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I know there has been a lot of sharing lately and it can add to the # of questions making it seem like an exorbitant amount for a new comer.

However, when I came across this, I couldn't not share it. I'd suggest sitting back, creating a bit of quiet me time to experience and absorb as opposed to merely seeing and reading.You may just get a few emotions moving, enjoy ...

Just a suggestion...since the # of questions are getting up there, would it make sense for us to add these sharing links to our previous ones in the form of an edit? I just feel that it can be a little off-putting ( is there such a word?) for newcomers. It just might help keep the # of questions down a little :)

asked 23 Jul '11, 00:54

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edited 23 Jul '11, 01:01

Thanks Michaela, it looks great and I'll definitely check it out :)

(23 Jul '11, 08:47) Eddie

You're welcome Eddie...I think you'll enjoy :)

(23 Jul '11, 12:20) Michaela
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there is some very good stuff in this article. however i find it a little out of balance, there's a lot of good artistic work in there and i tend to get lost in it all, i like to balance it with a scientific structure.

it could be pruned down, to about one third of it's size, and contain just as much information.i must admit towards the end i was getting rather bored.

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answered 25 Jul '11, 11:12

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blubird two

This was my impression as well.

(25 Jul '11, 17:29) Vesuvius

I can understand your perspective regarding the length. However, I loved the art work and could definitely not use the word 'boring' regarding any of it :)

(28 Jul '11, 23:16) Michaela
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