I am only on week two of The Master Key System and this is the first time that I have ever attempted to meditate. I have been mostly trying to focus on my breathing in order to eliminate my thoughts. Just concentrating on the word "in" as I breathe in and focusing on the word "out" as I breathe out. I have only tried this a couple of times but so far I haven't felt any differently while meditating or afterwards.

I'm not sure if I am doing it right or if this is something that just takes time and practice? Is meditation something that I should be practicing everyday, how long should I meditate ?

I have been having trouble finding time to meditate between going to school, and then I have to wait until my son goes to bed and then my husband is around and it's never really quiet. I have been considering waking up early before everyone to meditate first thing in the morning, that way it's quiet, days go by where I don't meditate at all. I have been sitting Indian style while I meditate but I wasn't sure if it matters what position I am in while meditating.

How is it suppose to feel? Is meditation helpful because your thoughts stop for a period of time or is it helpful because you are learning to control your thoughts????

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You'll know it the first time you actually meditate.

Your mind will start to feel liquid, and silky, and light, and like DragonflyPR says, you'll feel slightly elevated.

The fluidity and silkiness and lightness of your mind is what really marks meditation for me.

This is how I meditate:

  1. Find a quiet spot.
  2. Close your eyes and slow your breathing down.
  3. Focus your mind's eye on the spot on your forehead right between your eyes, and 2 cm above. This is the same spot you see Indians place their red dot on their forehead, called the bindi.
  4. Gently hold your mind's eye on this spot, and image you are looking through this spot with your eyes closed. When your mind is distracted, bring the focus of your mind's eye back to this spot.
  5. Be patient. With time, hopefully your mind will start to loosen, and relax, and start to flow around. You'll experience a gentle sense of elevation. You'll feel silkiness and light in your head and your mind.
  6. Hold this for as long as you can. This is meditation.

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Is there a certain position that you are suppose to use while meditating? I've heard to sit Indian style to make sure that your spine is aligned. Then I also heard that it doesn't matter and that you can even lie down as long as you are relaxed...

(06 Apr '14, 22:13) Jess

I've been told sitting straight, or lying down straight are both okay.

(06 Apr '14, 22:38) SR7

For me....Meditation is where I quiet everything so I can re-set myself. kinda like re-booting your computer so everything will go back to its default settings. I have learned there are many many many different avenues and paths you can take while meditating but that's not the topic here.

What are you suppose to feel?....nothing! Quiet your mind and quiet your emotions and quiet your body and be in the "silence."

The best lesson I can suggest for a beginner like you is going to Simon Templeton's other site http://www.psitek.net/index2.html#gsc.tab=0 and look for the free ebook "The Master Key" and in the first 2 or 3 weekly lessons you will learn and practice the steps to meditate properly.


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Thanx, that actually helps me alot. Today was one of those days where it was really hard for me to stop thinking negatively and I kept attracting more and more bad situations to myself. So I decided to try and meditate and I was able to completely quiet my mind and I came out of that feeling refreshed and positive and I was able to start my day over. And I will definitely check out that book. Thank you so much!

(03 Apr '14, 15:04) Jess

You're welcome, and note it's "The Master Key System" not "The Master Mind"

(03 Apr '14, 19:53) Eldavo

Meditation is a evolving process. It should be peaceful, effortless and serene. Meditation sometimes will feel like you elevate yourself into another realm a magical one where everything is as you want. It is where you forgive yourself and others. It is where you love yourself and others. It is where you can find the solution to many situations. For me it feels great, refreshing, insightful, loving and sometimes blissful.


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Apart from all the beneficial points that have already been mentioned i'd like to add that it can be useful to know why you are meditating ... to calm down and relax, to reach certain deeper aspects of yourself like patience, to gain deeper insight into an issue etc ... this allows you to monitor your progress more easily.

For whatever reason you meditate it's always important to find that point of balance, the midpoint between the two extremes, between the two opposite poles, that point of dynamic equilibrium where both energies can be pulled in so as to achieve your desired objective. For example most of us have highs and lows, periods when we feel full of energy and other periods when we feel lacking energy. Meditation can be used for learning how to control and shift your mind so that it is neither too high nor too low, you can train yourself to reach that point of balance, that center point where you are completely relaxed, yet fully aware.

It's fairly easy to attain a medium state of meditation where you'll still experience some thoughts, you'll be aware and take note of their presence and at the same time remain calm and focused. Whether you easily reach this delicate point of equilibrium is irrelevant at this stage, just keep in mind that with each meditation you get closer and closer to it.

Our mind is like a fluid stream, dancing and weaving, and as you become at ease with this dynamic polar movement, you'll find it easier and easier to maintain this point of equilibrium whatever you are doing

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