I am at a point in my life, where I am ready to share my happiness with a partner. I have met a couple of people so far, and I dont want to fall back into my old patterns of worrying and questioning everything about my relationships. How do I just relax and let the universe bring the perfect person to me?

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Excellent question! I am also wondering whether all of you have or look for spiritual-minded partners.

(11 Feb '10, 14:38) Asklepios

Asklepios, I tend to have my head in the clouds, and am a deep thinker; a quiet person who likes to read, write and take walks. When looking to settle down and marry (the right person this time!) I looked for someone to balance my energy...someone more action oriented. He doesn't think overly about spiritual matters but instead forges ahead with plans. I like that! I think we compliment each others energies. I didn't want someone a lot like me!

(11 Feb '10, 21:06) LeeAnn 1

Make a wish list, write down what you desire in your perfect love partner, and start the bear hunt. Look for what you want, and the universe will serve it to you on a Silver Platter. Seek, and you shall find; ask, and it shall be given to you; believe you have it, and you will have it! Good luck Nikki 777

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The Universe will always bring us exactly what we need in any given moment to aid in our growth and this includes a partner. The important thing to do if you don't want to repeat past mistakes is to have a look within and see the part you played in the drama of those relationships. It means,not looking at what the other person did wrong ( you have no control over that ) but looking at where you gave away your power in the reationship - were you too controlling, too needy etc. and if so why? what fear caused you to be like that? If you can honestly address the underlying issues that contributed to the failure of your last relationship then the Universe will provide you with a different partner to match your current vibration, otherwise it will send the same partner in a different guise until you get the lesson you need to move on to something different. This means being brutally honest with yourself and a willingness to accept full responsibility for your part and not play the victim. Good luck:-)

And I fully agree with what Vesuvius said about realizing that men and women do think differently and it is hardwired into their being.


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I am at a point in my life, where I am ready to share my happiness with a partner.

The Universe would tell you first to share your happiness with the Universe, that is anyone and everyone around you, then it will give back to you what you have given it.


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First of all like Vesuvius and Michaela have said YOU must understand that MEN and WOMEN are different.But too quote they are hot wired differently. They think and act different. As one of the books said that I didn't read men are from mars and women are from venus or vise versal.

With that all said you must not bring your excess baggages from past relationships and your own personal baggages to this relationship.

Most women think the guys knows all what is within their heads without them speaking and telling it. I will admit and some guys do but they are good at reading body languages, facial expressions, and your eye responses.

Women ususally comes to a relationshiop looking for a boyfriend,a husband or a lover to a relationship but a man is just looking for a friend or lover and enjoying spending time together. But women usually start off sizing the man up for husband material and when the man gets a whiff of that he usually runs for the hills.

Women love to talk and talk about everything problems, feeling good and everything. But men don't usually sit and think and try to figure out why they feel this way or that or why they act this way or that. Women or more emotional than men not saying men don't have feeling it is just they have been taught or trained up from boyhood not to show their emotions and pain that would not be a man if you did. So men go closed up when it comes to emotions like a turtle they bring it all in side. They try not to show that they really like you. They try to remain mysterious with their feelings.

Women are so very emotional they love, laugh, cry and are just bouncing all over the place. They especially want to be loved and respected for themselves. They want to be showed and told of how much you love them. The men are yes I will tell you I love you even though I don't right now at this moment because if I say I don't love you than you are all mad so I will tell you I do. Than when he does fall in love with her than they are really connect than.

So, the best you can do is look over your past relationships and see what you brought to the table of love was it all good if not try and change it, loose it or at least have a open mind, don't blame this new man for the things the other man done that will drive him away blaming him for something he didn't do.

Also watch his body language it will tell you more of what he is thinking and try to be like this is your first love and relationship it is all new and good and you are going to give it the best chance by staying open to the fact of giving this relationship a chance.

Just see it as a relationship for now and leave it open whether it can move on to something else. Don't get the cot before the horse. I am trying to say just enjoy the ride of the carriage for a while. Who knows it just might lead to what you might be wanting on down the road which is a true loving relationship. Right now just have fun and enjoy the quality time that you all do spend together.

There is give an take in a relationship and every one has faults. Once the blinders are off and everyone are their true selves than you will know rather it will work or not. Until than be patience and remember this is a new book and a new chapter in your life and as you both work on it together who knows there might be many more happy chapters to write together.


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I stumbled across this today; you might find it useful. It may ease your mind about what goes on in the mind of a man. (Answer: Nothing :)


There are two things that I learned about relationships that transformed my understanding of them.

The first is that there are different social styles (analytical, amiable, driver, expressive), and that all people can be identified under one, or a combination of two, of these styles. Understanding which style your partner is can greatly improve your understanding of them.

The second thing is that there are fundamental differences between the way men and women think, and those differences are biological in nature (i.e. they are hard-wired).

Most men who are comfortable with themselves like women who are independent, and who can think for themselves; they shy away from women who are needy. That's why worring and questioning everything doesn't work. Relax.

Disclaimer: I am assuming you are female and heterosexual. :)


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Enjoyed your links I read them after I wrote my answer they put a smile on my face, thanks. Some were very very true and some were not but fun to read anyway from both sides of the coins of women and men prospective. Vesuvius

(11 Feb '10, 17:18) flowingwater

Thank you for the links, they helped put me at ease as well. And yes I am female and heterosexual. I do think of myself as independent... and just dont want to repeat mistakes of the past! Thanks, really appreciate your input.

(11 Feb '10, 19:41) Nikki777

A desireless state is perfect peace. Wanting and yearnings is a projection of LACKING and it attracts scarcity insufficiencies deficiencies and failings, it is a vicious traps.

Highly spiritual masters are complete and whole in their life experiences that the need for the right partner is no longer required to find true happiness.

Seek the kingdom First and everything will be added on


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