Major clattering going on in one of my personal relationship. Over the weekend I did some vibrational clean up around a topic that lead me to major clean up of friendships in my life. No specific relationship just in general.

I do understand that everything that happens in my reality is a result of my vibration and I’m wonder if what has transpired in the past few days it related to the ‘clean-up’. One of my closest friends has been acting quite ‘bi-polar’ lately. She has been going through personal problems but recently it seems it has been directed towards me. One minute she’s calling me her best friend and the next I’m one of her worse friends. Just recently she explained to me how we really don’t get along because we argue (in my eyes it’s actually fun and light hearted) and she uses profanity more around me then others. Basically saying we are not really good together, as friends. It’s quite strange and her anger towards me is unwarranted in my eyes.

It seems to me that something has change and is causing this reaction from her. However I know that when people act out it’s more about what’s going in their personal life rather than our actual relationship….I think that’s true. :-/

Help me understand what’s going on. I’m asking more out of curiosity than actual concern. I feel the need to trust the universe on this one and know that everything is smoothing out. It’s sort of tough being that the person is someone I care about and is a significant part of my life.

If this is a result of my vibrational clean-up, I expect life to get more interesting in many unexpected ways. We never know how the universe will deliver but it seems things are shifting and I can only imagine what is to come. One last thing, although my intention is to trust in the process of change, which apparently includes relationship shifts and clattering, it’s slightly scary that some people in my life may be shifted out.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

After rereading I'm sure it's clattering. And the story in the answer by stingray answers my questions and describes what is going on in my life with my friend. WOW I guess ME-4 is really working fast!!

(21 Jun '11, 18:56) Chris 2

feel free to add an answer however. :)

(21 Jun '11, 19:32) Chris 2
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Judging by your own comments you seem pretty sure it's clattering and it may well be.

I'd say (based on day or two of evidence) it's probably a little too early to know for sure but if the behavior of the other person continues to become more and more erratic and unreasonable, a clattering out of your reality may well be on the cards.

There is another possibility that I didn't mention in that original clattering posting and that is that the other person may have the vibrational range (and willingness) within themselves to readjust to the new vibrational status quo and thereby continue to interact with you in your improved-feeling reality in an improved-feeling relationship.

Having said that, to my knowledge, I've only really had this happen with one person in my own life and, according to non-physical communications I've had, this person is a reincarnational "buddy" anyway (many previous lifetimes together) and so will probably come along for the ride regardless of my vibrational output :)

Whatever happens in your case, your attitude of trusting in the change is the most helpful one you can hold.

A vibrational clean-up is always beneficial to you in the long run if you are willing to go along with whatever changes it brings into your life.

And, after all, the only constant thing in life is change :)


answered 21 Jun '11, 19:48

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Ok. I can understand that. I'm sure there are several varialbes that may be in affect with this situation. For example I know she is going through what seems to be a rough patch in her life while I'm trying to raise my vibration. I've noticed that when she's in a good mood then everything is fine. Again I'll just be paitent and watch as things change around me. :)

(21 Jun '11, 20:48) Chris 2
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