat.

(07 Feb '11, 03:32) flowingwater

Could you please post a link so we all know what you are talking about? Thanks

(07 Jul '11, 12:46) Fairy Princess
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This is a very broad and vague question. If you want more specific answers, you may have to make your question more specific.

If you are asking whether it is possible to make someone do something they absolutely don't want to do but which you want them to do, the answer is no. You cannot assert your wishes onto someone else's reality in a Law-of-Attraction-based universe like this one is.

If you are asking whether it is possible to heavily influence someone to do something that they have no strong feelings or opinions about, or which they might already have a slight tendency towards, then the answer is yes...welcome to the worlds of advertising, marketing and the media...it pretty much dominates humanity right now. :)


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Also, bare in mind, that mindpowerseduction only advocates influencing. It states in a manual that should you 'reveal your methods' then chances are you shall lose your 'target.' Basically, it's all about giving you a step up before/during the interaction for no apparent reason.

(07 Jul '11, 11:39) Nikulas

It is real and not only possible, it leads to very real reactions from the one receiving just like if you were there. This is a loving thing only for the one you love and only if accepted. The problem is this is used already unwittingly by many people to a damaging result that can have life long adverse effects on the person that just felt like she was raped by a ghost or demon or something, really by some idiot thinking he is just harmlessly fantasizing with all his emotional wants and desires.

Jesus taught if you lust after a women in your mind you have already lusted her, now you know why, it is real yes.


answered 31 Oct '09, 10:25

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Wade Casaldi

You are so right the knowledge that you have you should be careful how you use it and to whom you use it on. For their is power in the mind and the beholder of thoughts and ideas. No one should use force anything on another. Yes, certain people connect in certain ways very powerfully. Yes, you are right along with knowledge suppose to comes responsibility Wade Casaldi.

(02 Nov '09, 06:02) flowingwater

Very true the more you understand the greater the responsibility for that wisdom. Much agreed.

(02 Nov '09, 10:08) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for the answers. I asked this question not because I am trying to force anyone against their will. My ex-gf and I are back in touch with each other. She's showing signs that she's still attracted to me, but due to our previous issues (which are simply circumstances) we have been very careful whilst rebuilding our friendship. I read about mind seduction and tried it with some success (i.e. she suddenly started initiating a lot of contact). It's all good when I play it cool, but when I started responding a little, she pulled away again. So, am I on the right track?

(03 Nov '09, 14:02) Pat

As I said it could be a very loving wonderful thing with the right one, it is a shared experience. She might feel scared since you are not physically there with her but yet she feels you like you are. I do this more for distant hugs when a friend needs a hug that is scared or worried about something. I hug the air or a pillow and imagine and feel I am hugging my friend, it calms her down and feels safe.

(07 Nov '09, 08:56) Wade Casaldi

Wow, Wade Casaldi that is so nice to help a friend out who is afraid or a lover who needs some comfort and missing you. But I read a fiction romance novel who was psychic in the military, the navy seals, and the psychic enhanced him and now he can I think they called it sleep travel and he mentally left his body and touched the female doctor and she could actually feel his hand on her arm and unbeknown to him they had link her to him through genetic engineering. Didn't you have to let your friend know you were going to give her a hug and could she actually feel it as though you were there?

(07 Feb '11, 03:29) flowingwater

Yes but it depends if it is an upset situation and I know my friends need calming down I send that hug. Everyone needs a hug to help calm and relax every once in a while. It is a good thing and healing and relieving thing.

(07 Feb '11, 03:53) Wade Casaldi
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This works for the simple reason that the dynamics of mind seduction is no different than visualization/thought concentration which based on experience truly brings results.


answered 20 Oct '11, 12:21

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I've heard it's extremely effective, and deals with things similar to the Silva Method- brain wave maniuplation, telepathy, ESP etc... All men, when they first read about it, may have ethical issues, "is this a dark method?" Yes and no. No, in the sense that it is just a skill. Yes, in the sense that the ramifications of your target, AFTER your interaction will cause extreme emotional shifts, whether they are good or bad depends on your intentions.


answered 07 Jul '11, 11:41

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