Here is a list of 22 images;

0-fool , 1-magician , 2-high priestess , 3-empress , 4-emperor , 5-hierophant , 6-lovers , 7-chariot , 8-justice , 9-hermit , 10-wheel of fortune , 11-strength , 12-hanged man , 13-death ,14-temperance , 15-devil , 16-tower , 17-star , 18-moon , 19-sun , 20-judgement , 21-world .

The game is to ask the person to choose the image that they like most and also the image that they most dislike. There are well established both negative and positive qualities corresponding to each image and from their choice we just look up the description of the dominant traits of character of that person.

We can give a broad outline of the dominant character, for example if the choice is 0-fool, we can safely say this person would often be optimistic, spontaneous , fearless , inventive , visionary and somewhat foolhardy and from a negative point of view would probably give the impression as being naive, immature, impulsive, irresponsible and lawless .

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blubird two

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personally that is me jaz when I was blubird two I find this question fits in perfectly with the question I have in hand "what are our emotions in relation to our higher selves ... I'm writing out a text to explain that will be posted soon :)

(09 Jul '15, 05:55) jaz
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The only problem with this blubird is that you are the one attributing the qualities to the images and thus making a judgement call, based on your opinion, whether the person is optimistic or pessimistic, negative or positive.

For example #13 death could have negative connotations to you but to someone else it could be seen as a natural part of the life-death cycle...nature has births and funerals every day.Those images could conjure up very different opinions for people.

I think the only thing an exercise like this would do is give the person asking a preconceived notion of how they think the other person is and it doesn't leave any room for allowing the other person to show up differently in their life experience... we generally get from people exactly what we expect.

I'm learning the hard way that it's better to have no preconceived notions or expectations... that way no-one can disappoint you or let you down and everybody can just be themselves.And by allowing the other person to just be themself, you actually bring out the best in them :)


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@ Michaela ok , point taken - however i think i didn't explain

myself very well . the meanings of all the images have been

carefully established by experienced psychic readers and do not at

all depend on my judgement . here is the link with all the meanings

(21 Jul '11, 14:08) blubird two

@blubird I hear you, but when a psychic is using those images to do a reading, it is based on their own interpretation of what those cards mean... they are not asking the client what they think the card means and then determining what that means about them based on their response. The other thing to note with Tarot or any other cards is that the meaning is not etched in stone and you'll often find that different psychics can interpret them differently :)

(21 Jul '11, 17:18) Michaela

From a cold introduction, pointing out how it WORKS in their life already might be more effective.


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The law of attraction is like the law of gravity in that it is always on. If you want to make use of it, then take care of what you allow in your mind. So if you want to make a game of it, you could get everybody feeling good with a movie or jokes or something. Then play a game where you tell a story of what you want to happen the upcoming week. Then remind people to keep thier thoughts positive and their mood negative. If they feel angry, they need to replace it. The idea is to replace the anger with thoughts of love and joy. There are different tricks for this. EFT works really well to eliminate negative emotions and feelings. Also using our thoughts to push it out. Like if I am angry at my mom, I replace it with loving thoughts for her of how she took care of me and stuff. Or I remember that the one I am angry at is somebody's precious baby and is hurting and I try to send them love that way. Anyway, a game of making up what we want and being happy would be good.


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Fairy Princess

@fairy princess - you've got some great ideas

(21 Jul '11, 14:13) blubird two

When playing this game our choices depend upon our belief systems, in other words it reveals our inner self. The card most liked corresponds to the positive aspects of the person, more interestingly, the image chosen as being most disliked reflects those aspects of ourselves that need to be worked through first. Seen from this angle the game can act as a good pointer for self examination and limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs having been identified, can then be worked on using the manifesting experiment 4 method.

This game based on the law of attraction can be fun and very are all the definitions,


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blubird two

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